His True Colors Chapter 2333

 Han Qianqian forced his heart to hold back the sadness and asked this seemingly unimaginable question.

        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian waited in agony for her answer.

        Even though the question was very strange and abrupt, it was honestly the one that Han Qianqian felt was most likely to exist in his heart.

        Xiao Tao's words might not mean much to others, but to Han Qianqian, he really knew Xiao Tao too well.

        Despite appearing gentle and soft on the surface, there was a stubborn and strong side to her nature.

        There was silence, silence for a long time, and Xiaotao's voice did not ring out again.

        "Brother Three Thousand, be careful!"

        Suddenly, at that very moment, Xiao Tao's voice snapped with urgency, and when Han Qianqian took another look, he suddenly said in his heart, "Shit.

        Fuck, because he was distracted, Han Qianqian didn't even notice that at this moment, his body had already been firmly sucked in by the black vortex transformed by the Mountain, River, and Social Land diagram.

        But at this moment, it was already close at hand, and it was obviously too late to struggle.


        With a muffled sound, all eight of Han Qianqian's figures were sucked into the vortex, and before they could even have a chance to fight, everything returned to peace.


        Above the ground, there were still some people who were still supporting Han Qianqian, and apart from them, even those who had already fallen to the wall once again could not help but exclaim in shock.

        After all, Han Qianqian was a vicious character who had fought viciously for so long and still had the power of a tiger, and could still fight Oishi in a big way, and to be sucked in like that without even resisting, could not help but make people sigh and be shocked for a while.

        "Lu Wu Shen is so powerful that Han Qian Qian, who could fight Ao Shi on equal terms, couldn't even carry a single glance under Lu Wu Shen. My goodness, is the gap between True Gods that big even?" Someone said incredulously.

        "Nonsense, True God Ao was obviously careless, moreover, Han Qianqian is not as weak as you think, the reason he did not resist is not because of how strong Lu Wu Shen is, but merely because True God Ao had already consumed a wave of him in advance, which only allowed some people to sit back and reap the benefits." Some people close to the Eternal Sea immediately retorted with a weak heart.

        "Hehe, to say such words, I'm afraid even you don't believe it yourself, right? The facts speak louder than words, one was thrown out by Han Qianqian, while the other Han Qianqian was left with no fight, everything has been judged high and low."

        "However, to be honest, although Han Qianqian was subdued like that, we must admit that Han Qianqian still has some skills, and it's worthy of us to consider him as a role model for the casuals.

        After many people were shocked, they were blowing off the top of Blue Mountain and Lu Wu Shen while talking eloquently.

        Those who succeed are kings, while those who fail, even if they don't fall to the level of kings, will at best become the talk of others after tea.

        This is what happened to Han Qianqian, and I don't know whether to be happy or sad!

        "Lu Zhen Shen, the strongest in the world!"

        "Lu Zhen Shen, the most powerful god in the world!"

        At this moment, under the sign of Lu Yongsheng, the sons of the Lu family seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and led their disciples to shout out loud.

        The might of Blue Mountain, if not released now, when else?

        In comparison, the two brothers of the Ao family were just looking at each other, each embarrassed.

        The morale of the Eternal Life Sea was also sluggish at the same time.

        On the other hand, many people from the Pill God Pavilion, who should have done the same, let out a long breath of air and smiled as if the rain had cleared their faces.

        "Damn it!" Ao Shi swung his fist out, depressed.

        He had thought that the green light would be some kind of miracle, but it only turned out to be that he had overthought it.

        In mid-air, Lu Wu Shen also let out a long breath, and with a movement in his hand, a divine energy directly retracted the black qi scattered outside into the Mountain, River, and River.

        If that green light was Ao Shi's last hope, then for Lu Wu Shen, it was his last worry.

        Luckily, everything was intact.

        At this moment, Han Qianji, who had already been sucked into the Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map by the vortex, was in the midst of a chaotic darkness.

        His body was suspended in the air, and with a faint flow of Qi, Han Qianqian felt as if he was turning towards the very centre on the same trajectory as the vortex.


        Han Qianqian tried calling out with his mind, but apparently, there was no longer anyone in the mountain and river diagram who would respond to him.

        "This damned place." Han Qianqian swept a glance around at the boundless darkness.

        "I have to get out!" Han Qianqian's eyes fluttered open and he looked straight around.

        "This kind of damn place, I'm sure it's impossible with ordinary strength alone, brother, I'm relying on you." Han Qianqian finished and patted his chest.

        In the world of innate supreme treasures, once you entered, it was never possible to get out by ordinary strength.

        A more domineering innate supreme treasure like the Pan Gu Axe was his only possibility.

        "The Dao is diffused, the Eight Wastelands are pranced, with my blood, I will break its heaven and earth, with my will, I will awaken you. The Divine Armament Douling Order, all thousands return to one!" As Han Qianqian's incantation was softly recited, a green light reappeared on his chest, followed by concentration, sensing, allowing his heart to intersect with that power!