His True Colors Chapter 2321

 There was boundless darkness, no one could see his fingers, Han Qianqian only felt that it was very dark here. He called out to the Demon Dragon's Soul, but the other party did not give any response, he seemed to be the only one around.

        Han Qianqian soon understood that his consciousness had entered a strange realm, or rather, his body was being controlled by the Blood of the Demon Dragon ......


        As expected, there were suddenly black shadows attacking from the edge of the surroundings, and the attack was extremely fierce.

        "It's you after you've become a demon!" Han Qianqian looked coldly at the black shadow that had suddenly appeared.

        He knew that it was the spirit of the demon dragon!

        Although, the demonized one would not answer himself, Han Qianqian had already had experience fighting him when he had previously been demonized.

        It was a certain part of his own body.


        As the black shadows reappeared around him, Han Qianqian only felt his head ache, and all sorts of images came flooding back to him at first.

        All the abuse and contempt he had suffered in the Su family on Earth, all the injustice and abuse he had received in the Xuan Yuan world, as well as the painful images of Su Yingxia being locked up in the Fu family's heavenly prison, and Nian'er looking at himself with her desperate eyes open from the severe poison she had planted ......

        And ......

        And Lu Ruoxin told himself the truth about everything in Firestone City ......

        Han Qianqian's anger was constantly ignited, and his whole body was furious.

        He was not a saint, so how could he be without emotions? Especially when it comes to Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        And with this anger, he felt at one with the darkness over here, the dark shadows in the darkness no longer attacked him, the headache disappeared, and he felt comfortable.

        He was this darkness, and the darkness, himself.

        Thinking of this, he closed his eyes slightly, enjoying the peace and comfort that the darkness brought him, where there was no more pain and embarrassing memories of the party.

        But suddenly, Han Qianqian's sinking consciousness was violently illuminated by another glimmer of light in the darkness.

        "Yingxia, Nian'er!"

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian opened his eyes.

        He couldn't just go on peacefully like this, and if so, what about Su Yingxia?! And what should Han Nian do?!

        And as soon as he opened his eyes, the black shadows suddenly gathered around him again, and that unbearable headache of pain returned to haunt him.

        That pain, really, was the kind of pain that made you want to die immediately; death was unbearable, but it was much better than the present.

        "Mortal, give up your struggle, become one with this djinn and take revenge for the one you love and for the injustice you have suffered."

        In the darkness, the voice of the Demon Dragon's spirit came.

        Only, Han Qianqian knew clearly that this was by no means the Demon Dragon's Soul, no, to be precise, he was, only no longer the Demon Dragon who had talked to himself blandly outside the party.

        He was truly a devil dragon that had been introduced into a rampage by devil blood!

        "I will naturally take revenge, but I will never use your help." Han Qianqian said coldly however.

        "Gryphon, only this daddy can take revenge for you! This is your honour, and you shouldn't refuse."

        "But what if I refuse?"

        "Then you will suffer the condemnation of your conscience and the torment of a life worse than death, just as you have just experienced ten times, or even a hundred times."

        "I know." Han Qianqian smiled coldly, his determined eyes filled with thoughts of Su Yingxia and Han Nian: "Not to mention that my life is up to me, just my body alone, that is up to me!"

        "Come on!"



        There was a great movement of black shadows all around, and an extremely strong pressure poured out around them.


        Han Qianqian only felt as if his body was being continuously pressed by something, and his internal organs were even squeezed into blood and water flowing out from within his body.

        The pain in his head was indescribably intense, interspersed with images of painful memories.

        Even though Han Qianqian's mind was extremely strong and his endurance was incomparable to that of ordinary people, under such circumstances, the pain was unbearable, both physically and mentally.

        However, as the old man and the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books had said, if Han Qianqian was to break this game, he had to be strong-willed enough to be able to do what ordinary people could not.

        And the only condition that supported him to do so was Su Yingxia.

        "How can the path of becoming a god against the heavens be smooth and easy? If you want to leap the heights of men, you have to suffer pains that ordinary men cannot endure, and you need to know that any gain is made with an equivalent sacrifice."

        "Behind the scenery in front of people is the endless torture they go through. With the worst earthly body, to have a piece of heaven and earth of one's own in an advanced world like the Eight Worlds, the path one must take is far more tortuous than others. If he sinks, even if Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi spare him, he will only fall into the demonic path forever and become a puppet of the Demon Dragon's Soul, if he succeeds ......"

        In the Heavenly Book world, two old men had appeared in disguise in Han Qianqian's bamboo house, a tea and a chess piece, laughing softly.

        "If it succeeds, it will be the will of the gods!" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed and dropped their chess pieces in one fell swoop!

        "Grand Commander!"

        And at this moment, Han Qianqian in the dark world was suffering in agony, struggling, and even gradually dying.

        But just as the light of his body was about to disappear, there was a little light that never went out, and even made his light in the dark world emanate again and grow bigger and bigger ......