His True Colors Chapter 2344


        Eight light shadows, like eight bombs, everywhere they went, exploded with a bang.

        Dust and smoke, the crowd of ten thousand swords and thousands of knives cut together.

        Suddenly, the eight shadows of light retracted again, gathered in one place, and attack again!

        Retreat again!

        Attack again!

        Eight attack shadows, not the slightest, the source of constant bombardment around.

        Lu Wushen and Ao Shi transformed into two streams of light, constantly separated from both sides to attack around Han Qianqian.

        With the previous lessons, the two have not dared to be arrogant, one almost full strength and Han Qianqian fierce fight, but, also because too careful, so the two people from the beginning to the end, almost did not completely and Han Qianqian hard.

        The only thing they did was to use their disciples' involvement to constantly attack Han Qianqian from the side.

        This method proved to be extremely effective, although Han Qianqian has eight doppelgangers, but Lu Wushen and Ao Shi can die defending two, at the same time, there are countless disciples to defend Han Qianqian's every attack and launch counter-attacks, even if the eight doppelgangers are the same enemy, sharing the damage, but also really can not stand Han Qianqian's constant attacks and the constant counter-attacks.

        As time passed, Han Qianqian although brave and unstoppable, eight figures rushed where the explosion, even Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi also difficult to drag him.

        But the reality of the problem is also, the double great true God is extremely difficult, although they can not stop Han Qianqian, but in turn, Han Qianqian also completely can not shake off the double great true God's stalking, although the true energy, but also extremely large loss.

        The wear and tear of the hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers formation, time after time, Han Qianqian fatigue is obvious.

        Although the eight true bodies can indeed resist a lot of damage, but in turn, the energy consumed by the eight true bodies is also presented greatly doubled.

        But than this, there is a more unsecond situation.

        The experts from the top of the Blue Mountain and the three parties of the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion also joined the tangle.

        This group of experts represented by the first spirit of the teacher and others, the worst level can also reach the realm of Kongdong, the realm of the evil execution occupies even larger numbers, there are still many experts of the eight wilderness level in the vague.

        Perhaps these people single to single in Han three thousand is just garbage, but ants, but as many as can bite the elephant.

        What's more, this group of people, and simply much stronger than the ants.

        Like a wild dog, sneaking up on the lion, although no one dares to approach Han Qianqian, but can always rely on the numerical advantage, and constantly take advantage of Han Qianqian's inattention to attack.

        Han Qianqian is under attack, but there is really no way to open all these flies in one drum, after all, these are experts, want to take a short time a blow, equivalent to a dream!

        However, relying on the blood of the devil dragon in his body, Han Qianqian eyes bloodshot, gritted his teeth and still persisted.

        Booming sound!


        One after another!




        What was originally a green land of the immortal valley, but hard into a world of fire.

        Heaven and earth burned!


        Once again, taking advantage of Han Qianqian impatience to open the many experts behind him, a slight diversion, has been winding the other two diversions of Lu Wushen and Ao Shi, then directly seized the opportunity, backhand above, immediately two body awnings directly hit Han Qianqian's back.

        Even with the Split Sky Xuanwu body protection, but in the face of the absolute divine power of the true gods, obviously not very effective.

        If Han Qianqian did not still have the protection of the Indestructible Xuan Armor and the shared damage of the same enemy, I am afraid that he would have to vomit blood and die on the spot.

        "Despicable!" Han Qianqian spat out blood from his mouth, slowed down his attack, barely stabilized himself, and cursed coldly.

        The three strongest families of the Eight Worlds, the so-called three True God families, but to Han Qianqian alone, the line is all sorts of encirclement and attack, mixed fight sneak, simply shameless!

        The absolute divine power of the true gods is indeed true to its name, even with so much resistance, but Han Qianqian still felt those divine awnings directly through his body, causing heavy damage to his own meridians.

        However, the Five Elements Divine Stone was hiding beside Han Qianqian's body, emitting a faint light, quickly repairing the superficial injuries that Han Qianqian had suffered from the sneak attack by Wang Juzhi, Xian Ling Master Tai and other experts.


        "Humph, evil demons, everyone has to be punished, my generation is the way of the world's life, such as you such scum, naturally the world's people want to eliminate the people, you less blood spouting."

        The siege is just, but this group of people to now, still do not forget to set up a plaque for themselves.

        "Where are the generals?"


        "Follow me to charge into battle, kill the devil and cut down the demons!"


        The shout was loud, but clearly because of fear of Han Qianqian, afraid of a person rashly into the Han Qianqian stare, but for them, a group of people who are accustomed to give themselves a flag, find an excuse is a breeze.

        With the response of the crowd, the so-called righteous, the so-called three great families, once again collectively towards Han Qianqian attack.

        "Although Han Qianqian is fierce, but, can not stand so many people to engage ah."

        "Not to mention Han Qianqian, even Lu Wushen and Ao Shi, if faced with so many people and so many experts to attack, also the same difficult. Han three thousand can do this, has really enough."


        Another shaking of the sky and earth, the ground was already scorched, Han Qianqian's eight figures were still like eight fierce tigers, rampaging through the army camp of nearly 100,000 people, unstoppable.

        Hundreds of experts united with the two true gods also kept splitting up to pounce on Han Qianqian's real body and sneak attack.

        "Pan Gu Axe Formation!"

        With a furious cry, ten thousand black and green axes gathered in the sky once again, and the axes were even more powerful compared to what they were before.


        Ten thousand axes fell in unison.

        "Unite to resist!" Wang Juzhi shouted, leading his men to immediately send out their own magic energy, directly laying down a golden light and iron shield in mid-air.

        "Brother Lu, come and help, I'll wrap him up." Ao Shi bellowed, seized the opportunity, and waited for Han Qianqian to finish his charge and attacked fiercely.

        Han Qianqian has the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, no one dares not to avoid it, Ao Shi can only take this form.

        Lu Wu Shen hands a squeeze, a divine energy directly hit in mid-air under the golden iron shield, at once, the attack of ten thousand axes will be directly resisted by a large number.

        After stabilizing the Pan Gu Axe Formation, a group of experts became incomparably excited and directly attacked towards Han Qianqian.

        "Snap, snap, snap!"

        Han Qianqian backhanded, the two evil-exorcising primary realm experts then directly died under Han Qianqian Pan Gu axe.

        But almost at this instant, behind the Ao Shi, who has been secretly looking for opportunities, seized this rare gap, fiercely is a palm directly slapped over.

        That palm, almost with Ao Shi's strongest true God's power, and which has a very vicious killing breath, if a zhang hit, the consequences are not envisaged.

        And at this time the center of the immortal troubled valley.

        When Fu Mang and other people see the fire outside of the immortal valley, the sky and earth, when the line of people have long looked dumbfounded, did not notice that somewhere, at this time is taking place a surprising change.