His True Colors Chapter 2334

 Leave all distractions behind!

        Be still and feel, be still and merge!


        Suddenly, Han Qianqian felt an incomparably powerful energy that was centred on his heart and instantly spread around his body.

        Outside Han Qianqian's body, a green light was visible to the naked eye, and afterwards, the green light entered his body and nothing else seemed to happen.

        However, only Han Qianqian, who was the person involved, understood.

        After this green light, nothing was the same anymore.

        He only felt that his body, all of a sudden, became extremely powerful, and his hands were even more itchy.

        "Pan Gu Axe, is that you?" Han Qianqian's divine sense asked himself.

        Immediately afterwards, he slowly clenched his left fist and released it violently in the air!

        Green light instantly blasted out from his fist, passing through the dark void, all the way down until it finally disappeared!

        Outside, Lu Wushen was just collecting the black qi at the outermost part of the Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Figure, intending to collect the figure, which was as big as a waterfall, into an hour.

        At that moment, an explosion suddenly came from the diagram!

        When he looked at the figure, he saw that an 18-petal crack had been blown out by something in a corner of the diagram, and between the cracks, there was a vague burst of green.

        Lu Wushen immediately frowned, not knowing what had happened in the diagram.

        On the ground, those who were talking eloquently, those who were depressed, or those who were cheering, or those who were down in the dumps, were all attracted by the explosion in the picture in mid-air, and looked up.

        Ao Shi also looked up nervously, staring intently at the sky above.

        "What's happening?"

        "There's an explosion in the picture of the mountains and rivers, could it be that Han Qianji is rebelling inside?"

        As the crowd thought of this, their eyes sizzled even more as they looked into the midair.

        Seeing that everyone was looking towards this place, Lu Wu Shen was a bit overwhelmed at this point, no matter what he was facing or what, so he put his hands on top of each other and at once a divine energy slapped directly into the Mountain, River, Society and Country diagram, while shouting coldly, "Han Qianji, be honest with me, or else I will have your soul scattered at any time."

        As Lu Wu Shen's divine energy went in, Han Qianji in the diagram of the mountains, rivers and tribes, he instantly felt the pressure of the sky coming directly from above.

        Subconsciously, he stretched out his right hand to block it!


        Above his right hand, an axe fiercely appeared in his hand. As soon as the pressure came into contact with the axe, it instantly turned into a few wisps of light smoke that drifted away for a few moments before turning into nothing!

        "The Pan Gu Axe!"

        Han Qianqian looked at the Pan Gu Axe in his hand with incomparable surprise.

        Even though he had owned it for an unknown number of years, and had carried it for an unknown number of battles, it was only at this moment that Han Qianqian saw the true face of the axe.

        The axe handle was forged of black and red iron, with patterns like auspicious clouds, fire phoenixes, blue dragons and fierce beasts, with a hint of auspiciousness, but also emitting an overwhelmingly thick dominance. The axe handle is no longer inlaid with the golden head of the previous axe, but instead has a black face and a white blade, with several large and small chips on the edge.

        But it was these chips that made the whole axe head look not only not the least bit broken, but also overwhelming and fierce, and they all told the story of how many souls had fallen under the axe.

        As if sensing Han Qianqian's surprise shout, the blue light on the Pan Gu axe flashed like a stream of light and disappeared.

        "I have you, you have me, from now on, you are me and I am you." Seeing its response, Han Qianqian was also overjoyed.

        Immediately afterwards, he violently released the energy within his body, and his body slowly stood up in the midst of flowing with the vortex.

        "The Great God Pan Gu once shocked the world with you opening up the heavens and splitting the earth, today, you and I are united, although I am not as mighty as the Great God Pan Gu, but ...... I will not let your glorious past be brought into disrepute!"

        "For me or for you to awaken and right your name!"

        Han Qianqian's eyes were like a torch, followed by a loud roar, "Today, an axe, to determine his kings and kings!"


        Han Qianqian held the axe in both hands and raised it to the sky!


        As the axe slowly slashed down, the whole dark space shook!

        And in the same vein, the waterfall-like mountain and river diagram in front of Lu Wushen was also trembling wildly at this moment, bringing along with it the emptiness in mid-air and the ground below mid-air, trembling in unison.

        "What's going on with this ......?"

        Above the ground, in the face of the sudden earth shaking and mountain shaking, a group of people panicked, but one's eyes never left from the Shanhe Sheji Diagram, because all of them were clear that everything today was the Shanhe Sheji Diagram making the commotion.

        "This is ......" Ao Shi, who had been completely disappointed and depressed to the extreme, also hurried to look at this moment, and felt that huge pressure in the air, and his whole body even closed his breath tightly.

        "This is?" Lu Wu Shen naturally also felt the enormous energy coming from the Mountain, River, and Society diagram, and after a slight daze, he hurriedly attempted to punch in another divine energy into it.


        But at that very moment, a huge inviting light suddenly burst out of the diagram.

        Heaven and earth suddenly lost all colour, and Lu Wu Shen's true divine body was directly swept away by hundreds of metres, and heaven and earth, a peaceful place, were also completely enveloped within the green light!