His True Colors Chapter 2320

 "Not unless I can keep my sanity!"

        "Unless you can keep your sanity!"

        Almost at the same time again, the two men blurted out, not quite a heart-to-heart, but only a hero's view.

        If one could lose one's sanity and draw to a demon blood rampage to strengthen one's abilities, this was the solution among no solutions. But Han Qianqian and the Demon Dragon's Soul knew very well that even if they went on a rampage, they might not be a match for the Twin Gods, as the fight just now had demonstrated.

        The only way is for Han Qianqian to keep his sanity as he is now. With his intelligence and greater strength, he dare not say whether he is a match for the Twin Gods, but at least this is his only chance.

        "However, if I can't keep my sanity, I'm afraid ......"

        "You're afraid there won't be a future, aren't you?"

        The Soul of the Devil Dragon gave a soft enunciation, the two souls coming together was itself a manifestation of going off the rails, once was dangerous enough, so that by relying on Han Qianqian's strong will and the suppression of the two true gods, he was able to incredibly suppress the Blood of the Devil Dragon, allowing Han Qianqian to recover again.

        But the next time, would there be such good luck?

        Obviously, although it could not be ruled out, the probability was extremely small.

        The greater likelihood is that it was put to death.

        Because a relatively normal Han Qianqian, at least he would know to run away if he couldn't fight, would know how to maneuver around, but after his violent demonization, under the influence of the blood of the demon dragon, there is only slaughter in his eyes, only hatred, if he wants to fight, he will fight, and he will not stop until he dies.

        So ......

        "Could it be, will there be a future for us like this now?" Han Qianqian grinned bitterly.

        After hurting these True Gods, could they not afford to lose face? How could they not try to find a way to get it back from Han Qianqian!

        As for this method, it was simple: to defeat Han Qianqian and make him pay the price he deserved, thus making an example of him and reshaking the remaining power.

        "You're right, have you thought about how to hold on from the demonization?" The Soul of the Devil Dragon nodded.

        Han Qianqian nodded, and although he was a little nervous, there was determination in his eyes.

        "Good! Fight with them, do it!" With a cold voice, the Soul of the Devil Dragon did not speak.

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian moved coldly, directly shaking the left and right twin gods apart, followed by a slight crouch, alleviating the pain while frantically accumulating energy.

        Seeing the black Qi re-shrouding Han Qianqian's body, Lu Wushen and Ao Shi each retreated slightly at once, their brows furrowed.

        "What is this kid up to? Isn't he preparing to explode himself?"

        Just as the two of them were confused, suddenly, Han Qianqian fiercely got up and opened his mouth to roar furiously.


        A loud roar startled the sky, Han Qianqian's entire suspended body also fiercely opened up, countless black devilish Qi immediately exploded directly, the Qi energy blew Lu Wushen and Ao Shi's clothes swayed, eyebrows and hair fluttered together.

        "This kid ...... has demonized again?" Lu Wushen was stunned.

        "So what if he's demonized? It is still a waste one, does he still not know the lesson of the party?" Ao Shi sneered disdainfully.


        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian was already covered in blood hair, his eyes were blood red, his skin was white but black and sinewy, like a fierce tiger, pouncing fiercely with a body full of demonic fury.


        The pressure was so strong that Ao Shi's Water God halberd blocked Han Qian Qian's attack.

        Although he disdained Han Qianqian's demonisation, he had to acknowledge the fact that the demonised Han Qianqian was really not bad.

        Whether it was his cultivation or his aura, or his power, it had all increased in an instant.

        From a certain point of view, this was indeed a complete growth, however, for Ao Shi, any greater growth was meaningless.

        "Lu Wushen, give him a quick one at a time." With a cold laugh, red light emerged from Ao Jin's hand.

        "Yes." Lu Wushen nodded, even though he had quite an intention of collecting Han Qianqian, it was an indisputable fact that Han Qianqian had become a demon, although he had briefly regained his senses, Han Qianqian had gotten the situation to such an extent that the arrow was on the string and he had no choice for the sake of the True God's might.

        "Alright, you defend, I'll attack!"

        Ao Shi shouted coldly, Lu Wu Shen that head, his hands flipped violently, then his hands moved slowly like Tai Chi, the divine light in his body was also spreading outwards with the posture of his hands.

        The divine light gathered more and more, and took on a Taiji posture with the posture of his hands, and in turn, this Taiji posture turned towards each other and gathered more and more.

        "The Great Law of God Transformation!"

        Lu Wushen recited in a soft voice, and the Taiji Divine Manifestation in his hand immediately blossomed into divine light, and that Han Qianqian, who had just re-charged back, was immediately captured, and even though it was far away, the Demonic Fury Qi around it could not help but all fly towards the Taiji Divine Manifestation.


        Han Qianqian immediately roared coldly, his blood-red eyes full of anger, but no matter how much he struggled, he was motionless in place, and even his entire body was slowly sucked over by the Taiji Divine Aura.

        "Silly boy, Taiji Eight Trigrams, the more you move, the tighter you will only be tied up, it's better to behave and give up." Lu Wu Shen laughed bitterly helplessly.

        And almost at that moment, that head Ao Shi also fiercely held a grip of blood-coloured divine energy in his hand.

        "Break the army!" With a cold cry, the two fingers squeezed, and a divine blanket burst out directly, although it was only a divine aura but it was by no means as simple as it appeared, its power was laced with thunder, and it was so powerful that it even had the power to destroy tens of millions of enemies with a single movement.

        Although this method may seem simple, it is in fact extremely powerful and its cultivation method is even more painful.

        To gather all the energy between one's fingers, one can imagine how much power one's fingers have to bear, and to manipulate such a huge amount of power, to point and hit everywhere with one's fingers, it may seem easy, but in reality, how can it be easy?

        Even before it reached Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian could already feel the tremendous energy contained in this divine aura, and he felt a tingling pain at his brow where the finger was pointed.

        Although Han Qianqian was almost completely irrational at this moment, the threat to his life still made him roar in anger and try to struggle.

        Unfortunately, the Taiji Divine Transformation Technique had a firm grip on his body, preventing him from moving a single inch no matter how hard he struggled.

        Even if Han Qianqian was strong, what could he do?

        "Han Qianqian, you evil beast, this is what happens when you anger this God, suffer death." With a two-finger divine aura, Ao Shi came with a fierce killing intent to kill Han Qianqian.

        The demonised Han Qianqian's eyes were bloodshot and he looked at Ao Shi in anger, as if he wanted to eat Ao Shi alive just by looking at him.

        However, underneath the blood-red eyes, the actual Han Qianqian's soul was in darkness all the time, he was looking for something ......