His True Colors Chapter 2341

 After saying that, Gu You gently looked at Han Qianqian, not anxious, not humble, not pit, eyes gazing, attitude resolute even with a hint of complacency.

        Lu Ruoxuan immediately directly froze, he really did not know where Gu You earlier confidence, but after hearing these words, he immediately frowned.

        "What do you mean by that?" Lu Ruoxuan is not that kind of brainless person, after hearing Gu You's words then noticed that something is wrong, at this time can not help but ask out loud.

        "Although Han Gongzi and Cool-Son Yeh are from the same family, however, there is no friendship between the two, only deep hatred, Cool-Son Yeh regards Han Gongzi as a thorn in his side, and Han Gongzi is obviously also very tired of the despicable things that Cool-Son Yeh does, the hatred between the two sides is naturally getting deeper and deeper. When the Great War of the Void Sect, old grudges have not gone, new grudges have come, and Cool-Son Yeh's sneak attack on the rear has caused the death of Duke Han's friends." Gu You laughed softly.

        "Between the two, there is only hatred, without the slightest feeling. Gu You as Ye Gucheng's wife, playing with Gu You, also means something, Duke Lu, I think there is no need to say more, right?" Gu You laughed softly.

        The moment these words came out, the whole room was shocked!

        A group of scattered people and the top of the blue mountain people stunned eyes slightly glazed, Gu You words of astonishing, really make people's jaws drop.

        Lu Ruoxuan is also angry, this Gu You, actually can in front of so many people, shamelessly say such words, do such a thing.

        This is a blatantly thick cuckold for Cool-Son Yeh, even let Cool-Son Yeh can never lift up his head.

        This woman, in the end, is the righteous daughter of the Eternal Sea ah, she not only does not even want her own face, even ...... even blatantly even the face of the Eternal Sea.

        However, to put it another way, her words are set to death.

        A word, directly evoked Han three thousand infinite desire, even also because in front of so many people, will this desire to stimulate the infinite great.

        After all, in the face of the world, can be effortless to their enemies to kill and kill this operation, who will not feel a great pleasure?

        This feeling of revenge, may be placed on Lu Ruoxuan himself, it is also really difficult to refuse.

        Gu You this move, indeed, self-loss of eight hundred, but hurt the enemy tens of thousands, can not be said not ruthless.

        When the masses are in an uproar, Ao Shi naturally also reflected in a moment, for Gu You's move, also from the original shocked anger into now a slight smile.

        As Lu Ruoxuan thought, Ao Shi was very angry when she heard Gu You's words at first. As the Ao family's daughter, but shamelessly say these words, the eternal life sea reputation completely trampled underfoot, really abominable. However, his latter words were really delightful.

        It is difficult for anyone to refuse such a temptation.

        Han Qianqian, who was above the mid-air, was also very heartened indeed at this time.

        Cool-Son Yeh's revenge on the ginseng baby, Han Qianqian will be revenged.

        This woman, Gu You, is indeed extremely meticulous and good at capturing the hearts of people. Although her words are really amazing, but, the conditions are also really hard to refuse.

        Even if Han Qianqian only has Su Yingxia in his heart, it is impossible to accept Gu You, but from the perspective of revenge, he really wants to agree to her request.

        Because Han Qianqian can be to her after ignoring, but at least before this, to her, it is the same as in front of everyone fiercely slapped Ye Gucheng a slap in the face, to kill its heart simply come not too cool.

        But Han Qianqian also understands that Gu You's calculations are really too fine.

        If Han Qianqian really wants her to be a concubine, of course she does not refuse, with such a husband, even if only a concubine, so what? In the eight worlds, who dares to touch her?

        The eternal life sea has Han Qianqian join, and what will be the battle power?

        It is just a matter of days before you can look out of the eight worlds.

        But if Gu You just simply think so, then she is indeed too stupid.

        And obviously, how can someone who can do such a thing be stupid? She never even thought of being with Han Qianqian, she made the worst of it, Han Qianqian wanted her in front of people, after revenge will instantly abandon her as a tool does not matter, this point, Han Qianqian has read all this from her eyes.

        But so what? Even so, Han Qianqian in front of so many people, has openly admitted to have wanted her, with this name, Gu You's value will only grow not fall.

        Even if abandoned, it is still Han Qianqian's former concubine ah.

        The Eternal Life Sea because Gu You do such a thing, on the surface will seem to lose some reputation, but in fact, these lost reputation is quickly recovered.

        The first thing you need to do is to get the name of the former concubine, what kind of existence will the eternal life sea have in the eyes of the world?

        The first is the great family of the Pill God Pavilion, and now more or less associated with Han three thousand, those lost reputation will soon be regained, and even multiplied.

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

        At this time, Ye Gucheng's whole body can't help but tremble in madness.

        The anger in the heart of the infinite burning, tightly gritted teeth issued creaking sound, for him, today is simply a great shame.

        But now, apparently not dare to have any one to help him say even a word, before, to marry Gu You how scenic, now how wretched.

        The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

        "Interesting!" Han Qianqian rarely revealed a fierce smile from the midst of Fang's anger.

        "The thousand-year-old daughter of the eternal life sea, indeed the person is beautiful and full of wisdom, and has a thoughtful mind." Han Qianqian finally opened his mouth slightly at this time.

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Gu You's heart was happy, smiled slightly, politely and politely bowed: "Gu You is only to worship Han Gongzi talent, the heart is promised, which Han Gongzi praise this."

        Ao Shi is even more happy from the heart, from the Han three thousand release of attitude, this matter has a play.

        The top of Blue Mountain, on the other hand, is somewhat mournful, after all, this is not good for them.

        "You know quite a lot about me." Han Qianqian continued.

        "Gu You said that Gu You has a secret heart for Duke Han, so naturally, I have to know more about him." Gu You laughed softly.

        Han Qianqian nodded, at this time, but suddenly frowned: "Then you should know that I can't tolerate any woman in my heart."

        "Mr. Han has never changed his heart for Fujia Fuyao, this Gu You understands since, so Gu You never wanted to compete with Fuyao for Mr. Han, just wanted to serve as a slave and a maidservant to take care of Mr. Han and sister Fuyao."

        Han three thousand at this time, slightly raised his hand.