His True Colors Chapter 2340

 "Hmph, Ao Shi, my Lu family's daughter he Han Qianqian can't even look at, so how would he look at your Ao family's crude food?" Lu Wushen grunted coldly.

        "Lu Ruoxin is indeed beautiful, this is something that old me does not deny. But as the saying goes, every carrot and green vegetable has its own taste, so who can say for sure? Besides, just because your Lu family has a daughter, Lu Ruoxin, doesn't mean that my Ao family has no peaches growing up." Ao Shi shot back.

        "Joke, what kind of beauty can you have in the Ao family?" Lu Ruoxuan couldn't help but snort coldly.

        At these words, Ao Shi's face was slightly irritated, and he let his eyes look at the crowd of the Eternal Sea, trying to find it.

        "What about me!?"

        Just as everyone was following Ao Shi's gaze and looking for young beauties in the Eternal Sea, one stood out.

        Her skin was as white as snow and her appearance was like that of a heavenly immortal.

        "Gu You?" Master Xian Ling was closer and looked back at the person who had spoken, and could not help but be startled at once.

        As the righteous daughter of the Ao family, although Gu You was not comparable to a BUG-level beauty like Lu Ruoxin, but if placed among ordinary people, she was considered the top of the top, and with her outstanding temperament, she was really the dream girl of many men in the Eight Directions world.

        If there was a list of beautiful women in the Eight Directions world, Lu Ruoxin would be number one, Qin Frost would be number two, and Gu You would most likely be number three.

        But her identity ......

        The people of the Pill God Pavilion know it well, the people of the Ao family know it even better, even the people at the top of Blue Mountain and this Cloudy Scattered People know it too.

        She was Cool-Son Yeh's newlywed wife!

        "Madam you ......" Cool-Son Yeh only felt embarrassed to the point of having a dry mouth, at this time and in this situation, his own wife was ......

        Just, he raised his hand to try to pull Gu You, but Gu You completely ignored him and walked straight out.

        The actual fact is that he has always had some thoughts about this Gu You, but the two families have been struggling with the undercurrents, so there has been no chance.

        He had once thought that one day he would lead the top of Mount Blue to slaughter the eternal sea and tie Gu You back to Mount Blue to become his concubine. He had never imagined that the times would change, and Gu You had since suddenly married some bullshit Ye Gucheng.

        But after being stunned, Lu Ruoxuan burst out laughing: "Hahahahaha, Grandpa Ao, it's not that my grandpa is talking about you, but it's really true. Your Ao family really doesn't seem to have any beautiful women, taking a married woman out, are you insulting Han Qianqian for wearing broken shoes, or are you sarcastically saying that Han Qianqian is starving for food?"

        Lu Ruoxuan's words immediately caused Lu Wushen and a group of disciples to roar in ridicule, and many of the casuals also felt that the Ao Clan was shameless to the extreme.

        Ao Shi's face was cold, Lu Ruoxuan's words really hit him right in the heart, not only did they make him lose face, the last two sentences even directly blocked Han Qianqian's back way.

        If Han Qianqian even intended to be with Gu You, wouldn't that make the world laugh?

        "Gu You, what are you doing running out?" Ao Shi coldly and gently drank a sentence in a dissatisfied voice.

        Gu You's pretty face was calm and clear, without the slightest fluctuation of emotion, she gave a salute to Ao Shi and slightly bowed to Lu Wushen, then she looked up at Han Qianqian and did not spare Han Qianqian the slightest bit of her stunning beauty.

        "Although Gu You has married a wife, this is a fact, Gu You does not deny it. However, since her marriage to Ye Gucheng, Gu You has always kept her body like a jade, and has never performed the rituals of the Zhou Gong, so she is still a daughter. After saying this, Gu You gently lifted her right hand and raised her five green and jade fingers.

        Once these words were spoken, the crowd was in an uproar.

        "Holy shit, after all this, Cool-Son Yeh and Gu You got married, but nothing happened ah."

        "Haha, this Cool-Son Yeh, normally he is so tractable, but now his new married wife has not met him, but he even has a green hat."

        Hearing the ridicule outside, Ye Gucheng lowered his head, his face almost buried to the ground, he was always proud and vain, but now his dignity was like being trampled on the ground and ravaged by someone's foot, and the ravaged foot was still covered with feces.

        When Han Qianqian heard this, he could not help but smile faintly.

        Lu Ruoxuan's group saw the situation and hurriedly spoke out at this time: "Joke, even if Gu You did not have a husband and wife, so what? Even if you didn't get married, so what? With your beauty, what is it compared to my Lu family's daughter? How dare you make a fool of yourself here?"

        Gu You did not panic, gently swept a glance at Lu Ruoxin, and then, looking at Han Qianqian, she said, "Although it is true that Gu You does not look as good as Miss Lu, however, Gu You has something that can capture Mr. Han's heart better than Miss Lu, right, Mr. Han?"

        "Bah!" Lu Ruoxuan was disdainful and shouted coldly, "Don't you have any brains to speak? You admit that you're not as pretty as someone from my Lu family, yet you say that you can capture Han Qianqian's heart better than someone from my Lu family? Is that a contradiction?"

        In the face of these words, Gu You remained indifferent, only smiling gently and saying, "This is not a contradiction. Mr. Lu, you don't need to be so nervous, you just need to calm down and you will understand. Of course, there is no harm in Gu You telling you."

        "Because Gu You is the wife of Cool-Son Yeh! Isn't it more fun to play with the wife of an enemy?"