His True Colors Chapter 2337

 "What ...... is going on here?" Lu Wushen was appalled in his heart and looked at Han Qianqian with extreme perplexity.

        Han Qianqian stood on top, looking down on Lu Wushen, and laughed softly, "Before I met you and Ao Shi, I was very afraid, after all, you guys are true gods, so I always had a heart of awe."

        "You, on the other hand, have nevertheless always underestimated me as a mortal, or even a waste. There is always a price to be paid for underestimating, just as you have ignored me."

        "When have I ever ignored you? If I had despised you, how would I have expended huge efforts to save you?" Lu Wu Shen said in disbelief.

        He could be sure that he had never treated Han Qianqian as any kind of waste, and even, at one point, he had considered Han Qianqian as his granddaughter-in-law, and as long as Han Qianqian was obedient, Lu Wushen wouldn't even mind making him the number two man at the top of Blue Mountain in the future.

        A position second only to the successor of the Ye family, how could this be looking down on him and neglecting him?

        It was just that Han Qianqian's sudden demonization, and even more so, his attack on Lu Ruoxin, had made the situation more and more serious, and he had to strike out with Ao Shi. Right now, it had come to the point where it was a matter of face and divine prestige, and it was difficult to ride the tiger, which was why he had painfully killed him.

        But, this was not his intention!

        Therefore, with regard to Han Qianqian's statement, Lu Wu Shen could hardly understand and was quite aggrieved.

        "In your eyes, I'm afraid that I'm nothing more than someone who can be used, that's why you saved me. However, under my eyes, I, Han Qianqian, will always be inferior, do you, dare to deny this?"

        "Just including when I rushed out of your mountain and river diagram, what you still think is that even if I broke it, I was so badly depleted that my axe broke, wasn't it?"

        "In your eyes, it's simply impossible for someone like me to break through the Mountain, River, and Land diagram, and even if I did, that would already be the limit, wouldn't it?"

        After saying this, Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, but in the next second, he suddenly became hideous and angry, seemingly declaring his ongoing dissatisfaction as he roared, "But have you ever thought that the Pan Gu Axe has not broken, but has truly awakened!!!?"

        "What!?!" Lu Wu Shen was stunned.

        However, at this moment, as Han Qianqian became furious, his blood-red eyes flashed with blood, and his hands also pushed hard!


        The entire sky was filled with clouds, and countless lightning flashes passed through the layers of black clouds and gathered directly in Han Qianqian's hand.

        Everyone was shocked by this scene.

        But what was even more shocking was yet to come!


        As the huge axe pressed down, Lu Wushen, who was holding the Xuanhuang divine Sword underneath the axe, suddenly dropped half a meter with a violent thud of his body from a state of stalemate.

        And then ......

        Like a titanic mountain pressing down, Han Qianqian with his axe overturned the sea, toppling Lu Wushen all the way down from mid-air towards the ground!


        It was shocking!

        Even though Lu Wushen's divine energy was wide open, it was still difficult to stop Han Qianqian's cutting momentum.

        A thousand metres away from the air, Han Qianqian's body stopped, his posture unchanged.

        But under the axe, Lu Wu Shen did not make any more changes, and the golden-bodied god and his own body, holding the Xuanhuang divine sword, remained completely uncontrolled and fell straight to the ground after breaking away from Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe.


        Dust and smoke rolled on the ground, and the Golden Body God General was also reduced to nothing in the dust and smoke.

        In stark contrast to this side of the roar, the gang on the ground was silent, and even Ao Shi, with wide eyes, stared incredulously at the side where Lu Wu Shen had fallen and smashed into the ground!



        Everyone was so shocked inside that they almost fainted!


        It was like a miracle!

        Han Qianqian knocked down Ao Shi, and then, he knocked down Lu Wushen!

        The strongest duo in the Eight Directions World had both suffered greatly in the battle!

        Since the establishment of the Eight Directions World, the Three Great Gods have always been mutually restrained, and no one God has ever been able to defeat two Gods with his own strength.

        Therefore, the shock brought by Han Qianqian could be imagined.

        Shut up, everyone meekly kept their mouths shut, from those who were too shocked to speak to those who were too excited by such a scene to make a sound.

        There were all sorts of people, but the result was surprisingly consistent!

        Han Qianqian, holding the Pan Gu axe, raised his eyes slightly at that moment, and under his long blood-silver hair, those blood-red eyes were still angry, but with a touch more indifference.

        He looked down on all beings, but they were all like ants.

        Gu You's body trembled, and she could not help but feel a huge reaction.

        Lu Ruoxin's lips were slightly open, and she no longer had the same calmness that she had hoped for, and she was completely frozen.

        But obviously, she could not stay frozen for long, because at this moment, Han Qianqian had already locked his gaze on her body.

        "Lu Ruoxin!" At this moment, Han Qianqian shouted in a cold voice.

        It shook all directions.

        Lu Ruoxin faintly froze, before reflecting and regaining her senses in her eyes.

        "I'm giving you one last chance, will you answer or not? Answer or not?" As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian was already holding his giant axe and pointing at Lu Wushen above the ground.