His True Colors Chapter 2312

 In just an instant, the jade sword violently passed through Han Qianqian's right arm, pulling a deep bloodstain, and then entered the huge wave behind Han Qianqian.

        The Jade Sword's attack was naturally more violent as it passed through the opposite direction and followed the water.

        Han Qianqian didn't even cry out in pain, forcing himself to eat the sword and clench his teeth: "Then this old body of yours is standing firm, I'm afraid of breaking your bones."

        "The Four Soul Formation of the Northern Underworld! One into two, two into four, open!"

        Han Qianqian's body flickered with golden light, followed by the transformation of one into two and two into four.

        The four figures stood in the middle of the current, only, the old majesty was gone, all of them were deadly trapped in the middle of the current.

        "Even the water of ten thousand rivers would be afraid of these four ants? What if there are eight of them, not to mention four?" Ao Shi laughed coldly.

        "Water is Yin, so what Han Qianqian is doing is obviously not very meaningful." Lu Wushen murmured and shook his head, this is like struggling in water, no matter how hard you push, the water always scatters and gathers, in the end it is just a waste of effort.

        If the mountain, river, and social map were to strike, it would naturally not fear the might of the Water God's halberd, but how could Lu Wushen strike to help Han Qianqian?

        He had the same intention as Ao Shi did at the time. He only hoped that Han Qianqian, who had become a demon and had lost his mind, could use his last use before he died to help him consume his rival.

        As in the case of Lu Wushen, the four doppelgangers did not make any difference to Han Qianqian's situation, instead the doppelgangers consumed a lot of Han Qianqian's energy, while the surrounding water had gradually started to encase Han Qianqian from behind.

        Before this, Han Qianqian had used countless moves, or rather he had used almost all the moves and techniques he knew without any reservation.

        However, all of them were just a last ditch struggle.

        With the last of the water drowning Han Qianqian, the ten thousand miles of giant waves in mid-air could no longer see any of Han Qianqian's four figures.

        "Haha, haha, hahahahaha!" When Ao Shi saw this, he immediately let out a loud laugh.

        In the midst of ten thousand waters, unless Han Qianqian turned into a fish, how could he survive?

        But even if he could turn into a fish, what then? But even if he could turn into a fish, what would happen? With the rapidity of the water and the strength of the impact, a fish would not be able to survive for long, it would just be a matter of dying sooner or later.

        The people on the ground did not dare to breathe a word. Although some were angry at Han Qianqian for turning against him, it was still sad to see a generation of heroes end up drowning.

        "Madam, some people have shit luck again, but what's the point of not even being qualified to live?" The lonesome and sensitive Ye Gucheng was unaware of some of Gu You's actions and laughed out loud.

        The others also sneered or laughed, but only Lu Ruoxin had a complicated look in her eyes.

        She naturally did not want Han Qianqian to die, but when she told him the secrets, Han Qianqian's reaction made her feel angry.

        For the sake of that bitch, he dared to kill himself, which made Lu Ruoxin's proud heart full of resentment and anger.

        But when Han Qianqian really did so, she was very upset.

        She felt some vague discomfort in her heart, although she did not know why she was uncomfortable, but she felt that it was because she was afraid of missing out on a talent, right?

        A talent that could take over the kingdom for her, yes, it must be herself.

        A man like him, who loved a cheap woman so deeply, was not worth a damn, how could she be uncomfortable with him out of her heart when she was so high up!

        Lu Wushen sighed lamentably, and that was the end of the day, rising, he gathered himself with luck and intended to withdraw.

        In the midst of the water, Han Qianqian struggled and now he could not even breathe. If he had not been holding onto the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, he would have been swept away by the turbulent water to an unknown destination.

        In the midst of the water, Han Qianqian's face was white, his hand gripping the Pan Gu axe, his body moving up and down slightly as the water flowed ......


        Suddenly, just at that moment, Han Qianqian, who was already not breathing, suddenly opened his mouth and a very small bubble of water circle came out of his mouth, but before it could rise to the surface, it was already washed away by the water.


        In the next second, another bigger water circle bubble emerged from Han Qianqian's mouth, and this time, the firm and huge water circle bubble persisted until it reached above the surface of the water, which then turned into a bubble ......

        The first thing that happened was that a golden light suddenly leapt out of the ring in Han Qianqian's hand and turned slightly around Han Qianqian's body in a circle.

        A golden circle instantly wrapped Han Qianqian up.

        The golden light also stopped in front of Han Qianqian at this moment, still emitting a soft, faint light that gently shone on Han Qianqian.

        If Han Qianqian were awake at this moment, he would have seen that the golden light floating on his forehead was in fact a stone.

        A stone with an aqua and green pattern on both sides.

        That's right, this is the stone that was hidden in Han Qianqian's spatial ring, the thief who stole both the Jade in Flower and the Divine Face pearl ......