His True Colors Chapter 2310


        In just an instant, a rain of tri-coloured blood had already poured down on his face!

        Ao Shi subconsciously looked down, only to see that the arm he had skimmed was also already a burnt furrow.

        "How is this possible?"

        As a True God, his body was naturally incomparable to that of a human, not to mention whether ordinary spells could break through, even many rare divine weapons were dwarfed by the body of a True God.

        It was not that the True God's body was invulnerable, but the level was so high that many things simply did not break the defence.

        But ......

        But why could Han Qianqian break his own defense?!

        "There's poison in the blood." On the other end, there was also a sharp shout from Lu Wushen in due course.

        Without daring to make the slightest more thought, Ao Shi's eight gates of golden energy opened wide and gathered the divine circle to protect his body without the slightest reservation at all.

        "Bang Bang Bang!"

        The rain of blood also arrived as promised, landing on the divine circle with explosions!

        Even if they were able to resist with all their might, even if they could block the attacks of the blood rain, the huge explosions still kept pushing Ao Shilian and the divine circle back.

        One metre, two metres ......

        Three metres ......

        Ten metres ......


        Above the ground, ten thousand people were in an uproar!

        "My goodness, Han ...... Han Qianqian that kid actually ...... actually knocked back the True God, this is simply too terrifying, right?"

        "Is this the might of the Devil Dragon?"

        "If I can match the True God like this, even if I enter the devil, I am willing to ah."

        On the side of the scattered people, many people's mouths were directly opened wide in shock, and their eyes turned incomparably hot.

        Ye Lucheng's figure staggered and he couldn't help but be on the verge of vomiting blood, Han Qianqian, so outrageously strong!

        On what grounds!

        "The Rain of the Deep Sea Wild Dragon? I pooh, it's nothing more than that!"

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian shouted angrily, another mouthful of blood, sprayed directly on the Pan Gu Axe, and his body fiercely stretched, heading straight for Ao Shi.

        Ao Shi was stunned, before the rain of blood had passed, Han Qianqian was like a reckless man, directly killing over, even if he was as steady as an old dog, he could not help but look panic.

        Lu Wushen finally settled down this time, at least this kid Han Qianqian didn't keep staring at him like he did before, it was good that he could at least catch his breath for a moment.

        "You kid, you really make me like you more and more, killing the demon dragon is just that, but you can even break my and Ao Shi's defense, interesting."

        After saying that, Lu Wu Shen similarly moved his hand and summoned a flying blood rain into his own hand, however, with the lessons learned from his previous experience with Ao Shi, this time, this guy learned to be much smarter.

        He simply wrapped it in his palm with energy in the air, and then observed it carefully.

        A moment later, he suddenly frowned, followed by a loud cry of wonder after which he slowly put the blood rain in front of his nose and sniffed it, and in a moment, the old guy's face was frozen: "Divine blood?"

        "Fu Yun?!"

        "You old man ...... how come your blood is inside Han Qianqian?"

        "Could it be the God's Mound that day?!"

        Thinking of this, Lu Wu Shen's pupils widened even more: "I understand, I understand, no wonder Wang Juzhi is only a half-god body up to now, I thought he was not senior enough, so ...... it was you old man who left a backhand."

        Thinking of this, Lu Wu Shen dumbly bitter smile: "Of the three, you the old man most low-key, but in fact also the most cunning, I said how within the god mound will be Han three thousand directly broken, perhaps Han three thousand special, but also less you the old man's preference."

        "The Fu family's son-in-law is ultimately your Fu family's son-in-law, you old man still favours your own granddaughter after all."

        Lu Wushen finished, and suddenly his expression was unusually complex, "It's just a pity, Fu Yun ah, man's plans are not as good as heaven's, you didn't expect Han Qianqian to be reversed by the blood of the demon dragon and fall into the demonic path, did you?"

        "I also know that you will definitely be very sorry when you know this news in the nine springs, and so am I. After all, this son-in-law of your Fu family, my Lu family also looks up to him."

        "For the sake of an old friend, Ao Shi there, consider this your last favor to me." After saying that, Lu Wu Shen shook his hand and slapped that blood rain several meters away, eventually dissolving in the void.



        At that end, Han Qianqian and Ao Shi, however, had already clashed their swords and axes. Because he had to fend off the blood rain, Ao Shi was somewhat too late for Han Qianqian's surprise attack, thus allowing Han Qianqian to break straight through the middle door and a short exchange of weapons between the two.

        Ao Shi's divine energy was wide open, Han Qianqian's golden light was flowing, his mind kept recalling the scene when he followed the old man who swept the earth to clip a thousand ants, and the Pan Gu Axe in his hand was heavy with no peak, one slash was fierce and arrogant, overbearing and deadly.

        Although Ao Shi was in a hurry to fight, he was a true god after all, and even in his haste, he was still able to fight with ease.

        The two sides you cut I guard, I thrust you block, a flash of golden light constantly, the surrounding explosions, the air between the void is also constantly distorted ......

        "Good man, what kind of axe technique is this?" Lu Wushen couldn't help but look stunned, it looked like an ordinary axe technique, full of loopholes between the wide openings, but yet the attack kept turning into defense, so that people knew he had a dead end, but you just couldn't spare your hands to attack.

        And Ao Shi is in this kind of stifling, by Han Qianqian axe after axe like chopping son, chopping back and forth, wretched defense ......

        Even because the dodge is too wretched, the whole person is cloaked in hair ......