His True Colors Chapter 2317

 With a word from the Soul of the Demonic Dragon, the energy that had been divided out quite a bit from the Heart of the Dragon Clan slowly retransferred to Han Qianqian's body at this time.

        "If necessary, we can try it out!" The Soul of the Devil Dragon said in a soft and gentle voice.

        "Understood." Han Qianqian nodded and gathered all his power, refocusing his attack on Ao Shi.

        "Shit, brat, I knew you brat was playing dirty with me, but I was prepared for it." The Ao Shi at the other end didn't even know what was going on, and was unaware of the fact that he had perfectly assisted Han Qianqian to complete his help to the Demon Dragon's Soul, and was still secretly pleased with his "cleverness".

        His divine energy opened wide in his hand, and he directly added the Water God's halberd to his hand and pushed it through.

        "A true god is indeed a true god, I've done this and he can still fucking hold it!" Feeling Ao Shi's enormous energy directly toppling back, even with the sudden and much stronger Dragon Heart for support, Han Qianqian still felt exceptionally uncomfortable.

        "Get up!" Han Qianqian shouted coldly, and his whole body energy attacked without reservation.


        With a muffled grunt, Ao Shi, who had just gained momentum, was immediately forced back several steps, and despite his desperate gritting of teeth, the immense force continued to push his body backwards.

        Although Han Qianqian's energy was not as strong as Ao Shi's, he could barely hold on for a short period of time using the suppression of the Five Elements Divine Stone on top of the earth and water, as well as the powerful energy inside the Dragon's Heart, and now, with the indirect action of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, his power naturally had the upper hand.

        If Ao Shi's Water God Halberd was not too powerful, he would have been defeated by internal strength alone.

        Ao Shi was in pain, and his eyes turned to Lu Wushen in the distance. As he expected, that old man Lu Wushen had no intention to fight at all, he had the same intention as himself, he wanted Han Sanchi to consume the other side as much as possible.

        "Brat, I don't know where you got the strength, but do you think you'll win? Delusions of grandeur!" Ao Shi snorted coldly.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, he directly bit through his middle finger, and a drop of blood was immediately pointed above the Water God Halberd, and the incomparably raging water-coloured giant wave suddenly had a black and red light, while the power rushed forward even more ferociously.

        "Help me!" Han Qianqian shouted coldly.

        Immediately afterwards, the golden light on his entire body flourished, and several times at the same time, the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird, the Taixu Dragon Emperor and the White Tiger came out in unison, roaring in anger.

        "Battle!" The Soul of the Devil Dragon shouted coldly.


        On the periphery of the golden body, the demonic fury reassembled, and for a moment, Han Qianqian on top of the mountain was like a god and a demon, with golden light and black Qi.


        One man and one dragon shouted in almost the same voice!


        An extremely strong energy was injected directly into the Five Elements Divine Stone, and at that moment, the Five Elements Divine Stone also boomed with a loud light, and with a loud sound, under the bottom of the mountain, countless debris and mud broke out of the water ......

        From the foot of the mountain all the way spread, straight to Ao Shi!


        The black and gold light rushed to less than half a metre of the Water God's halberd and leapt out like a fierce tiger out of its cage.


        Ao Shi's body was instantly hit by some huge tank or train, his whole body was directly thrown tens of metres away, and the majestic Water God's halberd in his hand suddenly lost its lustre at this moment.

        Ten thousand miles of river water, which was still fierce and fierce, at this time, has suddenly evaporated and disappeared across the sky ......

        The only thing left in mid-air was the majestic mountain, and Han Qianqian, clad in golden light and treading on the demonic aura.

        The whole scene is deadly silent, not even any breathing sound can be heard at this moment, everyone's eyes are open like the eyes of a bronze ox, a long time can not come back to the mind.

        Han Qianqian ......

        Han three thousand he directly beat back Ao Shi.

        The highest person in this world, the highest person who cannot be looked at, even if looked at, is afraid, Han Qianqian not only dared to take the move, but even ...... completed a counter-kill!

        Although only injuring Ao Shi, but such an achievement is already incredible in anyone's eyes.

        "He ...... he repelled Ao True God?"

        "Did I ...... I just look blurry?"

        "No, none of us are fancy, Han Qianqian did repel Ao Shi, even though I don't want to admit it, but it was an ironclad fact done under the eyes of over a hundred thousand people."

        "Is there really something in this world that can touch the might of a true god with a mortal body? In my eight worlds, from the beginning of chaos, there has been a division between man and god, and as far as man is concerned, there is an eternal and unbridgeable gulf between god and man, and this gulf is said to be unimaginably deep."

        "The gap between our levels of cultivation, not to mention the difference of one class, even if it is a small segment, is extremely large, and the gap between true gods and humans can reach several classes. ...I really don't know how on earth this fellow Han Qianqian managed to do it."

        "Although Han Qianqian is already synonymous with miracle-workers in the Eight Directions world, whether it's the top of Qishan Mountain, the Baguio Palace shattering 10,000 people with one person, or the Voidless Sect defeating the Pill God Pavilion, these are always miracles and the pinnacle of limits that can be created by human power, shocking everyone but always within reason, but this time... But this time... fuck, it's not like there's no one before or since, but this alone is too unreal, isn't it?"

        "Real? I'm afraid you're forgetting that this guy is someone who could have come out of the Endless Abyss, and what is the Endless Abyss? The forbidden place of the eight worlds for millions of years, the place where countless true gods have folded their arms, I ask you, is that real again? Talking to this boy about truth, I am now finding out, isn't that just reasoning with a soldier? What's the point?"

        "As far as we're concerned, anything Han Sanchiro does that isn't real is real, it's just that, we need to name a new term for him."

        "The Han Three Thousand Phenomenon!"

        The Han Three-Thousand Phenomenon!

        As a group of people talked about it and finally qualified it as this term, the whole crowd was abuzz with excitement.

        But while it boiled over, no one came out to refute it.

        Yes, time and time again Han Qianqian had broken the conventions of the eight-sided world, even some knowledge and taboos that had long been ingrained in their hearts, and these things that were beyond perception were a phenomenon in themselves, so how could it be too much to use Han Qianqian's phenomenon to describe it!

        "Now ...... I think I finally understand why Han Qianqian can get the Pan Gu Axe that has been rumored for years in the Jianghu, there are times when other people's strange encounters are more than simply luck."

        "Yes, we have always thought that true gods are strong and untouchable, yet we have always overlooked an extremely frightening fact." Someone suddenly thought of something like that, and the whole person also suddenly turned pale.