His True Colors Chapter 2347

 But at that time, those who were in the battle were completely preoccupied with the battle at hand, while those who were not in the battle watched the battle for the ages with bated breath.

        After all, for anyone, this was really a rare encounter in ten thousand years when heavenly thunder fought earthly fire.

        Take the place more than a hundred miles east of the Trapped Immortal Valley, this is the place where one must pass to leave the Trapped Immortal Valley. After coming out of the Land of the Trapped Dragon, one will pass through a mountainous swamp, and in the midst of this mountainous swamp, it is exceptionally treacherous.

        Underneath the tall trees, there are all sorts of deep swamps, with fierce beasts in them, or deep, bottomless pits.

        When the group of people from the Righteous Path had entered the Dragon Land from here, many of them had naturally perished here, and some of the swamps still had damaged water in them, so it was obvious that someone had fallen in here before.

        And in the middle of such a dangerous swampy forest, there are still murderous opportunities lurking in the background.

        In the trees, in the fallen leaves, and even in some of the grass, strange-looking people are hidden among them.

        If one looked down from above, countless small black dots were faintly visible in the majority of the swampy forest, densely packed.

        "Patriarch!" A black shadow leapt to the very front of the swamp at this moment, bowing slightly, respect written all over his face, which was as white as death.

        "En, how are the arrangements going?"

        "Your Highness, the seventy-two demon generals of the Heavenly Demon Sect have already led their troops to set up an ambush at the big stronghold again, as long as the gang from the Alliance of the Righteous Dao comes over, we can form a siege in an instant." The subordinate said.

        This group of people was no other than the Heavenly Demon Palace, one of the three palaces and four halls of the Demon Race, led by their Palace Master, the Demon North Heaven!

        "Have the exits been set up?" Devil Beitian asked with a nod.

        "A relatively large escape exit has been specially placed according to the Palace Master's wishes, so once the battle breaks out, those who wish to escape can quickly evacuate through the exit."

        "Very well done."

        "However, there is one thing that my subordinate does not understand." The subordinate asked.

        Mo Bei Tian smiled slightly, "You have been following me for over 300 years, although you and I are master and servant, but you may as well just say what you have to say."

        "Sovereign's intention, subordinates believe in it immensely, and dare not presume to be arrogant, otherwise, among the three palaces and four halls of my demon race, there would never be my name of Heavenly Demon Sect. But this time ...... subordinate does not understand, the patriarch has sent seventy-two demon generals to ambush according to your carefully selected stronghold, then the patriarch should have made extremely fine arrangements on the choice of stronghold only, why, why did he deliberately let out an escape exit?" The subordinate frowned and wondered.

        Based on the terrain conditions here, as well as the stronghold carefully designed by the Devil's North Heaven, he was basically sure that the ambush of the Heavenly Demon Sect this time could be said to be 9 out of 10, once the people of the Alliance entered the swamp, it was very likely that they would die without surviving.

        Even if they could break out of their siege, they would still be greatly wounded.

        However, it was difficult to understand why such a great opportunity had to be deliberately released to them.

        "When two armies are at war, do you really think that one soldier or one soldier will fight to the death? Obviously not! Morale is actually the core of a battle between two armies. If one band is defeated, even if there are more soldiers, it is still difficult to save the defeat." Mo Bei Tian laughed.

        Throughout history, there have been many cases where less has won more, but in these cases, morale has always been a factor.

        Whether it was the timing or the geography of the battle, or the skill of warfare that the winning side had the upper hand, in the end it was the morale of the enemy that collapsed and the battle was won.

        "My subordinate understands that the patriarch's approach is to make them flee in panic after being ambushed, thus also making them disorganised." The subordinate nodded his head.

        "This group of people from the righteous path are extremely numerous this time, if we don't let out a way of life, they will then congeal together in order to survive, and that's when we won't be able to deal with them well." Mo Bei Tian sighed bitterly.

        If the three great clans were to unite, how many people in this world would be able to rival them?

        The fight of the trapped beast will eventually lead to the backwater battle of the beast!

        "What is the situation of the other two halls?" Devil North Heaven asked.

        "They've also been ambushed!"

        "This time, only success is allowed, no failure is allowed. Remember, our goal is not to kill all those dog thieves from the righteous path, but to capture the God's Shackles, as well as the rest of the Demon Dragon's treasures, which are vital to the revitalisation of our Demon Clan. If my Demon Clan could have had an Ancestral Demon of Evil in the first place, why would we still be languishing to this day?" Thinking of this, the Devil's Northern Heaven spoke in a firm tone, his eyes filled with determination and a hint of anger.

        Things must be done and actions must be accomplished, this was the fundamental reason why the devils were ambushed here this time.

        They knew that a hard robbery would not be able to rob the people of the righteous path, so a halfway ambush was what they could do.

        "My subordinate understands, and my subordinate has also formally told all the devil brothers that if they don't succeed, they will become merciful."

        Hearing his subordinate's words, Demon North Heaven nodded in satisfaction, but a moment later, he frowned again, "By the way, that gang of dog thieves over at the righteous side fought, I asked you to send a scout to check the situation, has he not returned yet?"

        "Sovereign, you also know that we do not dare to reveal our tracks freely at the moment, or else we will lose everything, so although we are only a hundred or so kilometres away, the scouts are very careful and their tracks will be very slow ......" said the subordinate.

        The first thing you need to do is to be careful, after all, everything must be done with the greater good in mind.

        However, just at that moment, a black figure hurriedly ran over.

        "Sovereign, the scouts have returned." The subordinate said joyfully.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a Devil Sect scout dressed in black quickly pierced and circled into the forest swamp, and afterwards took a special route to avoid all dangers to arrive in front of Demon North Heaven: "Greetings, Sovereign."

        "No need to be polite, what is the situation ahead?" Mo Bei Tian looked into the distant sky where lightning was constantly flashing and thundering, and could not help but wonder very much.

        It was not strange that those people would fight in a nest, but to make such a big formation was very puzzling.

        "Has the Top of Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea fought?" Devil North Heaven asked.

        From the very beginning, the Demons had never entered the Land of the Trapped Dragon and had been hiding their tracks for the sake of the ambush, so naturally they did not know what was going on inside.

        "No, the three parties, the Upside of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea as well as the Pill God Pavilion, have joined forces and are attacking a person."

        "Attacking a man?"

        "Yes, he has swallowed the essence blood of a devil dragon and has become a mad demon, so ......"

        Raising his eyes, underneath the layers of flickering sky over there, there was indeed ...... indeed a faint black Qi gathering all the time, could it be that, that extremely strong black Qi, was the devil Qi?!

        "Who is this person?" Devil Bei Tian immediately asked with some excitement.

        "Han three thousand!"