His True Colors Chapter 2345

 The most central part of the Sleepy Immortal Valley, originally hidden in the messy grass, chaos is not surveyed, extremely difficult to find.

        Above it, the grass is overgrown, miscellaneous rocks, some grass and trees even dried up because of the lack of water and other reasons, is the whole green lush immortal valley, relatively the most desolate place.

        Only, it is located in a very small area, the location is also relatively hidden, it looks more like a corner of a messy incomparable.

        But this is such an inconspicuous place, at this time, but is already quietly undergoing a shocking change.

        With it as the center of the zone, those withered and dead grass and trees, suddenly blossomed with vitality, one by one not only rejuvenated, but also quickly upright, disaggregated side by side.

        While it is surrounded by flowers and trees, but at the same speed withering, death, and little by little towards the periphery of the spread.

        The group of people in Fu Mang were all dumbfounded in place, looking up at the outskirts of the immortal valley like a fool.

        "Holy shit, what the hell is going on there? Hasn't the fight on the Sleepy Dragon Mountain already finished? Why is it still like this?" Fu Mang asked in a puzzled voice.

        "Hmph, how many of those self-proclaimed righteous people are not clothed beasts? Obviously, the gang must have beaten down the Dragon Mountain, but well, but because of the uneven distribution of the spoils to fight." The poetic language disdainful and said.

        Fu Li nodded, this situation is indeed the most likely to occur.

        "If there is an internal fight, then it is obvious that their true gods have joined in. Although the explosion has been four days, the sky is almost torn apart, but some of these auras are very strong, not like an ordinary expert can release." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng frowned while saying.

        "Look at this breath, the pressure is extremely strong, even if we are here we can feel its aura, indeed it should be a true god to release the divine power. Shiyue's guess, it seems to be correct, these guys should be dog eat dog up." Fuli said softly.

        "Haha, if the dog bites the dog, it would simply be too wonderful ah, we should shout and cheer for them." When Fu Mang heard this explanation, he was immediately delighted.

        "Although you are all right, however, have you noticed that there are not just two extremely strong divine might, but ...... three." For many days, finally some recovery Lin Long at this time but frowned softly and said.

        Lin Long a reminder, the crowd only then noticed that among the two divine might, there is actually an energy also for extremely strong, just black wrapped in gold, so that it does not look conspicuous, even in the explosion four over there, sometimes look very unnoticeable.

        "This energy is ...... difficult to not, the devil's path people also came?"

        "When did the people of the Devil's Way have such strong experts?"

        A group of people look at each other, if the Devil's Way has such an expert, then it is obvious that the day of the Devil's Way's comeback will not be long.

        Perhaps before, Fu Mang and Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng would have scoffed at the people of the Devil's Path, but today, they won't!

        Anyone who can kill the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea is their friend!

        "The devil dragon in the trapped dragon mountain this time is indeed extremely capable, it even has the God's yoke on its body, if we can kill the devil dragon, we will definitely get a lot of treasures, this time the three great clans and many heroes of Jianghu have made a special trip, it is completely reasonable for the people of the devil dao to be foolish." Fu Li said softly.

        "Just a little strange is that, with my understanding of the people of the Devil's Way, they simply will not act so high-profile." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng frowned and said.

        "That's right, the devil people are extremely oppressed, the trapped dragon mountain has so many famous sects of the righteousness in, if I were them, even if they are very interested in the treasure here, but definitely ambush where, waiting for the right time to make a drop-in sneak attack." Fu Li agreed with Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's view, said softly and.

        "But that extremely strong energy is indeed the power of the devil, perhaps, the devil tribe has come out with an expert, with aspirations." Fu Mang and said.

        Fu Mang and other people and how do they know that this demon fury energy is not at all what other demon race in the people, but they have been heart and soul Han three thousand ah.

        "So what do we do now? I can't find any trace of the alliance master's wife around here..." Shiyue said helplessly.

        Fu Mang raised his eyes and looked at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, waiting for Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's answer.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng murmured and looked, for a time did not know what to do.

        He really wanted to go over to see the action, at least to see the Pill God Pavilion and the eternal sea people were killed, he was also happy. But he was also aware of the danger of going over there, and most importantly, even though he had searched the Sleepy Immortal Valley there was no trace of Su Yingxia, but this little hope, he did not want to give up.

        However, just when Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng hesitant, depressed head down and contemplating, the whole person can not help but frown: "You ...... this ...... under the feet, you ......"

        The green green grass under the feet, at this time, actually unknowingly, has all withered, revealing is hidden under the grass of the black and red as scorched earth general ground.