His True Colors Chapter 2339

 That kind of laugh, a disdainful laugh, a mocking laugh, even though he had never uttered a sound.

        When she saw Han Qianqian's smile, Lu Ruoxin was angry and anxious, and it was obvious that she already knew Han Qianqian's intentions.

        She didn't understand why she was so charming, but this damn Han Qianqian just wasn't moved in the slightest.

        "What are you laughing at?" When Lu Wushen saw how Han Qianqian was behaving, he became quite angry, he had already said soft words, but Han Qianqian was still behaving like this.

        "She is one of my most beloved sons and grandsons, and has a great status in the family. She is smart and thoughtful since she was young, and she is even more beautiful. Lu Wu Shen questioned.

        "Wrong? Lu Wushen, do you still have the nerve to ask me what is wrong?" Han Qianqian sneered disdainfully, "When did I ever say that I wanted to marry Lu Ruoxin?"

        When Han Qianqian said this, everyone was stunned.

        "As for what I'm laughing at, of course I'm laughing at you, at your shamelessness!" Han Qianqian's words were strong and powerful, and they also hit Lu Wushen's heart hard.

        The gang's mouths opened wide in shock!

        "What do you mean? Han Qianqian isn't going to marry Lu Ruoxin?"

        "It's impossible, Lu Ruoxin is so stunningly beautiful, who wouldn't be willing to marry her if they were men? Is Han Qianqian stupid?"

        "Not only did he refuse, but ...... he also made such humiliating remarks, this Han Qianqian ...... is simply a perfect ah!"

        After being shocked, a group of people again commented in a strange voice.

        The top of the Blue Mountains did not even want to have a face in front of so many people, saying such lowly and hard words and soft intentions, but the result was that it was rejected by Han three thousand so mercilessly in front of so many people.

        The top of Blue Mountain was rejected in public, so he naturally looked uncomfortable, but a group of people from the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion led by Ao Shi pretended to be shocked on the surface, but secretly they were so happy that they were almost singing and dancing.

        If Han Qianqian was not used by the top of the Blue Mountain, it would only be good for the Eternal Sea, not bad for them.

        At the very least, there would be no need to worry about them being strong together.

        "You brat, what are you talking about?!" Lu Wushen felt his face was shameless and could not help but stare at him angrily, shouting coldly and violently.

        Han Qianqian's face was cold as he said disdainfully, "Do you still need me to say it again?"

        "You arrogant little boy, I saved you first and promised my family's daughter, but you don't know what's right and wrong.


        Even though they were afraid of Han Qianqian, with Lu Wushen in front of them, the disciples at the top of the Blue Mountain were still able to regain their confidence, and with a loud shout, they all took a step forward, their aura overwhelming.

        The Pan Gu Axe in Han Qianqian's hand was immediately tightened, while Lu Wu Shen's divine energy was very much in his hand.

        At this moment, Ao Shi was agile and blocked the middle of the two.

        "Both of you, why do you need to get angry?" After saying that, Ao Shi smiled gently and looked at Lu Wu Shen, saying, "Brother Lu, although you and I have been old friends for many years, there is one thing that I still have to say."

        "Although Han Qianqian is an Earthling, although you and I did not do our best in our fight just now, we must admit that Han Qianqian was able to break both of our moves, so he is really a young man. It's only natural to want to take in such an outstanding talent." In one sentence, Ao Shi praised Han Qianqian and at the same time made a perfect excuse for their defeat.

        Then, he laughed and said, "But it depends on whether the hearts of the people are submissive or not.

        It looked like persuasion, but Ao Shi's tone was clearly filled with the slightest hint of mockery.

        Mocking the Lu family for being shameless and posting their faces to send people out, only to make a fool of themselves.

        But there was really no way for Lu Wushen to refute Ao Shi's words.

        After saying this, Ao Shi looked at Han Qianqian again, he placed his hope on Su Yingxia, which, at least for now, looked as if he had bet correctly, at least Han Qianqian had rejected Lu Ruoxin.

        However, people are greedy, and after winning, they naturally want to win even more.

        Su Yingxia was a member of the Fu family, and had more or less combed with the Ao family, so it would be better if she could be a member of the Ao family.

        "As for you, Han Qianqian, you are a hero, this time you have impressed the old man. If you are willing, you can choose any of my Ao family's daughters, so that no one will become angry and rely on the large number of people to bully you, right?" Ao Shi laughed lightly and said.

        Although the daughter of the Ao family was not as charming as Lu Ruoxin, this old man was very good at finding advantages.

        That is shelter!

        It was clear to tell Han Qianqian that by choosing someone from the Ao family, the Ao family was his backbone.

        "Three thousand, what do you think?"