His True Colors Chapter 2338

 When Han Qianqian's question was thrown at Lu Ruoxin, she instantly became the focus of the whole room.

        There was no one.

        And in response to Han Qianqian's question, Lu Ruoxin's heart jumped violently.

        Do you want to let him go?

        No. With Han Qianqian's current situation, grandfather was in great danger.

        Although the future of the Lu family was sooner or later rewritten by her, before it was rewritten, this foundation could not be crossed.

        If the true god of the Lu family were to fall, the consequences faced by the Fu family would be the forerunner. At that time, the Lu family would also be beaten by enemies or counterparts, and Lu Ruoxin, not to mention trying to do her own thing, would leave all the Lu family members with no time to spare just because of the mess in the Lu family.

        But if you let go.

        Can Lu Ruoxin be willing?

        Of course she wouldn't be willing, she had planned for so long, one step at a time, to get to where she is today, and to start all over again like this, how could she be willing?

        Perhaps, before she met Han Qianqian, Lu Ruoxin would not have felt that this was a reversal, or even that this was a plan that she had never had any accidents with. But after meeting Han Qianqian, the original layout became somewhat tasteless. Although it was still perfect, Han Qianqian had opened the Pandora's Box in her heart, and her desires became more and more unstoppable.

        Now that Han Qianqian has fought against the two gods and is stable, this Pandora's Box has become bigger and bigger.

        With this person, Lu Ruoxin's plans could be advanced by at least ten or even twenty years, and the success rate would jump from 50 per cent to nearly 100 per cent.

        No one can resist such a temptation, especially knowing that the other half of success will lead to death and failure.

        Lu Ruoxin hesitated here, but Han Qianqian's words clearly sent ripples through the hearts of all present.

        "What does Han Qianqian mean by that? What do you mean by yes or no, answer or no? Could ...... it be that Han Qianqian wants to marry Lu Ruoxin?"

        "Lu Ruoxin can be called the number one beauty of the eight worlds, this ancient saying is good, fair lady, gentleman martyr, if it were me, I would also get the beauty."

        "A man's ambition is to achieve the world, but what is the purpose of gaining the world? Is it not beauty? Right now, the Lu family is blessed."

        "This Miss Lu is really something, why are you standing there? You should say yes quickly. You know that a good violin goes with a good player, and a beautiful woman should go with a hero. Although Han Qianqian is from a lowly background, with his achievements today, he can afford the word hero."

        A group of people muttered softly.

        The Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion's hearts were breaking when they heard these gossips, and Gu You was even looking at Lu Ruoxin rather nervously, wondering what her answer would be.

        In contrast, it was the people at the top of Blue Mountain who were all staring at Lu Ruoxin with quite a bit of excitement.

        If they had Han Qianqian's help, it was obvious that the world would be his.

        "Why are you still standing there? Promise him." Lu Ruoxuan couldn't help the excitement inside him at this moment, and quietly urged Lu Ruoxin.

        According to his grandfather's vision, if Han Qianqian joined the Lu family, it would obviously be used to help him fight for the world in the future, and at that time, the eight worlds would be in his hands.

        Lu Ruoxin swept his eyes coldly at Lu Ruoxuan, but he did not know how to answer.

        The first time I saw him, he was going to tell him that Han Qianqiang's double gods were mainly because of himself.

        However, if he didn't say it, this group of people had obviously misunderstood.

        "It shouldn't be, should it?" With a hideous movement, Han Qianqian flipped his hand over the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel and backhanded a palm.

        Red fire and purple lightning intertwined, like twin dragons coming out of the sea, and swept through the crowd at the top of Blue Mountain on one side of the ground with a blast.


        With an explosion, hundreds of people disappeared in the midst of the burning heavenly fire and the engulfing moon wheel, and the ground at its centre erupted into an immense black crater.

        Those who were close to the area immediately turned cold with fear and looked at Han Qianqian with bewildered eyes, attempting to beg for mercy with their eyes so that Han Qianqian would not attack them.

        Han Qianqian bellowed coldly, "I ask you again, shall I or shall I not?"

        "I ......"


        With a slash of the huge axe in his right hand, a huge axe mark about ten meters long and five meters wide then came off directly from the blade of the Pan Gu axe and smashed directly into the ground again, instantly killing another group of disciples at the top of Blue Mountain.

        "What are you still thinking about? Han Qianqian is so heroic, which man in the world can still compare to him? Promise him." Lu Ruoxuan was so anxious that she couldn't help but shout angrily.

        At that end, Lu Wushen also rubbed his chest at this time and slowly stood up, seeing two piles of disciples blasting into dust under Han Qianqian's attack, and for a moment his anger rose from his heart.

        Since tens of thousands of years ago, he had been the strongest being in this world, when had he ever been so humiliated? It was as if he was being grabbed by the neck and beaten and killed at will.

        Looking at the Xuanhuang Divine Sword in his hand, Lu Wushen looked at Ao Shi in the distance.

        After Han Qianqian's victory over Lu Wushen, Ao Shi had found elation from despair, but a new problem had arisen.

        Although the might of the Eternal Sea would not be much lower than the top of Blue Mountain, the reality was that Han Qianqian had stepped on both of them to get up.

        At this moment, seeing Lu Wu Shen looking over, Ao Shi nodded his head.

        "I'll ask you again, answer or not."

        At this moment, Han Qianqian once again raised his axe and aimed it at another group of people at the top of the Blue Mountain.

        But the moment the axe light slashed down, two divine lights blasted directly at the axe light from two directions, and three rays of light immediately smashed into the far open space, exploding with a loud bang.

        Lu Wu Shen directly shielded the people at the top of Blue Mountain behind him, and Ao Shi also stood in front of the people of the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion.


        "Elder Ao!"

        The people on both sides immediately greeted them and asked with immense concern.

        "I'm fine." Lu Wushen shook his head, although Han Qianqian had broken two of his divine weapons in a row and traumatised him, this injury was not considered to be that serious or fatal to him with the body of a True God.

        Of course, it was by no means a light injury that hurt lightly.

        "It's alright, you guys back off a bit." Ao Shi similarly waved his hand, compared to Lu Wushen, he was more lightly injured, after all, he hadn't consumed himself while saving Han Qianqian, nor had he been broken by Han Qianqian's moves too badly, his entire body was barely considered to have only suffered some light to moderately serious injuries.

        "Han Qianqian!" Lu Wushen gave a frightening cry: "Even if you like my family's Xin'er, you don't have to use such a method, right? My Blue Mountain Lu family is a famous family in the Eight Directions world, do you know that there is no less than an open marriage?"

        Although the words were very hard, they actually meant that Lu Wushen was showing goodwill, just telling Han Qianqian that he did not need to use force to marry Lu Ruoxin, he only needed to marry her explicitly, and the Lu family would definitely not disagree.

        But obviously, the resounding words of the old man of the Lu family eventually became a joke.

        When these words came out, Han Qianqian's cold face suddenly smiled.