His True Colors Chapter 2313

 This once puzzling Han Qianqian, the culprit of the jade in the flower and the divine face pearl inexplicably disappearing in the spatial ring, this once sinful person who made Su Yingxia mock Han Qianqian if he had taken them to raise his mistress.

        At this point in time, when Han Qianqian was on the verge of death, it appeared.

        And, with the faint golden-white glow of its own body.

        Among the soft golden-white light, there were also two very strange rays, the aqua-colored light spread through Han Qianqian's body and in all directions, seemingly reinforcing the circle of light around Han Qianqian, while the green light kept seeping into Han Qianqian's body from his forehead ......

        As the green light entered his body, Han Qianqian's body was undergoing a slight strange change.

        The slit on his right hand that was cut by the jade sword slowly clotted with blood and quickly scarred, the scars falling off and then lax. And one by one, the wounds on his chest that he had slapped himself with and the wounds he had received from the rain laid by Ao Shi were being removed and repaired.

        The water-coloured light kept increasing the outer circle of light, so that the water around him was fierce, but the circle of light and Han Qianqian inside the circle of light were not moving at all.

        The green aura is the result of the five elements stone absorbing the jade in the flower, which is naturally excellent for healing, while the water colour is the result of the five elements divine stone absorbing the divine face pearl, which is originally a treasure of the Baguio Palace, and as Neng Yue once said, the water of the divine eye pearl can be a long roar of the heavenly river, flooding everything, and can also turn water into a sword, breaking a thousand miles, which is the most precious thing.

        At the same time, among the golden light of the five elements divine stone, also after contact with Han Qianqian, turned into a slight earth colour.

        That was the earth element of the five elements, to help Han Qianqian expel the water that had been poured into his body.

        Gradually, Han Qianqian opened his eyes, and when he saw that the world around him was still watery, he was stunned, and when he realized that he was safe and sound within the circle of light and breathing normally, he immediately set his eyes on the Five Elements Divine Stone.

        "Did you save me again?" Han Qianqian looked towards the Five Elements Divine Stone gratefully.

        On the top of Qishan Mountain, when the blazing fire burned for ten thousand miles, it was this guy who suddenly appeared and helped him digest and ward off a lot, otherwise, he would have become a roast pig by then.

        Today, when the water was deep, it was also the sudden appearance of this creature that prevented him from becoming a floating corpse.

        But after a closer look, Han Qianqian frowned, because there was Zhong Wuyan and there was Xia Yingchun, and normally Han Qianqian had not noticed this divine stone.

        On top of it, there were clearly two more colours, an aqua colour and a green colour ......

        The two colours were not just water and green, they both had a different character to them.

        The two colours are not the colours of the divine face pearl and the jade in flower, right?

        He had always put these things into his storage ring, and the Five Elements Divine Stone had always been placed in it, could it be that the Five Elements Divine Stone had quietly devoured these two items in the process?

        Although this is extremely unbelievable, if this is true, then the mystery of the disappearance of the divine face pearl and the jade in the flower will really be solved.

        It is hard to guard against a thief.

        Judging from the extra colour of the Five Elements Divine Stone, Han Qianqian could almost confirm that it was this family thief who had done it.

        "You're obviously just a stone, what's the point of devouring my divine face pearl and jade in flower?" Han Qianqian was puzzled and depressed to no end.

        "But, having saved me twice, I'll settle this score with you later." Han Qianqian was laughing and crying, once saving himself from fire and once saving himself from water, it was really true to the saying, saving from deep water and fire, it was really deep water and fire.

        Looking around at the vast sea of water, Han Qianqian frowned: "Saving is saving, but how should I break the situation?

        This scene reminded Han Qianqian of Grandfather Blaze's monstrous fire, and also of the Five Elements Trial before he obtained the Five Elements Divine Stone.

        "The principle of the five elements is that they are born together and are mutually exclusive, so since you can produce water, then earth can overcome it."

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian reached out with one hand, and the Five Elements divine Stone in his hand immediately flew back into his hand.

        "Ao Shi's shocking strike, however, has invariably helped Han Qianqian." In the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, seeing Han Qianqian finally pick up the Five Elements Divine Stone, the earth-sweeping old man smiled gently.

        "I really thought that after all the trouble I took to give him a Five Elemental Divine Stone, this foolish boy had simply ignored it." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed and said.

        "Silly brats may be silly sometimes, but once they are enlightened, they are considered to be resourceful." The old man sweeping the ground just laughed.

        "Soon, soon, everything is going in the direction we have set, next, Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi, may have a bitter end to suffer." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed harshly, "Let's see what kind of God and Devil person they can force out."