His True Colors Chapter 2315

 Lu Wushen was confused, even if he had just joined forces with Ao Shi and broken Han Qianqian's devilish aura, however, Han Qianqian should have been extremely weak.

        After all, if his own spirit was still intact, how could he have been devoured by the devil dragon and gone straight into a demon!

        How could Lu Wushen know that Han Qianqian's demonization was not passive, but active ......

        The demon was not passive, but rather active. Passively, the demon was in his heart and his soul, but Han Qianqian had simply negotiated with the demon dragon and was unable to control the blood of the demon dragon in his body when he lost his mind in a rage.

        As the two True Gods combined to wound Han Qianqian, and Han Qianqian consumed a great deal of the Demonic Fury in the battle, the bursting of the Demonic Dragon's blood was eased, and Han Qianqian's consciousness slowly and naturally regained dominance over a long period of time.

        As for the demonic aura, it was because Han Qianqian was still in a state of rage, and the demonic aura was only weakened, but not completely suppressed.

        "Brat, I'll give you a taste of what real ginger is! Drink, open all eight doors of divine energy for me!"


        With a roar, Ao Shi opened all eight doors in his body, his Qi energy leaked out, and the residual power of his divine energy leaked out, blowing the wind around him, followed by a boom, and the Water God's halberd directly released a huge water pressure.

        All of a sudden, the sky was filled with huge waves!

        "Then I'll show you, old man, what it means to be afraid of a young man, the heart of the Dragon Clan, give me a rise!"


        Han Qianqian also didn't hold back, turning on all the majestic energy of the Dragon Clan's Heart and pouring it all into the Five Elements Divine Stone, and at once the earth-coloured light went into overdrive, and the mountain beneath Han Qianqian's feet also rose several metres higher, with the earth and stone flowing into the water at a faster speed.

        "Holy shit, this is getting white hot."

        "The winner will be decided in a few moments. Although I am surprised that Han Qianqian has been able to carry the fight so far, he is still an ant compared to the true gods, and once Ao Shi gets real, the form of an ant will be revealed."

        "That's natural, we were just playing around with this kid, he'll know what real strength is in a moment."

        When the two people overhead all had their true energy wide open, no one was optimistic about Han Qianqian, even though the five elements held an absolute advantage, sometimes in front of absolute strength, these were all empty words.

        Absolute strength, no division of suppression, no division of scheming, just so simple and rough.

        And at this time, the two people in the air, the Golden Gate has all opened, both sides of the water and earth power under the surface of the water, it can be said that the dark current.

        The two men are also equally sweaty, their bodies trembling slightly because of the crazy energy pouring outwards, Ao Shi's arrogant face is written with shock, the time has passed several minutes, but, Han Qianqian is not as directly as he expected because he could not supply the energy and was ejected, instead, he has been holding on ......

        In his expectation, it only took a second for Han Qianqian to do so.

        How could this happen?

        Han Qianqian's face was equally shocked, even with the Heart of the Dragon Clan, which had absorbed so much energy from the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, but, this time, he had obviously still been a bit overconfident, and the power of the True Gods was really not trivial, and as time passed, Han Qianqian was beginning to be overwhelmed.

        "Damn Devil Dragon, why don't you come out and help?" Han Qianqian shouted in a muffled voice.

        "Help?" The Demon Dragon's Blood was suppressed by the two True Gods who had just suppressed it, and the Demon Dragon's Soul was even worse off, not only would it be restricted by the Demon Dragon's Blood, but it was also restricted by the Golden Body because it coexisted with Han Qianqian as one, and now the Demon Dragon's Soul was clearly hurting. "I was counting on that Dragon Heart of yours to help me recuperate, I put up with it when you desperately put energy out, and now you want me to take a shot, don't you think you're going too far?"

        "That's a true god on the other side, what the hell can I do?" Han Qianqian was depressed.

        "That's not the end of it, you can't do anything, can I do something?" The Devil Dragon also whispered in a very depressed voice.

        "How about I go into rage mode again?" Han Qianqian frowned and said, "Re-awaken the Devil Dragon's Blood to help me?"

        "Are you going to get me killed? If you want to awaken the Demon Dragon's Blood, the Demon Dragon's Blood will cause my Demon Dragon's Soul to awaken as well, and I'll have to fight you for my body again, and given my current situation, I reckon you'll be completely out of control, and there's no way I can suppress it. Dream on. We will both die in demonisation by then." The Devil Dragon said in a cold voice.

        "Shit, this won't work and that won't work either, waiting to die?" Han Qianqian said reluctantly.

        "Unless, your Dragon's Heart can share some of its power with me, so that I can recover quickly, once I recover, we can re-demonize, at least, in case someone hits us again, after the demon blood is suppressed, I can still control it like I did just now, and then hand my body back to you." The Soul of the Devil Dragon said.

        "Share some of it with you?" Han Qianqian was stunned, right now, with the Dragon's Heart's breath at full blast and its energy at full release, it was also completely a bit overwhelmed by Ao Shi's attacks, how else could it be shared out?

        However, Ao Shi's words suddenly gave Han Qianqian a flash of inspiration, "Shit, once you said that, last time, my Dragon Heart suddenly released a super fierce energy that even I couldn't have imagined, why is it gone this time?"