His True Colors Chapter 2314

 "Five Elements Divine Stone, help me!"

        In the water, Han Qianqian shouted softly, and the golden energy in his hand slapped into the Five Elements Divine Stone with a hint of devilish fury.


        In the outer world, the ten thousand miles of floating sea was rippling and calm, and the crowd was silent when they suddenly felt the ground shake slightly, and were wondering what was happening, when they suddenly heard the sound of water in the sea of huge waves ......

        The sound of water is strange.

        Like water flowing like a bend, or like water flowing into a hole...

        "Is this ......?" Someone frowned strangely.

        The people are also all puzzled, one muttering and looking at the sea in mid-air, what is this strange sound?

        Could it be that there are huge fish and beasts in the sea? But how could that be possible? How could there be any big fish and beasts in the water drawn by the Water God's halberd?


        Suddenly, a huge wave rose up in the sea and a huge, huge thing broke out of the waves!

        "What's that?"

        In the middle of the huge wave, after the wave broke, a huge mountain suddenly rose up, the mountain was completely earthen, but immense, and at the tip of the mountain, Han Qianqian was standing, the Five Elements divine Stone in front of his chest was so full of earthy light that the whole earthen mountain had a faint flow of light turning.

        "Han Qianqian!"

        "He's still alive? How is this possible?!"

        "Even the might of the Water God can't kill this kid, what the hell is this kid made of?"

        "Made of steel or iron! He's clearly a son of the fucking Earth."

        "Is there something else about this earth? The person born is so strong? Shit, shouldn't I go to Earth too?"

        "It's fucking unbelievable, I've got goose bumps all over the place!"

        Above the ground, many people saw Han Qianqian appear and were shocked by it.

        Even Lu Wushen and Ao Shi could not help but frown in shock when they saw Han Qianqian reappear!

        "Soldiers are coming, water is coming! Five Elements Divine Stone, break it for me!"


        The whole big mountain violently burst at the bottom of the foot, countless mud fell with it, and it seemed like the big water had washed down a slippery slope, a time when the mud of the mountain kept pouring into the water ......

        The water, which had been so clean, was muddy because of the mud pouring out, and the muddy water kept spreading around with the water ......


        The whole turbid water surface suddenly stack room slightly earth colour, the next second, another jaw-dropping thing happened.

        All the turbid water surface suddenly solidified, like thin mud, the raging water is not there, only a floor of mud wriggling ......


        Ao Shi's eyes glared, visibly stunned at Han Qianqian's operation.

        "Holy shit, what the hell? Han Qianqian blocked Ao Shi's Water God's might!"

        "What the hell is that glowing thing on his chest, holy shit, can water still be resisted like that?"

        The crowd was so shocked that they couldn't help but wonder to.

        Wang Juzhi and Cool-Son Yeh could not help but stagger their bodies slightly, the corners of their eyes tightened and their gaze shrank slightly, they could not help but ask each other, "This damn sinful thing, he can do this?"

        Cool-Son Yeh's face was dumbfounded and slightly angry at Han Qianqian, and was directly dumbfounded by the question, you fucking asked me, who the fuck am I going to ask?

        I also want to ask the dog God, how the fuck is he going to do this!

        A strange look flashed in Lu Wu Shen's eyes, followed by a reverted smile, "Interesting!"

        Hearing these astonished people, Ao Shi felt humiliated and with a movement of the Water God's halberd in his hand, energy poured in and with a boom, the water suddenly increased rapidly!

        The mud, which had almost come to a standstill, slowly moved again after new water was poured in.

        "Come on." Seeing this, Ao Shi shouted coldly.

        "Come on, I'm not afraid of you?" Han Qianqian also roared angrily, and his Qi in his hands went into full force, pushing towards the Five Elements Divine Stone, and immediately afterwards, the faint earth-coloured light also slightly began to flourish!

        Water rushes earth, earth covers water!

        The entire 10,000-mile giant sea was under the stalemate between the two, and at once, water rushed mud, and at times, earth covered water, and for a time, they were on equal footing.

        "Now, it looks like it's their simple internal power competition."

        "Although Han Qianqian's ability is definitely inferior to Ao Shi's, however, among the five elements, earth conquers water, relying on this advantage, Han Qianqian is considered to be able to fight with Ao Shi for the time being."

        "How huge is the True God's Source, and how huge can Han Qianqian's energy be? After time, when the true energy is almost exhausted, that will be the time when he will be defeated."

        Everyone understands that the current situation is that Ao Shi is suppressing Han Qianqian, but the earth used by Han Qianqian is suppressing the water used by Ao Shi, and the two sides are barely superior to each other, but Ao Shi is a True God, and his huge energy source is not comparable to Han Qianqian's. Han Qianqian had the time and the place to drag the battle into a war of attrition, but clearly did not have the capital to consume.

        This was something that even Lu Wu Shen had to admit.

        Only, for those who thought so, did they know Han Qianqian?

        As the two fought, time continued to be consumed bit by bit.

        Ao Shi also began to change from his initial disdainful light laugh to one with doubts in his eyes.

        "Brat, don't force yourself if you can't hold on." Ao Shi snorted coldly and taunted Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian responded with a smile, "What, dead old man, you can't hold out and you're playing mind-blowing with me?"

        Ao Shi was stunned, not expecting his plan to be seen through by Han Qianqian at a glance.

        But what he could not have imagined was that Han Qianqian would not only not be fooled, but would see through his trickery at a glance.

        "I can't hold out? Haven't you heard that ginger is still hot? Ignorant little boy!" Ao Shi said with cold disdain.

        "Oh, old man, you've lived for so long, and you don't know what it is to be afraid of a young man with a strong fist?"

        "You!" Ao Shi was instantly annoyed, as a True God, when did anyone dare to speak to him like that?!

        But just a moment after he had become irritated, Han Qianqian's end had suddenly increased its strength, Ao Shi was unable to reflect, and immediately suffered a secret loss, and had to use great True God's energy to forcefully stabilize the situation.

        He had intended to steal Han Qianqian's plan, but the old horse had lost its hoof, and Han Qianqian had suddenly turned the tables on him.

        Lu Wushen was there to see this scene, but he could not help but laugh out loud, such a young child, really smart and stern.

        But Lu Wushen also suddenly noticed a difference. Earlier Han Qianqian had gone on a demonic rampage, like a rabid beast, but now he was having fun fighting with Ao Shi.

        This is not right!

        This is simply not right at all ah!

        "This kid ...... can still come out of his demonisation?" Noticing this, Lu Wushen immediately frowned, "But then again, he does still have the Demon Fury Qi on him ...... he ......"