His True Colors Chapter 2325


        A halberd went again!

        But this time, it didn't pierce Han Qianqian's chest at all.

        Blood was still flowing, only, it wasn't Han Qianqian's chest that was bleeding, but Han Qianqian's right hand that was bleeding again.

        "What? That ...... kid actually used his hand to directly receive Ao True God's halberd to fix the Heaven and Earth, is he crazy?"

        "Killed foolish to perform a white blade with his empty hand?"

        Countless people were exceptionally puzzled by this, although Han Qianqian had been passive and defensive up to now, yet, he had conquered the hearts of many people. After all, Han Qianqian was already proud of his defeat, even though he had faced a true god and could fight to this level. But now, Han Qianqian's action had directly shaken everyone's back.

        What was he doing?

        Was he going to fight back? But wouldn't it be better to fight back with the Pan Gu Axe in his hand? After all, it was the king of all weapons, and its effect was better than anything else, even if one's eyes were closed.

        Lu Wushen couldn't help but feel good and funny, and really didn't understand what Han Qianqian was trying to do.

        "This guy, should not ...... should not want to directly take the water god halberd in the hands of Ao Shi, right?" Lu Ruoxuan frowned oddly and said, once he said this, he himself felt a little funny, is not this a foolish thing to do?

        Although Lu Ruoxin also found this statement funny, yet it was the only reason that could explain Han Qianqian's behavior like this.

        "Stupid?" Lu Ruoxin frowned and said, "That's Ao Shi, the True God of the Eight Worlds, not an old lady selling vegetables on the street, so to go grab the weapon in his hands so rashly, isn't that asking for death?"

        "Look, look what that fool is doing again! Thanks to you guys, you still blow him out of proportion, but as far as I can see, he's simply a stupid ass." Cool-Son Yeh did not forget to mock Han Qianqian whenever he seized any opportunity.

        In a way, Cool-Son Yeh's jealousy of Han Qianqian had reached a certain pathological state.

        "Brat, are you crazy or stupid, how dare you take my weapon with your empty hand?" In mid-air, Ao Shi was also stunned, but then he said in a cold mocking voice.

        "Or do you really think that just because you can fight me with your energy in the water, you think you have the ability to fight me? Let me tell you, between us, the gap is not ordinary!"

        Ao Shi's words, although seemingly arrogant, were in fact the real core truth.

        Ao Shi was a True God, and the body of a True God was extremely huge, which could be compared to that of a non-God's man! Even if the two sides of energy could be tied, the physical disparity was the root of Han Qianqian becoming reckless with such behaviour!

        "You're right, the gap between us is perhaps not really that great in general." Han Qianqian gave a cold laugh.

        He did so because he felt at this moment that his body was filled with an unimaginably powerful force, a force he had never experienced before, even more powerful, in a way, compared to the powerful force that had suddenly been released from the Dragon's Heart.

        The burning blood of the Devil Dragon was certainly powerful, so powerful that it was unimaginable.

        Only Han Qianqian did not know that the power of the Blood of the Devil Dragon was no greater than that of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, only that one was reserved and released through other channels, while the other was used by Han Qianqian with his qi veins fully opened.

        In a way, to Han Qianqian's self-perception, the boiling Devil's Blood naturally seemed several times stronger than the power coming from the Dragon's Heart.

        "Devil's blood boils!"

        Han Qianqian suddenly grimaced, his hand gripping the Water God's halberd fiercely tightening its muscles and rippling with black tendons.

        "Get up for me!" With a furious cry, the hand grasping the Water God's halberd spun violently!

        "What?!" Ao Shi instantly only felt a huge twisting force coming from the hand holding the Water God Halberd, a twisting force that could be called a strange force, even though he made a strong grip on the halberd handle in time, it was still somewhat uncontrollable!

        "You kid ...... where did you get that strength?" Ao Shi looked at Han Qianqian in unbelievable shock.

        "As I said, the gap between us might not really be ordinary!" With a wicked smile, Han Qianqian made a move that made everyone's scalps tingle!

        Only to see Han Qianqian hold the tip of his halberd in his hand and violently raise it with one hand!


        Ao Shi, the tail of the halberd, felt a strange force suddenly lift him straight up!

        Then with a fling!


        Ao Shi felt another strange force throwing him downwards!

        He desperately tried to control it, but the more desperate he was, the more wretched he became.

        Only to see Han Qianqian grab the Water God halberd, suddenly flinging it up and down, while the poor Ao Shi at the end of the halberd was like a monkey caught by the tail, with Han Qianqian flinging and throwing, his whole body went up and down ......

        "Fuck ......"

        "Fuck ......"

        Above the ground, all of them were dumbfounded, one by one, frozen in place, so shocked that they were completely unable to speak, and could only use national curses to express their hearts at this time.

        "Did Laozi's eyes get blurry? Or, did someone create an illusion for me?!" Someone exclaimed.

        "This kid ......" In mid-air, Lu Wu Shen also opened his eyes completely, a posture of seeing a ghost, where is the calmness and calmness of being a true god, mouth muttered half a day, stammered "This ...... This is f*cking possible?"