His True Colors Chapter 2322

 "Three thousand, you know what? No matter what you say, I will always believe you."

        "Yes, papa, Nian'er is not afraid at all either, because Nian'er knows that papa will always watch over Nian'er and won't let her get hurt in any way."

        "Three thousand, the food is getting cold, come and eat quickly."

        As the light reemitted, a burst of sweet moments appeared in Han Qianqian's mind from the countless painful images.

        "Yingxia, Nian'er!"

        "Wait for me, I'll definitely go and save you." And it was this little moment of sweetness that was the result of Han Qianqian's faith and thoughts that remained as much as he had experienced the physical and mental bombardment.

        But it was these, too, that the fire of a star could start a prairie.

        "Come, demon dragon, even if you beat me into Hades, I, Han Qianqian, will never bow my head."

        "My life is at my own discretion, you, get out of my way!"



        As Han Qianqian shouted in anger, the light in his body also fiercely shone until it illuminated the entire dark space, causing the entire space to bloom in a white light ......


        At that moment, Ao Shi's army-breaking two fingers had already reached less than three meters in front of Han Qianqian, and the divine aura between the two fingers even reached Han Qianqian's brow.

        "Golden body protect me!"

        At this moment, Han Qianqian, whose eyes were bloodshot, shouted out sharply, followed by a flash of divine light, and in the nick of time, Han Qianqian broke free from the Taiji Divine Transformation Method and flipped over.

        The divine aura deviated and struck Han Qianqian's body. Han Qianqian's entire body was directly catapulted several metres away, and the golden light and demonic aura of his body were also slightly dulled and shivered at the same time, and a burst of extremely strong tingling pain came from his brain and body.

        Although the Two Finger Army Breaker Divine Aura was so overwhelming that an ordinary person might even lose his soul under this attack, Han Qianqian's golden body protected his body at the critical moment, and although Han Qianqian's offense was relatively poor, when it came to defence, there were few opponents.

        With his imperishable Xuan Armour, the Five Elements Divine Stone, and his golden body concealed, even the Army Breaker Divine Mist would only hurt him, but it would not be that easy to kill him!

        Han Qianqian's back was slightly kneeling on the ground, but his blood-red eyes disappeared halfway, revealing refined and clean eyes, however, the blood-red did not all disappear like last time, but quite a lot remained.

        This also meant that the Demon Dragon's Blood was still in a state of rampage and the Demon Fury Qi was still at its peak, only that Han Qianqian's consciousness had re-dominated his body and controlled the Demon Dragon's Blood.

        His body, he was in charge!

        He had also bet right on his bet with the devil dragon.

        "Lu Wushen, you're still letting go at this point?" Ao Shi's blow fell short and glared discontentedly at Lu Wushen in the distance.

        Lu Wushen had a hard time speaking, although he had compassion, but that was before, how could it be now? Han Qianqian had broken free of the Taiji Transformation Technique, and even he himself hadn't realised what was going on!

        But would it help to explain? How could Ao Shi believe him?

        "Damn it, I have to be forced to use a big killing move!" With a grunt of discontent, Ao Shi moved his hand, and the divine light of the Blood Black Breath instantly turned into a sea of stars behind him.

        Almost at that moment, Han Qianqian, who was half-kneeling on his side, also slowly stood up.

        Facing Ao Shi, his eyes were bland and cold.

        "North Underworld Four Souls Formation, one into two, two into four, open!"

        "Pan Gu Axe Formation, open!"

        "Four divine Heavenly Beasts Guarding, open!"

        "Five Elements Divine Stone, rise!"

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, rise!"

        "The Golden Body protects me again!"


        In a flash, four figures leaping with black demonic aura, with red and white hair and golden light on their bodies lined up, followed by various magic treasures and divine weapons suspended in the air.

        The Five Elements Divine Stones were also transformed into four, and were placed above the heads of each of the four figures, emitting a faint golden light!

        "Come on, if you want to fight, then fight!"


        The four voices shouted in unison, followed by the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel transforming into eight energies, splitting into four bodies, ready to strike!

        "Come on, you arrogant little brat, am I still afraid of you?" Ao Shi shouted coldly as his body turned into a streak of shadow and attacked Han Qianqian directly, his phantom shadow passing by, pulling up a sea of blood and fishy red, as if it was a hell.


        Thousands of residual shadows blasted directly at the four real bodies of Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian's waist and horse were united, and the four figures raised their Pan Gu axes and met the tens of thousands of remnant shadows with simultaneous slashes!


        Above their heads, the thousands of axes seemed to sense their master's call and came down in a torrent, attacking the ten thousand remnants of Ao Shi.

        The five-star divine stone also changed its colour, emitting a faint three-coloured light that shone on the true bodies.

        The four true bodies also almost simultaneously, with a golden body appearing.


        The two fought, but it was like a thousand armies fighting at the same time, with explosions and lights of all colours shining in unison, rendering the whole world magnificent and colourful.


        Above the ground, everyone was stunned by this shocking scene, such a glorious and magnificent scene that simply shook the hearts of the people.

        But there was one person who, while shocked, was even more greatly confused.

        Seeing the golden body that appeared on Han Qianqian's body, he could only feel an extremely powerful pressure emanating from it, even to the extent of making the true god himself feel a steep rise in pressure.

        "What is that?" Lu Wu Shen frowned tightly and muttered.