His True Colors Chapter 2311

 "Come on, fight."

        Under the attack of countless huge axes, Han Qianqian fiercely drew himself up and leapt up, holding his axe in a furious voice as he swooped down with the force of a mountain!

        In his haste, Ao Shifu could only raise his sword with both hands in response!



        The axe and sword rained down on each other, fire and light flashed, and with an explosion, a dazzling scene occurred ......

        The body of Ao Shi true god under the fierce attack of the huge axe, but directly sink several meters, after the explosion in his hand another crunching sound, looking back at his eyes, the golden sword in his hand has already broken into two pieces.


        The ten thousand people below, all could not help but suck in a breath of cold air: "Fierce."

        Ao Shi's figure was barely stable, his entire wretched face was filled with disbelief and anger as he raised his eyes, "Breaking my Deep Sea Mad Dragon and attacking me so fiercely with an axe, Han Qianqian, you son of a bitch, you've angered me."

        As a true god, how could Ao Shi bear to be so offended?

        With a flip of his hand, a golden halberd suddenly appeared in his hand.

        This halberd was about two metres long, with golden light flowing continuously throughout its body, and various runes surrounding it.

        When the halberd emerges, it is also driven by an extremely powerful might, and the space-time around it is slightly distorted by its appearance.

        "Water God in hand, halberd Anjiang!"

        Ao Shi shouted angrily, Ao Shi's hand moved, the halberd waved, only to hear the sound of water in heaven and earth, a wave of water in one swing, and then the wind and waves in another retraction, a back and forth, the tip of the halberd released ten thousand feet of water, like a huge dragon straight at Han Qianqian.

        "Holy shit, the Water God Halberd!"

        "One of the ancient divine weapons, the Water God's Halberd! The king of water weapons!"

        "My gods."

        When someone recognised the weapon, they immediately felt incomparably emotional and their scalps tingled.

        "That kid actually forced Old Ao to use the Water God Halberd, the King of Water Armaments, I am truly shocked for him to have such an ability and worried about what will happen to him next." Wang Juzhi's brow furrowed as he couldn't help but sigh.

        It is rumoured that the Water God's Halberd is a water god's weapon with overwhelming power, possessing extremely powerful and thick celestial water power, which can summon all waters when wielded, and can also ride the wind and waves to travel the seas, making it a dominant force in the water.

        It is not an ancient treasure, but because it occupies a certain area, it is considered a treasure of the highest order.

        In terms of certain applications alone, it can even be compared to the treasures of the innate heavens.


        In the sky, the water dragon fiercely lunged at Han Qianqian.

        "Just now, your Deep Sea Frenzy Dragon couldn't even withstand me, a mere water dragon? What's it worth?" Han Qianqian shouted coldly, and with a twist of his Pan Gu Axe in his hand, he aimed his axe down at the head of the water dragon.

        However, the water dragon seemed to be unending, and although the axe broke through the dragon's head and reached its body, the dragon's body did not stop.

        Brush, brush, brush!

        The huge dragon body swept past Han Qianqian from each side ......

        "Hmph." The corners of Han Qianqian's mouth couldn't help but hook into a smile, the so-called Water God's halberd is just like that?

        "Arrogant little boy!" Ao Shi coldly laughed, the water god halberd in his hand fiercely pointed straight at Han Qianqian, at once the water dragon fiercely increased several times.

        And although Han Qianqian's giant axe was still in front of him, it was only then that he felt as if something was wrong.

        Although he could indeed resist the huge water dragon, but this water dragon is continuous, with time, just the axe body because of the resistance of the slight trembling shaking, drive the arm already some tingling feeling, not to mention the whole person to push the Pan Gu axe forward to slash how much effort, as well as the water movement back swallowed and how strong the counter force.

        But at this time to reflect, obviously has been completely too late, with the water god halberd a move, the water dragon infinite increase, even if the middle is still by Han three thousand Pan Gu axe stopped, but the surrounding huge water has from the sides of the body into the Han three thousand completely wrapped.

        For a while, the water dragon, which had been stopped by Han Qianqian, was now more like a stone blocking the flow of water in the Yangtze River. But the Yangtze River was still the Yangtze River, and the stone that blocked the water was just resisting.

        "Why are you holding back? Han Qianqian, if you can't bear it, then shout it out." Ao Shi shouted coldly, followed by a grimace on his face, "If you dare to make me wretched, I will make your life worse than death!"

        "Roar, Giant Wave!"


        The water dragon seemed to let out a loud roar and became even bigger in unison.

        In mid-air, in just a few moments, it had become a vast ocean, while Han Qianqian, holding the Pan Gu Axe, was already only a dot of light as small as a fingernail cap.

        It was not that Han Qianqian had become smaller, but that the dragon had become too big.

        "In just a moment, the mid-air was already as vast as an ocean, this Water God's halberd is truly domineering."

        "Hehe, with just a little bit, it can drown a city, do you think the Water God Halberd is a waste of time?"

        "To be able to be compared to an innate supreme treasure with the power of a certain domain, naturally it should be an absolutely suppressing existence in a certain domain. How is it possible for a water-type magic artifact divine weapon, of which there are many, to not be able to stand alone as a stopper?"

        The crowd sighed at the power of the Water God's Halberd, and some people even had hot and excited eyes.

        Such a divine weapon, if you have it, not to say that the world is invincible, but to walk alone in the Jianghu River and Lake across a side, since not a problem.

        "Do you think you can make me admit defeat just like that? Who are you?" Han Qianqian shouted coldly, although he was surrounded by ten thousand waters, with many difficulties, and many of the waters continued to invade his back and surroundings in the form of backflow, and even half of his body was already submerged in a matter of moments, but Han Qianqian's belief was still strong.

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!"

        With a loud roar, a red and a purple leapt through the clouds and plunged straight to the bottom of the water, flying in front of Han Qianqian.

        Even after being baptized by ten thousand waters, the heavenly fire still jumped incomparably, and the purple lightning was full of life, seemingly completely unaffected by anything.

        "Give it to me!"

        With a roar, the jade sword fiercely rose without wind, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into a long bow, fiercely shooting the jade arrow out, followed by catching up with the jade sword, one fire and one purple stored on each side of the sword, fiercely charging towards Ao Shi at the end of the water.


        The sword entered the water, then disappeared into the water, and when it was forced into Ao Shi, it leapt out fiercely, but Ao Shi only smiled gently, and with a slight stretch of his hand, he easily grabbed Han Qianqian's jade sword, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel also faded fiercely.

        "What?!" Han Qianqian was instantly stunned.

        Water is like Taiji, even though the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel with the jade sword was incomparably fierce, its power was no longer there after it was constantly used to overcome the rigidity with softness!

        "Carved insects, little child, what other moves do you have, before you die, come at your grandfather Ao with all of them, your grandfather I don't care at all. Because, I love to see your dying dog look." Ao Shi laughed disdainfully, and with a slap in his hand, the jade sword instantly burrowed into the water and attacked in the direction of Han Qianqian ......

        Poof ......