His True Colors Chapter 2316

When he thought of that time, Han Qianqian could not get enough of it. The energy released by the Dragon Heart was so huge that Han Qianqian was overwhelmed.

        In all the time he had been using the Dragon Heart, he had never seen such a scene before.

        Even now, that scene was still one of the reasons why Han Qianqian was so confident.

        But this time, how did it tend to calm down again, or rather, just the most conventional use of it?!

        Han Qianqian was puzzled ......


        Inside the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, the old man who swept the earth suddenly laughed soundly and looked at the old man who swept the earth and couldn't help but laugh, "This silly boy, the last time you helped him out, it looks like he was so addicted to being helped that he still can't forget it even at this time."

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books immediately covered his forehead with his hand, full of embarrassment: "Alas, this brat ......"

        "So what do you think?"

        "What else can I think? Although pressure is a motivation, sometimes too much pressure is a hindrance to motivation, you mustn't forget that this guy is facing two true gods. Although I also share your hope that he can directly shake the two True Gods, but it may not be a good thing to pull up the seedlings." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed.

        The old man sweeping the ground nodded, "The three thousand kung fu techniques are not cultivated enough to be useful, few and far between, or they are simply still in the process of being upgraded, and they are fine to use against regular people, but they naturally have more heart than strength to deal with experts."

        "Secondly, those two old men are bullying a young man two against one, I really can't stand to see it either, why don't you just step in and help him out?"

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled gently, and with a slight movement in his hand, all of a sudden, the wind blew the clouds over the entire Eight Desolate World ......


        Outside, Han Qianqian almost at the same time, the power coming from the heart of the Dragon Clan in his hand steeply strengthened, the great mountain beneath his feet fiercely pulled up several more meters, and the earth-colored light directly levied.



        Ao Shi only felt an extremely strong force coming from the opposite side, and his whole body was immediately shaken by the strange force, retreating several steps, his qi and blood reversed, his throat suddenly sweetened, and a gush of fresh blood directly entered his mouth.

        Ao Shi hurriedly shut up and swallowed the bloody blood back into his throat, and although his face was forcibly calm, he could not conceal the shock and panic in his eyes.

        "This kid, how is it possible!" Ao Shi yelled inwardly in annoyance, looking extremely reluctantly towards Han Qianqian at the other end.

        But while Ao Shi was so alert, Han Qianqian at the other end was in a state of confusion.

        What the hell is going on?

        He hadn't even launched his own force, but how the hell did such a strong force suddenly appear? Could it be that this Dragon Heart could understand human speech or guess what he was thinking?

        Shit, it can actually think whatever it wants, is it that amazing?

        But how come I've never heard of it from the Dragon?

        "Holy shit, what the hell, why do you ...... have such a strong power all of a sudden?" Such a huge amount of energy that even the Demon Dragon's soul inside was shocked!

        "I ...... I don't know either." Han Qianqian was also dumbfounded, "I just thought about it just now and it ...... it just suddenly appeared uncontrollably."

        "Shit, you're fucking fooling me, right? You own something that you wouldn't know about?" The Soul of the Devil Dragon said in disbelief.

        "Shit, so you're still a dragon, and you don't even know about the Dragon's Heart Miscellaneous thing?" Han Qianqian shouted in depression.

        "Cut the crap, now that the energy is so great, can you share some of it with me, I need to heal my wounds!" The Soul of the Devil Dragon said in a very depressed manner.

        It was unlucky enough to be beaten by Han Qianqian, and after the beating it had to be tricked by Han Qianqian, a scoundrel, and after the trick it was forced to come out for business, and not long after the business was beaten by the two true gods again ......

        The ancient demon dragon has ended up today, it can be described as miserable ......

        "Split!" Han Qianqian is by no means a person who unloads on a donkey, although the spirit of the devil dragon took his body by force and even threatened him in the first place, but since peace was made, Han Qianqian will definitely keep his promise and will not take advantage of his illness to kill him.

        But since Han Qianqian had made peace, he would not take advantage of his illness to kill him.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian directly gave a portion of his power to the Soul of the Demon Dragon.

        With the power being branched out, the powerful force Han Qianqian released from the Dragon's Heart was also weakened quite a bit. However, even though the energy was reduced quite a bit, Ao Shi on the opposite side did not relax his guard in the slightest, but instead could not help but be more careful.

        After all, as far as he is concerned, the sudden weakening of Han Qianqian's power is definitely not a weakening, but must be Han Qianqian's intention to paralyze himself, just like just now, first with a wave of about the same power to resist, followed by a sudden strengthening to injure himself.

        It's just that ...... Ao Shi obviously thinks too much of everything ......

        Han three thousand side, clearly is just an accident, it can even be said that Han three thousand themselves do not know what is going on, Ao Shi apparently clever against being clever, tossed a big circle, but threw himself into the pit.

        And at this time, with energy constantly being distributed to the Demon Dragon's Soul, the Demon Dragon's Soul was recovering from its injuries.

        Han Qianqian had expected Ao Shi to launch a counterattack, but instead he saw that Ao Shi had been staring at himself warily for ten minutes and had not seen any movement.

        "I'm almost done." The Soul of the Devil Dragon spoke softly at this point.