His True Colors Chapter 2335


        The entire world, as if swallowed by the green light in an instant, was already green and blank in the majority of the sky, and everyone's faces were flooded with demented expressions, appearing like petrified wax statues under the mapping of the green light.


        Lu Wushen was directly blown away hundreds of meters later, and just after using his divine energy to stabilize his body, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly from his mouth.

        And in the Mountain, River, Society and Jigoku diagram, countless green lights continued to emerge from that first torn opening, and the modest opening grew larger and larger, and finally, the diagram was torn into two halves!


        The huge waterfall of the sky finally became too heavy to handle, and with a loud bang, it directly exploded into two halves. With this explosion, the giant waterfall died in the sky, and an ink-coloured scroll with black smoke on it fell from mid-air.

        Almost at the same time, a black shadow suddenly flew out of the waterfall.

        His body shone with green light, surrounded by the aura of demonic fury, and golden streams of light slowly flowed through his body.

        His long blood-silver hair moved slightly without wind, his imperishable Xuan armour was vaguely purple, and he held a huge green and black axe in his hand, lifting it slightly out of the sky!

        Above his forehead, the Pan Gu mark had disappeared, but in his blood-red eyes, there was a faint hint of a green totem.


        "Han Qianqian!"


        When Lu Wushen saw the person a hundred metres in front of him, he was not too shocked, but turned into anxious fire and another mouthful of blood gushed out directly.

        "Holy shit!"

        On the ground, there were no more words of first reaction, other than the standard national curses, their consciousness could find no other adjectives to express the current shock.

        Most of them were tugging at their tingling skulls at this point, their eyes as wide as bulls' eyes, clearly unable to believe what was happening before their eyes.

        "Oh my god, what the hell am I seeing? That guy Han ...... Han Three-thousand, that guy has directly broken an innate supreme treasure like the Mountain, River, Society and Country diagram?!"

        "The innate supreme treasure supreme invincible, how ...... how could it be broken by someone! This can't be, this can't be right?"

        "The Mountain, River, and Social Land diagram was broken, and Lu Wu Shen also spat blood from his mouth, this ...... this ...... means that Han Qianqian repelled the two true gods one after the other?"

        "How is this possible, these are two of the strongest people in the Eight Directions world. He Han Qianqian ...... is nothing more than ......"

        In the crowd, everyone was nearly frantic, each exploding and jumping and shouting, there was no need to say how shocked they were.

        "Haha, Han three thousand bully ah, Han three thousand really fucking bully ah, what did I just say about the comer? I just said, Han Qianqian can definitely come out, you rubbish, how do you know the will of Hongwan!"

        "One battle to seal the gods, from now on, whoever fucking dares to say that Han Qianqian is a human being, I'll turn my face against him!"

        "That's right, Han Qianqian is a god, Han Qianqian is a god, the number one god in the eight worlds, and will never accept any rebuttal!"

        "Han three thousand entered the devil first, then sealed the god, his body has both the devilish aura and the golden light of the god, I think ...... I think we should call him the devil god, right?"

        "Demon God? Both a devil and a god, it is quite similar to Han Qianqian's image, I agree!"

        "I also agree, the wrath of the Devil God is also similar to the wrath of Han Qianqian, haha, from now on, Han Qianqian will be the true god of our Eight Worlds - the Devil God!"

        After the shock, the group of people bowed in obeisance.

        "Long live the Devil God! Long live the Devil God!"

        Immediately afterwards, it was unknown who roared first, and the next moment, more and more people joined in the slogan.

        If it were normal, with Cool-Son Yeh's character, he would have lightly disliked them all back, or he would have hated to just kill a few people to shut them up, but today he did not.

        A pair of handsome face was full of white, the whole person's pupils were wide open, his soul was not intact.

        Even if he didn't want to admit it, he couldn't deny the devastating blow that Han Qianqian, who emerged from the picture of the mountains and rivers with his axe, had dealt to his heart.

        The brutality, the ruthlessness, the hammer that struck him like a blow to the heart.

        Wang Juzhi also had a hard time, his nails sinking deep into the flesh of his palm in his clenched fists.

        His face was filled with both shock and resignation.

        He didn't understand, he really didn't understand how a little earthling could have grown to such a terrifying level in such a quick time.

        The first time he knew about this guy, he was just a little worm from the Xuan Yuan world who didn't even dare to show himself when his wife and son were trapped. The second time he saw this guy, he had already shown his extraordinary skills, and although he was chased all over the mountains by Lu Ruoxin at that time, this guy had created the miracle of taking the divine mound alone.

        But after all, he almost died by his own hand in the end.

        When I saw him again, I had become a spectator and was not even qualified to fight him.

        Is it because of the God's Mound?

        People are most afraid of making excuses when they are incompetent, and Wang Juzhi had obviously found an excuse to comfort himself at this time.

        Yes, it must be the sacred mound, it must be that this guy took something else in the sacred mound that no one knows about, so ...... that's why he improved so fast.

        The more he thought about this, the more angry Wang Juzhi became.

        Because he felt that all the things within the divine mound should be his, then naturally, everything that Han Qianqian possessed today should have belonged to him as well.

        "Han Qianqian, you despicable and shameless thief!"

        Unlike Wang Juzhi's few people, Gu You's incomparably exquisite face was not the least bit angry or resentful, except for the surprise written all over it.

        The world was swept away, but that was all there was to it, a hero of the world.

        The performance of Han Qianqian in the sky was the best performance in Gu You's mind, and it was the only performance that she felt could make her heart flutter.

        To take on two true gods and not lose out in the slightest, even if he was not a hero, he was a lord. Even if he is not an emperor, he is still a king!

        A man should be like that!

        What's more, Han Qianqian also had an extremely good-looking skin.

        In every way, Han Qianqian was the best standard in Gu You's heart, and naturally, he was the best.

        If Gu You was only a little reluctant to marry Cool-Son Yeh, after all, Cool-Son Yeh was a bit of a looker, and his talent was also outstanding.

        But now, Gu You is so remorseful that her intestines are turning blue. Ye Qucheng seems to be okay, but compared to Han Qianqian, he is just a dragon in the sky and a worm on the ground.

        The difference, apart from a certain degree of resemblance in body, was huge!


        That head, a crunching sound, the water god halberd ping pong a sound, suddenly fell to the ground ......