His True Colors Chapter 2326

 Lu Wu Shen only felt his scalp tingling.

        This is really possible!

        As he watched Ao Shi being thrown around by Han Qianqian like a watermelon, Lu Wushen was in an unusually complicated mood.

        There was shock, there was shock, there was happiness, there was also worry, and there was even more fear ......

        Obviously, shock needs no introduction, happy naturally is Han Qianqian can hit Ao Shi seriously, as for worry and after fear, obviously, Ao Shi's scene from a certain point of view, then may be his own downfall.

        But at the same time, Lu Wushen couldn't help but be thankful, I'm glad I didn't go on.

        Otherwise, the one who would have been thrown around would most likely have been himself ......

        The fact is, if a true god like him and Ao Shi, the strongest person in the eight worlds, the highest ranking person, was seen being beaten up like that, the damage might not be great, but the insult would be extremely strong.

        Thinking of this, Lu Wu Shen couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

        Above the ground, many people had their mouths open, completely frozen in place, as if petrified ......

        This scene, not to mention looking at it, can't even think about it.

        The real God, the strongest person in the eight worlds, the kind of supreme existence that can make people disappear with the snap of a finger, he is a sacrosanct, proud and untouchable holy master, not to mention fighting him, he only needs a word or a look, it should be the right thing to make anyone submissive.

        But ......

        Now he was so ......

        The whole ground above, which should be a place where one person can produce a lot of sound even if he breathes a little, at this time, is as quiet as if no one is around for miles.

        Even, even the sound of wind is at this time obediently hidden, no movement!

        I don't know how long has passed ......


        Above the entire ground, suddenly thunderous roars erupted, there were cheers, there were shrieks, there were annoyances, all kinds of emotions mixed together, huge waves of sound directly resounded through the entire Sleepy Immortal Valley.

        The two brothers, Ao Jin and Ao Yi, were flustered and at a loss for words, as they were members of the Ao family, they couldn't face such a cheer, but when they looked back, they noticed that many of their own people from the Eternal Sea were also shouting.

        At the Lu family's end, they were no better. Despite the fact that they were all tigers and wolves and had been strictly trained, they still found it hard to hold back in the face of such a scene.

        If there was a word that could describe the current Kucheng Ye, it would probably be the most angry word in the world, but obviously, words could not express the anger he felt today.

        That kind of anger was enough to make him want to kill all the people here, so as to vent his inner resentment.

        Lu Ruoxin and Lu Ruoxuan were also dumbfounded and speechless.

        Wang Juzhi stumbled and fell, and if not for the support of Chen and the others, he would have fallen to the ground on his buttocks.

        As for the Fu family, they all looked odd, their hearts already overwhelmed by various emotions.

        Han Qianqian, that was Han Qianqian, a man who had been considered a waste and a burden by the Fu family from the beginning to the end, and had tried every possible way to get rid of him, get rid of him, and even extinguish him.

        His existence was a disgrace to the Fu family and a piece of trash that delayed the future of the Fu family.

        But ......

        What he is doing is something that everyone in the Fu family would wake up laughing about even in their dreams.

        If the great potential shown by once Han Qianqian only shook the foundations of the Fu family's mind, after all, there are some things that are not done, not the same as being done.

        There are some faces that do not know pain until they are smacked in the face.

        But now, Han Qianqian's slap was indeed a solid slap on everyone's face.

        A slap in the face, even if they pretended to be asleep again, they could still feel the burning pain on their flesh faces.

        "Han three thousand ...... Han three thousand can actually fight against the true gods, moreover, can also so ...... so humiliate Ao Shi, if he ...... he is in the words, I Fu Family ...... My Fu Family now calls itself the Third True God Family, what's wrong with that?" Someone can no longer pretend to sleep, at this time, facing the reality, he could not help but blurt out.

        This is something that perhaps no one would have dared to say before, after all, it was a slap in their own face, moreover, it was a slap in the face of the entire Fu family, especially the executives led by Fu Tian would be even more furious at such a statement, and the consequences could be imagined.

        But today, when seeing such a scene, he no longer had any second thoughts at all, because, this was his innermost thoughts, and his inner regret made him blurt out.

        "Yes, the dream of the Fu family returning to the top, today, is the time to enter the dream!"

        His words would have been rebuked by everyone before, but today, many people could not help but express their agreement.

        "Once, some people said that Han Qianqian had ruined this dream of my Fu family, but today, it seems how comical and ridiculous the words were, how stupid and ignorant they were, Fu Tian, am I right?" Some executives turned their inner regret, into resentment, and looked towards Fu Tian.

        With one executive leading the way, the others simply vented their heartfelt anger.

        "Fu Tian, Han Qian Qian was originally the dragon son-in-law of my Fu family, and even though Fu Yao was unable to give birth to a True God, so what? She doesn't need to give birth to a True God at all, because her man, Han Qianqian, the son-in-law of the Fu family, is a True God." Someone shouted angrily, his anger hard to be appeased.

        "You keep saying that you will lead our Fu family back to the top, but look at what you have done!"

        "Fu Tian, the 1,000-year foundation of the Fu family has been destroyed by your hands, you are the greatest sinner of the Fu family."

        "When you die and go to hell, how can you face your ancestors?"

        "Fu Tian, you don't deserve to be the head of the Fu family, you must give us an explanation for what happened to Han Qianqian."

        "That's right, Fu Tian, you step down."

        "From today onwards, I, Fu Meng, officially declare that if Fu Tian is the patriarch for one day, I will never enter the door of the Fu family for half a step."

        In the face of the accusations and angry glares, if it were in the past, Fu Tian would have argued angrily, but now, he had been so shocked by the battle overhead that his heart and liver were split, and he simply did not know how to refute.

        The man who was like a god, like a devil, who was invincible, made her so angry that she almost cried out.



        Why would the man she had dreamed of, the man she had dreamed of all her life, be ...... the man who would be Fuyao?

        He should be her man ah, she should be the woman who accompanies him out of the world ah.

        What for!

        The fact that she was suppressed by Fuyao on all fronts was fine. I thought that, as the saying goes, a woman should marry the right man, and after finding Ye Shijun he could finally raise his eyebrows for a while.

        But now it seems that there is no point in raising her eyebrows and exhaling her anger. The two of them are clearly one from the sky and one from the ground!

        "Pfft ......"

        Suddenly ......