His True Colors Chapter 2324

 When the eight true gods suddenly flashed with golden light, inside their true bodies, golden personalities were revealed, golden personalities like Buddhas, sitting cross-legged in meditation, or like Taoist ancestors, with their eyes closed in meditation!

        But both the divine Buddha and the Daoist ancestor were also majestic under the golden light.

        With a squeeze of his Dharma fingers, the Five Elements Divine Stone above his head slowly released a three-coloured light, which then gently fell from above Han Qianqian's head and flew directly into the golden body's fingers.

        The Five Elements Divine Stone glowed with a great mountain of light, and then, together with the Golden Body, it disappeared into the eight true bodies.


        With a sound of streaming light, the eight True Bodies released a golden glow, after which, the golden glow of each True Body connected with each other to form a unique Golden Light True Body Grand Formation.

        "Devil's blood boils!"

        "One Enemy!"


        The eight golden bodies suddenly flashed two roars of fury!

        One as majestic as a god, and one as low as a demon.

        "It's done, it's done, old man, that boy is done."

        In the Eight Desolate Worlds, upon seeing this scene, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books no longer cared about their image and directly jumped up, shouting with joy, their faces overflowing with excitement.

        The old man who swept the earth also laughed slightly at this moment, happy to the core.

        "Not bad, not bad, I knew this Han Qianqian kid was no coward, and he really didn't let me down." The ground sweeping old man nodded in satisfaction and said softly.

        "Haha, does his brat dare to fail? He is carrying the lives of Su Yingxia and Han Nian, and also the expectations of you, me and the other three. The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed harshly.

        "Yes, to be able to make the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books obediently call him master such a condescending thing to do, if he negative you, you naturally will not be good, but nowadays ......" the old man sweeping the ground deliberately did not say, laughing and not saying anything.

        "But nowadays, this kid is making me happy." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed, "However, I wonder what the actual effect will be?"

        Above the ground, at this moment, seeing the eight golden lights joining together as one and the two mighty voices coming from the sky, the crowd couldn't help but look at each other in disbelief. Although they did not know what had happened to Han Qianqian himself, but from the aura, it seemed to be very bullish.

        "Is there any special effect after the highest realm of the Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation, the eight true bodies?" Lu Ruoxuan couldn't help but ask in a soft voice.

        "You're asking me? Who am I asking?" Lu Ruoxin returned with no good humour, which pot is not to be mentioned, if this person was not Lu Ruoxuan, she would probably have been slapped by her long ago and not know where to go.

        "However, this should not be the effect of the eight true bodies, this aura is not right." Lu Ruoxuan shook her head gently after a confident end inspection.

        "Damn it, what are you freezing for, kill him." Ye Lucheng looked so angry that he could not wait to see Han Qianqian fall from the sky right now and say goodbye to this world.

        But as soon as the words left his mouth, he felt that something was wrong, and when he looked back at the Ao family around him, Cool-Son Yeh was speechless to the extreme.

        To command Ao Shi to do something in such a place, what could one do if not to provoke people's wrath?


        Eight true bodies suddenly golden light, the true body on the chest of the water god halberd suddenly trembled, that was pierced on the chest of the blood was immediately wrapped by the golden light, and with the true body interconnected, interlocked with each other, communicate with each other ......

        When the blood returns again to the place of the chest, the wound, as big as a bowl, suddenly heals.


        The Water God halberd that didn't go into almost the entire head was immediately and directly shaken away, and the body of Ao Shi, who was holding the Water God halberd, violently flew backwards for tens of meters.


        A mouthful of blood directly spurted out, Ao Shi hastily retreated several steps, and only then barely stabilized his body.

        "What ...... what the hell?!" Ao Shi froze and looked at Han Qianqian with a bewildered expression.

        He was a bit confused, he had clearly pierced Han Qianqian's chest with his halberd, with his own power plus the power of the Water God Halberd, Han Qianqian received such a fatal injury, not to mention being able to break free from himself, it was a question of whether he would survive ......

        But the fact is, this guy not only broke free, but also counterattacked, and he was actually directly shaken by the five organs tumbling!

        "You kid, repeatedly provoke me and annoy me, I don't care what your situation is, let alone what evil demonic techniques you use, I, Ao Shi, will take your life today!" Fiercely wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Ao Shi glared in anger.

        "I'd like to see whether your eight bodies are tougher or Laozi's Water God Halberd is sharper!"


        The sea of energy stars behind Ao Shi actually burned directly behind him, and with a swing of the Water God Halberd in his hand, he once again attacked fiercely.


        A halberd came and set the world at rest again!

        The halberd struck Han Qianqian at his chest!

        "The same enemy!"


        The eight true bodies shook with golden light at the same time!


        Ao Shi was once again shaken away several meters away, and Han Qianqian's chest was once again left with a bowl-sized wound, but it quickly shrank back to the size of a thumb under the golden light envelope.

        Ao Shi was panting, his eyes were bloodshot, and with a sudden release of energy, he attacked again.

        In the shadow of the sword, Ao Shi retreated again and again, but he was still persistent.