His True Colors Chapter 2336

 "Holy sh*t!"

        Ao Shi was stunned and held his tongue for half a day, and like those mortals, held back a standard national curse to come out.

        There were times when a god was a god, but there were times when it was no different from a human.

        "This is f*cking okay?!"

        He was sure that no one in this scene other than Lu Wu Shen would be more shocked than him. As a True God of the same generation and position as Lu Wu Shen, Ao Shi simply did not know too well what Lu Wu Shen was capable of.

        Not to mention him, even the living Fuyun might not be able to take advantage of the Mountain, River, Social and Tribal Map.

        This kind of innate treasure was extremely mysterious, and it was as difficult as heaven to break it!

        But ......

        But this fellow Han Qianqian not only broke the game, but also used a method that was so simple and so crude!

        "Han Qianqian, you fellow, what exactly is your origin! Muttering as he looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air, Ao Shi was inwardly amazed.

        Lu Wushen even looked at Han Qianqian in front of him, and although his face was pretending to be calm, it was obvious that his heart was faint.

        Even when facing Ao Shi, Lu Wushen had never felt any weakness.

        He suddenly couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, and his entire being couldn't help but think of Fu Yun's flip-flopping words.

        "Even if I die, I won't let you two live out your lives in peace!"

        At first, he had only thought that those were just harsh words that Fu Yun had mindlessly uttered out of anger before he died, and had never taken them to heart. After all, once Fu Yun was dead, he thought he was no longer a threat.

        But now that he was facing Han Qianqian, he suddenly remembered Fu Yun's words, but they were like a ghost that would not go away, and they had always haunted him.

        He wanted to retreat, but the situation at hand was impossible, especially when the ground resounded with a burst of cheering for the Demon God, which kept hammering at his dignity.

        He absolutely could not withdraw, he could not pull this off!

        Staring blankly at Han Qianqian, Lu Wushen suddenly realised that the Pan Gu axe in Han Qianqian's hand was a different colour and a different shape, previously the golden giant axe was flowing and shining, but now it was as pitted as if it had been in the sand for a long time.

        "Even if you break my mountain, river and land map, so what, do you think you have won? Just look at your axe." Lu Wu Shen seized this opportunity and reminded in a cold voice.

        Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully and did not reply, but the long axe in his hand was aimed at Lu Wushen.

        "Han Qianqian, don't try to be brave. Be a good boy and give up, as I said, I admire you, even if you have become a demon, I will not kill you." Lu Wu Shen droned softly.

        Han Qianqian then slightly opened his mouth, "Sorry, I don't want to kill you either, however, what your granddaughter did, I can only find you first to taste to pay back, you saved me, this kindness, when you die, I promise you, in the future, I will return it to your Lu family descendants."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian was already attacking fiercely.

        With a huge axe in his hand, his attack was wide open!

        Lu Wushen roared in anger, "You want to kill me? Han Qianqian, who are you?"

        Just as he finished his roar, Lu Wushen was about to strike at Han Qianqian when he suddenly felt the domineering and unique aura under Han Qianqian's huge axe.

        In an instant, Han Qianqian had already rushed forward and transformed into eight axes, eight huge axes, leading to the sky and cutting!


        Accompanying them were eight gigantic divine mights that came down with the axes.

        "Armour of the Overlord!"


        With a shout from Lu Wushen, divine majesty exploded from his body and a huge golden shadow leapt out from among his body, the golden shadow was like a golden god, holding a huge sword and blasting against the eight huge axes.

        "Xuanhuang Divine Sword!"

        As soon as the golden-bodied giant god appeared, some sharp-eyed people immediately noticed that the golden sword in the golden-bodied god general's hand was different.

        It was three feet long, with a golden body and a translucent body, with the Xuanhuang Hugh surrounding the sword!

        "What? The Xuanhuang divine Sword, isn't that the legendary sword of the supreme treasure?"

        The Xuanhuang Divine Sword is forged by drawing the Qi of Xuanhuang with the spine of a god, its power can cut through a thousand things, its body can block a thousand attacks, it is an extremely powerful sacred treasure for attack and defence!

        "Once the Xuanhuang Divine Sword is released, all attacks will be reduced to nothing... I never thought that Lu Wu Shen would have such a divine weapon!"

        "Damn, Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe has lost its golden light, and the axe head is even pitted, now against this Xuanhuang Divine Sword, how can he have any chance of winning!"

        At this moment, some people couldn't help but pinch a cold sweat for Han Qianqian in mid-air!

        But Han Qianqian was so excited to kill that he didn't care about the Xuanhuang Divine Sword, and the momentum of his axe was not weak at all!


        The eight huge axes were combined into one as they approached, and the axes struck down.

        The axe and the sword instantly emitted a huge golden light.

        "Han Qianqian, your Pan Gu Axe is already broken, what are you trying to show off in front of me?" Lu Wu Shen smiled hideously.

        "The Pan Gu Axe is broken? Lu Wushen, you've seen too little." Han Qianqian cracked a smile.


        The golden light exploded, and halfway across the sky, an incomparably huge booming stream of light had appeared, spreading out incessantly.

        Suddenly ......

        As the stream of light scattered to the entire stream of light scattered, originally overhead against Han Qianqian's huge axe Lu Wushen, his heart thudded, his body could not help but slide a step, his face incredulous look up at Han Qianqian ......