His True Colors Chapter 2330

 This voice is gentle and gentle, very beautiful, sweet with some lovely, lovely in the midst of some pitiful.

        But ......

        This voice is so familiar, it seems ...... like I've heard it somewhere before.

        The first thing you need to do is to look around, but all around you are half empty, where is there anyone? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get to the ground, but you can't get to the ground.

        Then where did this voice come from?

        "Brother Three Thousand, don't look around, I'm not next to you!"

        There was another sound, and this time, a strange look suddenly flashed across Han Qianqian's eyes.


        This voice, how similar it was to Little Peach's, even though it had been a long time since he had seen her, her voice was not something that Han Qianqian would forget.

        As a good friend who had been in trouble, as a good friend who had helped himself, Han Qianqian would never forget anyone.

        "Brother Qianqian, are you, are you alright?" In the voice, there were some complicated emotions, some aggression, some guilt, and some hard feelings, but more than that, there was a kind of concern.

        It was also obvious that only if one was too concerned would one say such knowing words.

        Han Qianqian's current scene, could it be good!

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, not answering the question so as not to embarrass her, but instead, using her consciousness, she gently laughed and said, "I'm fine, how about you? Are you doing okay?"

        "I ......" Little Peach's voice wanted to say something, but after a moment, she said seriously, "I remembered something."

        Without waiting for Han Qianqian to speak, Xiaotao's voice came again, "Brother Qianqian, close your eyes and adjust your internal breath!"

        "Xiaotao, what are you doing?"

        "Then gaze."

        Little Peach did not reply, but continued as she did, and Han Qianqian froze for a moment, still choosing to follow her steps.

        "When Pan Gu opened the heavens, one axe broke open the heavens and the earth, relying not only on the astounding power of the Great God Pan Gu, but also on the heaven-destroying divine power of the Pan Gu axe itself. When the heavens were opened, the Great God Pan Gu and the Pan Gu Axe were transformed into one, so there was me in you and you in me, and so the heavens and the earth broke apart and formed their own world."

        "Therefore, if you want to use the Pan Gu Axe, you must also merge with the Pan Gu Axe body into one."

        "This is something I've actually tried before, but the problem is that the Pan Gu Axe is simply asleep, not to mention being one with my body, and even if I wanted to wake him up, it would be difficult." Han Qianqian was also very depressed about this.

        In fact, with his intelligence, it was impossible for him not to think of this solution, but the Pan Gu Axe was completely asleep, which was like taking an unopened sword, and until now, Han Qianqian had more often used it to slash.

        The Pan Gu's might, many times Han Qianqian simply relied on its own power to play, its true strength was always in hiding with its slumber.

        "The Pan Gu Axe's predecessor and the Pan Gu God's body became one, and the breath in the axe is also the breath of the Pan Gu God. Although it recognizes you as its master, however, you do not have the power of Pan Gu, so there is naturally no way to awaken the Pan Gu Axe." Little Peach's voice explained.

        But wasn't this entering a dead end?

        If there was no way to awaken it, then what would be the best way to become one with him?

        Han Qianqian thought about it, but couldn't figure it out.

        "Brother Three-thousand, please concentrate."

        "Huh?" Han Qianqian was stunned, after the conversation he had just had, his mind was depressed, and Xiao Tao's voice suddenly asked him to concentrate, so he didn't reflect for a moment.

        However, although Han Qianqian was surprised that Xiao Tao knew that she couldn't wake up the Pan Gu Axe, but she asked him to concentrate.

        "Brother Three Thousand, concentrate on your mind and keep your thoughts to yourself, okay?"

        "I ......" Han Qianqian was depressed, he was facing off with the Pan Gu Axe and the Mountain and River Social Diagram in front of him, and he was asked to completely drop all his concentration, how could he do that?

        If he rashly withdrew his energy and gave up his resistance, the result would need no further thought.

        However, considering that if the stalemate went on like this, Han Qianqian would still definitely lose, if he could activate the Pan Gu Axe, then there would still be a fighting chance.

        "Fine, I'll do as you say, just die." When Han Qianqian finished speaking, he immediately withdrew his Pan Gu Axe, allowing the light of the mountains and rivers to strike his eight golden bodies without the Pan Gu Axe to confront him.

        "Bang bang bang!"

        Countless booms exploded above the eight golden bodies.

        Fresh blood flowed out of Han Qianqian's mouth incessantly, and his eight true bodies were completely knocked back by several meters.

        Seeing the success of the blow, a hint of joy flashed in Lu Wu Shen's eyes, and with a soft smile, he squeezed his fingers in his hand and recited a divine technique: "Three thousand, you have lost, Mountain and River Great Break!"

        As Lu Wu Shen finished his divine recitation, he pointed his finger towards the picture of the mountains and rivers, and at once, the mountains and rivers in the picture were distorted, the sun and moon faded away, and the whole world was slowly and drastically changed.

        The vortex was filled with blackness, and in just a few moments, the world had become a realm of darkness, and the vortex was the centre of the world.

        "Collect it for me!" With a soft cry from Lu Wu Shen at this moment, the vortex moved greatly.