His True Colors Chapter 2342

 "Pah pah pah!"

        Han Qianqian couldn't help but applaud.

        "Miss Gu, you've put on a very low posture, and you know me quite well, everything is clearly calculated, however, you've overlooked one point." Han Qianqian mocked.

        Gu You smiled: "Gu You doesn't quite understand what Mr. Han means."

        Han Qianqian disdained and laughed gently, "Then let me tell you, I don't really like being threatened or used!" As he said this, Han Qianqian's gaze was like a torch as he stared at Gu You.

        Gu You felt a shock in her heart, although she had put her posture extremely low, it was obvious that there was also a taste of soft coercion and exploitation.

        "The conditions you have set make it difficult to refuse, it is true that Ye Gucheng is my enemy, and it is a deep hatred, and I, Han Qianqian, have also said that I will personally take his head, and have sacrificed to the spirit of my friend in heaven."

        When these words were spoken, countless people drew in a breath of cold air, they really couldn't mess with this guy, messing with him was tantamount to losing their lives.

        After all, the loss of Ye Kucheng and the welcome of Han Qianqian was a good deal.

        But just as they were rejoicing, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled disdainfully and the next second, he shouted coldly, "But what is he?"

        What is he?

        An arrogant and incomparably disdainful tone, yet spoken with contempt.

        Perhaps, if this was said in someone else's mouth, it would simply be laughable, after all, Ye Gucheng was a senior executive of the Pill God Pavilion and the righteous son of the Eternal Life Sea. But when it came out from Han Qianqian's mouth, it was nothing other than overbearing and chilling.

        Ye Gucheng raised his eyes violently, and the anger in his eyes already wanted to eat Han Qianqian alive.

        "An ant, a piece of trash, how hard would it be for me to kill him?" Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, "Do I need you, Gu You, to do this?"

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Gu You's face turned cold, she thought this plan was perfect, but she never thought that Han Qianqian would make such a choice.

        "Pfft!" Lu Ruoxuan couldn't help but laugh out loud at this moment, while still looking at Gu You with an innocent face, apologizing, "Sorry, hahahaha, I usually don't laugh unless I really can't help it."

        Lu Yongsheng knew what his master meant and couldn't help but mock, "Someone broke the pot and didn't even want their face to stick it to others, and as a result, they didn't buy it, hahahaha."

        The disciples at the top of Blue Mountain suddenly burst out in laughter in a very cooperative manner.

        Gu You's face was red with anger, even if she was calm, she could not bear such insults.

        To put it bluntly, she was not to blame for this, her scheming was not good enough, if she was to blame, she could only blame Cool-Son Yeh for not carrying enough weight.

        Damned trash, even becoming someone's enemy, is the kind of enemy that is rubbed in the wrong way, without the slightest bit of meaning.

        If ...... if Cool-Son Yeh was a little more capable, then this scheme, Han Qianqian would have had to jump into it.

        Thinking of this, Gu You instantly swept angrily towards the distant Cool-Son Yeh.

        "Han Qianqian!" Ao Shi immediately shouted coldly, "You are simply too uncaring, I have been kind enough to set up a mate for you in the Eternal Sea, yet you are dog biting Lü Dongbin, you are too ungrateful."

        "Mate? Do I need one?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        "If you don't need it, why are you and Lu Ruoxin asking endless questions there?"

        "Do I need to explain to you? What kind of dog are you?" As soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, an axe in his hand slashed straight away.


        Ao Shi dodged, and an axe light immediately exploded in front of his feet.

        "Foolish bastard!" Han Qianqian swept a disdainful glance at Ao Shi and cursed.

        When Ao Shi heard this scolding, he was so angry that he blew out his beard and stared at his eyes, having lived for so many years, when had he ever been scolded like this?

        The people around him were also very surprised, after all, Han Qianqian was not playing with falsehoods, scolding and hitting the true god.

        But Lu Wu Shen couldn't help but snicker, this Ao Shi thing, trying to set himself up, but he ended up eating his words.

        "You two, don't waste my fucking time here, Lu Ruoxin, my patience is limited, this is the last time!" Han Qianqian turned back to Lu Ruoxin and said in a cold voice.

        "Xin'er, what exactly is he asking?" Lu Wushen turned back slightly at this point and asked.

        "Grandpa, I took something very important from him, it's very important to our Lu family, can you protect me?"

        "No matter what you took from him, when did the children of the Lu family have the turn to be stepped on by others?" Lu Wu Shen said in a cold voice.

        Although he had suffered a loss just now, it did not mean that Lu Wushen was afraid, and the True God's ability and majesty did not allow him to be afraid.

        Lu Ruoxin nodded and withdrew his body back, while the children of the Lu family also took a step forward collectively, majestic and uncommon.

        "Good!" Han Qianqian smiled coldly, since he refused to hand over his people, he would kill them until you were willing.

        With a transformation of his figure, Han Qianqian was like a fierce tiger emerging from its cage, directly pouncing on the top of the Blue Mountain headed by Lu Wushen.

        Lu Wushen dodged it with a slight side-step, but behind him, 10,000 people exploded, and Han Qianqian was like a fire dragon entering cotton.

        Han Qianqian's eyes were already bloodshot, his whole eye full of desire to kill!