His True Colors Chapter 2343



        Although Lu Wushen was extremely fast and immediately went after Han Qianqian to stop him, it was obviously a little too late.

        The most important thing was that when Han Qianqian's form had transformed into eight, Lu Wushen alone was struggling even more.

        After several successive impacts, the top of the Blue Mountain was torn apart by Han Qianqian.

        But a great clan is always a great clan, not a united army formed under chaos like the Pill God Pavilion, they would collapse under fear, but not the Top of Blue Mountain.

        Soon, under the command of Lu Ruoxuan, the group stabilised the situation and took on a siege, with Lu Wushen as the core, besieging Han Qianqian in reverse.

        There was more than a bloody battle between the two sides.

        Ao Shi's face was icy cold, with fierce anger in his eyes, as he weighed whether to go up or retreat.

        From the point of view of profit, he naturally hated the idea of Han Qianqian and the top of Blue Mountain fighting to the death, so that he could then reap the benefits. However, in terms of dignity, he could not bear it.

        At that moment, Wang Juzhi slowly walked over and said softly, "Elder Ao, why don't we also make a move?"

        Ao Shi's face froze slightly and he did not say anything.

        Seeing this, Wang Juzhi continued, "This son of Han Qianqian is really excessive, just ignoring you repeatedly, but he even hurt you and insulted you, and just now he even attacked you directly and ungraciously.

        "Yes, grandpa, our eternal sea is losing face, if we don't get some back ...... this how can we convince the public."

        Ao Shi frowned and looked back, only to see the soldiers behind him all hanging their heads and listless.

        "And, although I don't know what Han Qianqian is asking Lu Ruoxin for, I can hear that Han Qianqian is threatening Lu Ruoxin, and I'm afraid that if the top of Blue Mountain can't hold out and simply succumb to Han Qianqian's words, then ......"


        Hearing these words, Ao Shi immediately sucked in a cold breath backwards.

        Yes, he had previously underestimated the power of this kid Han Qianqian and had always felt that he couldn't be allowed to be drawn in by Lu Wushen, but now that he thought about it carefully, if Han Qianqian was exceedingly capable and took in the top of Blue Mountain then what would be the situation?

        "Ao Lao, don't hesitate, Han Qianqian has been asking Lu Ruoxin if he should, if Lu Ruoxin doesn't, Han Qianqian will attack, but what if he does?" Wang Juzhi finally added this sentence, can not be said not to speak to the heart of Ao Shi to go.

        The truth is, even if Wang Juzhi's understanding is contrary to the truth, but from the perspective of others, this is indeed a huge and incomparable signal and crisis.

        For Ao Shi in particular, it was a matter of great importance.

        Ao Shi's heart was in the right place at this moment, "Tell everyone to prepare for battle!"

        "Yes!" Wang Juzhi hid the joy in his heart and quietly retreated.

        Naturally, he was not doing this for the sake of the Eternal Sea, but more for himself.

        Han Qianqian was so strong, and with his own past problems with him, once this fellow drew his hand, he would definitely end up like Cool-Son Yeh, which was something that hardly required much thought.

        Moreover, he himself would die even earlier than Cool-Son Yeh.

        Right now, closing in on Han Qianqian was naturally the best option, and eliminating this hidden danger was imperative.

        "Ignorant little boy, I remember that you are quite talented, and in the spirit of cherishing and loving talent, I have allowed you to do everything for you.


        Behind them, all the generals of the Eternal Life Sea responded in unison with great authority.

        "Follow me to attack and destroy that rebellious son."


        As soon as the words fell, Ao Shi waved his hand, and instantly, tens of thousands of troops from the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea surged towards the two sides of the top of Blue Mountain and Han Qianqian, who were in the midst of a fierce battle, like a vast flood.

        "Brother Lu, I'll help you!"

        Even though it was out of his own consideration, Ao Shi still didn't forget to be a whore and set up shop at this time!

        With the addition of Ao Shi, the entire battle situation was suddenly and abruptly turned around.

        The momentum of the siege of the devil dragon on the Dragon Mountain had suddenly reverted to Han Qianqian's body.

        Although Han Qianqian was fierce, he was still a bit exhausted by the frenzied siege of nearly 100,000 troops and the combined force of two true gods, Lu Wushen and Ao Shi.

        Not to mention catching Lu Ruoxin, even if they looked, they could not see where Lu Ruoxin actually was.

        "Fighting them hard doesn't give us any advantage!" Han Qianqian's gaze was slightly shifted, and his eight true bodies glowed with golden light.

        Breaking out and finding Lu Ruoxin was the best and only option.

        "Come on!" Han Qianqian roared angrily, and the eight golden gods transformed into eight light shadows, holding the Pan Gu axe into a green light shadow, and wherever they passed, swords broke and shields shattered, and a sigh of relief was heard.

        However, the wall of people was too thick, Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe cut people like mud, but he could not break through the seemingly endless layers of human walls, and as soon as Han Qianqian landed slightly, hundreds of swords and spears came straight across.

        Han Qianqian retreated violently, and his body was covered in faint blood because of the swords and spears, but there was no fear or terror on his face, only a playful smile and bloodthirsty eyes.

        "I want you to feel the hell of Shura in advance before you die." As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian violently shot all eight of his figures from all eight directions!