His True Colors Chapter 2331

 As the whirlpool moved, the Dark Realm spun with it.

        Countless black qi emanated from the diagram, spreading to the side, but still moving slowly in the direction of the whirlpool's rotation.

        The eight figures of Han's three thousand retreating bodies were also moving invisibly, attracted by the vortex and slowly flying towards the diagram bit by bit.


        Obviously, Han Qianqian should have tried his best to break free at this moment, otherwise once he was absorbed into the diagram, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

        Instead, he did the opposite, not only not resisting, but also closing his eyes and entering a meditative state.

        The golden light and devilish aura on his body was also rapidly weakening ......

        "Holy shit, is this kid crazy? What is he doing?"

        "The Mountain, River, and Social Land diagram is really an innate treasure, it's so damned racy and so damned strong, Han Qianqian couldn't stand up to it straight away after just a few glances. But Han Qianqian is really crazy, even if he can't beat it and doesn't run away, he's still putting down all his fucking defences?"

        "If this is sucked in, then isn't life and death under the control of Lu Wu Shen?"

        "Oh, you fools, it's because the Mountain and River Map is awesome and so is Lu Wushen that Han Qianqian has given up resistance. Can it be that you guys still think you can run away when you meet such a perverted opponent?"

        "Instead of running away and wasting your energy, you might as well give up your hands and give in, although the result will be death, at least one death will be more comfortable. Besides, this way, at least there will be dignity in death."

        With Han Qianji being so trapped by the mountain, river and land map, the opinion on the ground was also changing rapidly.

        This was the reality of being a king and losing a foe. When you are glorious, everyone praises you and praises you, but once you fall, most people will not only not pity you and sympathise with you, but will instead fall on you and take the opportunity to step on you and trample on you like crazy.

        This is how the world works, ruthlessly but equally.

        Ye Gucheng's fists were clenched, and he was running away in a panic, his hair was all over the place and he was in a terrible state, but his eyes were full of fervour when he looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air.

        Wang Juzhi, like him, was frowning and tense, silently cheering for Lu Wushen in his heart.

        "Bah!" On the other side of the ground, Ao Shi ate pain and climbed up from the ground, spitting out fresh blood from his mouth with a mouthful, looking into the air, but he was angry and anxious.

        Although he had been thrown down by Han Qianqian from mid-air, it was obvious that this pain was nothing more than a child's play for a True God, although the injury was not serious.

        What was urgent was that Lu Wushen had already taken control of Han Qianqian.

        If Lu Wushen defeated Han Qianqian while he was thrown down by Han Qianqian, if word got out, the reputation of the top of Blue Mountain would be shattered, and the Eternal Sea would be discredited.

        "Fuck, Lu Wushen, you didn't let this kid cooperate with you in a play, did you?" Ao Shi almost gritted his teeth as he shouted coldly.

        But angry as he was, there was nothing else he could do at the moment but pray that this brat Han Qianqian would suddenly play and break free of Lu Wushen's mountain and river map.

        After all, he couldn't possibly help Han Qianqian in front of so many people, could he? Even if he shamelessly went to help himself, that Han Qianqian breaking free of the Shanhe Sheji diagram would never be able to make people deny Lu Wushen's might.

        But this prayer, too, was really just a prayer. As Han Qianqian completely dropped his defences, and as he drew closer and closer to the Mountain, River, Social and Cultural Map, Ao Shi knew better than anyone else that Han Qianqian's defeat was a foregone conclusion.

        As a True God, there was no one who knew better than Ao Shi the power of the Shanhe Sheji Diagram in Lu Wushen's hands, even though the old man's proficiency with the diagram was not particularly high either, but because of the power of the diagram, it was already enough.

        "Brother Three Thousand, after condensing your god, please converge all your energy on your chest."

        "Chest? Shouldn't it be the dantian?" Han Qianqian said strangely.

        When energy converged, it was usually condensed in the dantian, the chest was unheard of and unseen.

        "Please do as I say."

        Nodding, Han Qianqian moved his divine sense and gathered all the energy in his chest.

        "Now, retrieve the Pan Gu Axe, and then feel its place in your body with your heart."

        Han Qianqian did as he was told and retrieved the Pan Gu Axe, and as soon as he retrieved the Pan Gu Axe, the underground sounds of pity could not help but resound, and Ao Shi even slammed his fist on the ground, depressed to the core.

        "Sense it?"

        "He's in my head where my eyebrows are." Han Qianqian replied honestly.

        "Try moving it to your chest, in the same place as your energy. Then, there is a mantra that you need to recite along with me."

        Han Qianqian nodded and slowly moved the Pan Gu Axe down as Xiao Peach had said, and wonderfully, the Pan Gu Axe seemed to actually move from his brow to Han Qianqian's body as his energy continued to move.

        And as Han Qianqian followed Little Peach's strange incantation again, at that moment, Han Qianqian's chest suddenly lit up with a faint green light!