His True Colors Chapter 2323

 What is that?

        Naturally, it was the mysterious golden body that Han Qianqian had obtained.

        As four golden lights flashed across the four Han Qianqian's true bodies, the golden light on Han Qianqian's body became even more abundant.

        "I won't be afraid of you with four broken body shadows? Give me open!"

        In the sea of blood-coloured stars, amidst ten thousand broken shadows, Ao Shi roared in anger, a long black stick suddenly flashed out from his hand, and as he waved it, the long black stick dragged a huge blast of energy and attacked.

        In the sea of blood-coloured stars, the ten thousand residual shadows also danced their sticks, and the attack instantly became bigger.

        "Four shadows are not enough? How about eight?" Han Qianqian smiled fiercely.

        "Northern Underworld Four Souls Formation, one into two, two into four, four into eight, open!"


        Eight golden lights flashed loudly, and eight figures stood fiercely and majestically.

        "What?!" Lu Wu Shen's pupils suddenly opened wide in surprise.

        "Isn't the Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation only able to transform into four souls with their bodies and finally transform into four true bodies? How ...... can there be eight channels?" The crowd at the bottom also looked all dumbfounded, and many even jumped straight up.

        "Yes, the true possessor of the North Underworld Four Soul Formation, the thousand-year-old daughter of the Lu family, is only four channels, how could Han Qianqian ......"

        The crowd murmured, and Lu Ruoxuan also turned his shocked and incomparable gaze towards the true possessor of the Northern Meditation Four Soul Formation, Lu Ruoxin.

        "You're not going to tell me that you even taught him the way to incarnate the eight true bodies, are you?" When he said this, Lu Ruoxuan was clearly carrying an extreme amount of dissatisfaction.

        After all, the Four Spirits of the Northern Meditation was really one of the top techniques of the Lu family, and even the Lu family members were not all qualified to learn it, Lu Ruoxin being the absolute golden girl of the Lu family and not one of them, and having incomparable talent, only then did she get the favor of her elders and pressured herself to get the opportunity to learn it.

        This is something that Lu Ruoxuan has always harboured in his heart, and he has begged Lu Ruoxin to teach him many times before, but he has always been refused. As a result, Lu Ruoxin had not only taught it to others, but even more abominably, she had passed it on without reservation.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was ice-cold, her eyes had not left Han Qianqian's eight figures in the slightest, and she shouted, "You think I will transform into eight true bodies?"

        When these words came out, Lu Ruoxuan was instantly stunned, and his entire mouth opened slightly in an exaggerated manner, "You won't?"

        Although Lu Ruoxin did not speak, he obviously did not deny it either.

        Now, Lu Ruoxuan's heart was about to split open, which meant that the peak state of the North Underworld Four Souls Formation, transforming eight with one's body, had not been passed on by Lu Ruoxin, but ...... rather Han Qianqian had learned it himself?!

        "How is this possible?! You started learning the North Underworld Four Souls Formation at the age of four and never broke through eight incarnations, he Han Qianqian can?" Lu Ruoxuan still said sharply, undeterred.

        Even if she was not satisfied with Lu Ruoxin's qualifications to learn the Four Soul Formation, Lu Ruoxuan had to admit that Lu Ruoxin's talent was definitely the top in the Lu family and was no less than her own, but how could Han Qianqian reach the heights that even she had not reached in half a lifetime of training?

        "How long have you been teaching him?!"

        "Three days!" Lu Ruoxin returned with a cold face.

        Not only was Lu Ruoxuan surprised, but Lu Ruoxin was also shocked to the core, which was why she answered Lu Ruoxuan's question with a very ugly face.

        Han Qianqian had only been studying the Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation for a few days, yet she was able to achieve what she hadn't even dreamed of so far.

        "This guy, what the hell is his origin? Another Pan Gu axe, another Four Divine Heavenly Beasts totem guarding, another fire and a lightning attacking and defending at the same time, another strange golden light protecting his body, blood can also hurt people ...... now, and three fucking days to refine the Four Soul Formation of the Northern Underworld to the extreme. All say he is a waste, why do I feel that we are the waste?" Lu Ruoxuan looked at Han Qianqian in the sky in a daze and sighed for a moment.


        In mid-air, the eight true bodies blasted against the thousands of stick-wielding residual shadows in the sea of stars.

        Looking from afar, one could only see countless remnants rushing past among the eight True Bodies, and in between, countless long sticks hitting the True Bodies, while the eight True Bodies swept their golden axes across the sky, matching the eight Heavenly Fire Moon Wheels and the ten thousand huge axes hanging down from above their heads, facing the countless remnants and killing them even more frantically.

        It was difficult to decide whether the countless residual shadows would hurt the Eight True Bodies or whether the Eight True Bodies would cut the residual shadows in the chaotic flow.

        "What about the eight true bodies? Han Qianqian, I know your fate!" In the remnants of the shadow, Ao Shi suddenly shouted coldly.

        His real body had been mixed in the countless remnants for a long time, and he had wanted to deal Han Qianqian a fatal blow, but Han Qianqian's sudden transformation into eight bodies still caused him some haste and shock, so he stayed in the remnants and watched carefully.

        Finally, under the constant attacks of these eight true bodies, he discovered that although Han Qianqian's eight true bodies were extremely dominant, and the stances used by the Pan Gu Axe in his hands were even more open and invincible, there was a most fatal weakness.

        And it was this weakness that made him believe that a single strike would kill Han Qianqian!

        With a roar, Ao Shi attacked with his Water God's halberd with the speed of lightning!

        "Ao Shi, you are really cunning, you old thing." When Lu Wu Shen saw this, he could not help but sigh, a true god is worthy of a true god, even Han Qian Qian's weakness of a smile could be caught by this old thing.

        Han Qianqian also noticed the sudden difference in the shadow of a light, his heart was shocked, but he knew there was no way to avoid it, so he simply opened his whole body to the full extent of his qi gate, and his golden light and devilish aura opened wide!

        Even if you know my fate, I will drag you to my death.

        "Come on." With a furious roar, the eight true bodies gave up their defences almost simultaneously and raised their axes to attack instead of defend.

        "A halberd to break the heaven and earth!"

        "Pan Gu Giant Axe!"



        The black shadow struck Han Qianqian violently, the Water God's halberd plunged into Han Qianqian's chest, while Han Qianqian's raised giant axe was also in the air in front of Ao Shi's head by a hair's breadth.

        The victory was decided!

        Ao Shi sneered disdainfully, the corners of his mouth twitching as he looked at Han Qianqian like a dead man: "So what if you have eight true bodies? In front of me, they are all just ants."

        "A single halberd will kill you!"

        Han Qianqian's eyes were stunned, his expression slightly dazed, and with a hint of resignation, he slowly looked towards the Water God's halberd that had plunged into his chest, the head of which had completely sunk into his chest.

        "Was it slow after all?" Han Qianqian sighed long and helplessly in his heart.

        If he had been a fraction of a second faster, he would have chopped the huge axe on Ao Shi's head, but there was no ifs in this world.

        Feeling the pain in his heart, Han Qianqian understood that all his plans seemed to have been turned into smoke, and that some things would not be completed after all.

        "Is it time to die?" The corners of Han Qianqian's mouth were bitter, he wasn't afraid of death, but what would Su Yingxia and Han Nian do if he died?

        He didn't want to die!


        Almost at that moment, the eight true bodies suddenly flashed with golden light, and something else unbelievable happened!