His True Colors Chapter 2318

 "And yet we ...... keep trying to mess with this guy, and we turn out to have been on the verge of death, frantically trying back and forth!" Someone picked up the next sentence.

        Once these words came out, many people's faces turned pale, especially those who had just supported Ao Shi to defeat Han Qianqian, each of them regretted it so much that their heads were buried so low that they were afraid of being recognized that he had cursed earlier.

        At this juncture, who would dare to touch such an eyebrow.

        "Fuck, I just said that Han Qianqian is capable of performing miracles, which one of you scolded me? Stand up for me!"

        "Fuck, yes, Han Qianqian is my idol, who the hell dares to say anything bad about him, stand out and see if this sword in my hand agrees first!"

        "That's right, that's right, I'm also a follower of Han Qianqian, I'm putting my words here, don't let me hear anyone say a word about Han Qianqian, otherwise, rest this long sword in my hand is not polite."

        There were those who instantly fell back again, and there were also those who had originally been silently supporting Han Qianqian but had not dared to speak up, and now, one by one, their bodies hardened and they could not help but shout arrogantly in the crowd.

        Han Qianqian's act of repelling Ao Shi is naturally a strong man, so would anyone dare to say a word against him at this point?

        After being shocked, when he heard the chatter, Ye Kucheng was furious: "Shut the hell up. Han Qianqian is just a piece of trash, what are you all bragging about? One more nonsense word and I'll tear your mouths apart."

        "Oh, what business is it of yours if we talk about Han Qianqian?" Someone said with discontent at once.

        "Fuck, if I say I can't say it, I can't say it." Ye Gucheng was so annoyed and nearly out of his mind, how could he stand Han Qianqian being so imposing up there.

        "What? Seeing someone else Han Qianqian is so strong, you don't feel good in your heart anymore? But what can you do if you don't like it? Look at Han Qianqian, and look at you. One is fighting the true gods in the sky, while the other is complaining like a grieving woman on the ground.

        "That's right, are you saying that Han Qianqian is not rubbish? If you want to, you have the guts to go up and fight."

        If it were normal, they might have been afraid of Cool-Son Yeh's roar, but now it was different, as Han Qianqian was showing off his prowess up there and the crowd was getting excited, Cool-Son Yeh's stirring up of the crowd naturally led to a lot of discontent.

        Ye Gucheng was so angry that he grimaced and wanted to take action right away, but Gu You pulled him back and scolded him in a cold voice, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself enough?"

        Wang Juzhi was also angry with Han Qianqian, but looking at Ye Gucheng like a jumping clown, he could not help but feel amused, mockingly swept a glance at him, watching a good show.

        "They ...... them nonsense." Even though Ye Gucheng was pulled by Gu You, it was still hard to hold back the anger in his heart.

        He himself was extremely egotistical and felt that everyone under the sky should hold him in the palm of their hands, this had to do with his childhood education and the habits brought about by Qin Qingfeng and the several Sect Masters vying for him to enter the Self Peak, as well as his own personality, where did he see others better than him?

        Especially when this person was Han Qianqian.

        "Han Qianqian is simply a waste, I won't allow anyone to talk nonsense." Ye Kucheng said in a cold voice.

        When Gu You heard these words, she was exasperated and laughed instead of being angry, and gave Cool-Son Yeh an up-and-down look, "Is that so? I don't know if Han Qianqian is a waste, but with what you are doing now, I can be sure that you are the true sounding waste."

        "Shut the hell up!"

        With a cold snort, Cool-Son Yeh wanted to retort, but had no way to do so.

        Above the sky.

        Lu Wu Shen also froze slightly straight, "What?!"

        He knew how strong Ao Shi was, and once the Water God Halberd was sacrificed, even he himself would have to be afraid of it, but even if this kid Han Qianqian broke it, he was still able to repel Ao Shi under the internal strength ratio.

        "This kid, what the hell is going on?" Lu Wushen was simply filled with questions inside, and he even had a very odd thought at this moment, if he had the chance, he really wanted to bring Han Qianqian to study him properly!

        He was hoping that Han Qianqian could consume Ao Shi in a wave, at least then Ao Shi's attrition would become so great that he would be back to about the same starting line as himself.

        But where did he expect that Han Qianqian would not only consume Ao Shi, but also unexpectedly beat back Ao Shi.

        "Lu Wushen, how much longer do you want to see?" At this moment, Ao Shi, who was suffering from pain, shouted angrily.

        Although shouting for Lu Wushen's help was the most unwilling situation for Ao Shi to accept, but what could be done now? How could it be better than being beaten down by Han Qianqian?

        If he himself lost, then the name of the three True God families in the Eternal Sea would exist in name only.

        The most important thing is that Ao Shi does not dare to fight Han Qianqian.

        Only then did Lu Wushen reflect, and with a movement of golden light in his hand, he blasted directly at Han Qianqian: "Here it comes!"