His True Colors Chapter 2308

 "It's working, this guy is reflecting."

        In the world of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed softly at this point.

        "Isn't this to be expected? Can one walk out from the midst of your Eight Desolate Heavenly Books' trials without a strong will?" The old man sweeping the ground laughed softly.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books nodded, "That's true, but it's always different when a person is possessed by a demon, and this is a hybrid demon dragon, the raging power within his body is unimaginable, not to mention Han Qianqian's strong will, even the demon dragon's soul would have difficulty controlling it."

        When Han Qianqian takes possession of his body but loses his mind out of anger, he will detonate the already violent Demon Dragon's blood, causing his whole body to go into a demonic rage.

        Once this happens, the Demon Dragon's Soul will be awakened by the Demon Blood, thus forcing itself into Han Qianqian's consciousness, but even if it does, the Demon Dragon's Soul, which is suppressed by the Golden Body, is unable to suppress the completely raging Demon Dragon's Blood.

        Because the Demon Dragon's Blood had absorbed the divine and poisonous blood in Han Qianqian's body, it had already made another qualitative leap, while the Demon Dragon's Soul had not only lost its body and was in trouble, but was also somewhat restricted by the Golden Body.

        In this way, when Han Qianqian lost his mind, one main soul and one original main soul would not be able to control the Demon Dragon's Blood at all, but would instead be controlled by the Demon Dragon's Blood in its entirety.

        One blood controlled two masters, and the two masters then became chaotic and abnormal, making the already berserk demonized body even more fierce.

        "This is what the so-called bloodline rampage is all about, a bloodline that can drive the soul is the true king's bloodline." The old man sweeping the floor laughed softly, "If it can be suppressed by the master at will, how much stronger can this bloodline be?"

        "What you say is also true, just as that guy's golden body Han Sanchi could never be suppressed." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed, "However, it can always help him grow, even against the heavens."

        "That's right. The next step will depend on this kid's creation, whether it's the last return of light before being controlled by the demon blood, or a glimpse of light before breaking through the dawn darkness, I'm looking forward to it."

        And at this moment, the corner of Han Qianqian's mouth smiled faintly, "Whether you have the ability or not, that depends on whether you can live to see it through."


        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian's body suddenly disappeared in place.

        "Tai Xu Divine Step!"

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!"

        Brush brush brush!

        As his body transformed into a shadow, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, one red and one purple, arrived from afar, moving with Han Qianqian's figure, as gorgeous and colourful as a fire dragon and an electric snake.

        "How dare you show off in front of me?" Ao Shi shouted coldly, a teasing smile twitching out of the corner of his mouth.

        Just now, he had let Lu Wushen consume a lot of him, now, let himself finish the job and reap both fame and fortune.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ao Shi's long coat moved invisibly and a strange black seal in his hand was flung towards the sky.

        The black seal flew straight into the sky with a loud bang, and afterwards, just like a dragon entering the sea, it just swam in the clouds for a few moments and immediately dragged the clouds in the sky into shape, and gradually those clouds transformed into a long dragon.

        The dragon's body circled again and a huge vortex appeared, covering the sky and spinning wildly, the centre of which soon became bottomless.

        Out of the corner of one's eye, it was overwhelming!

        "Deep Sea Frenzy Dragon!"


        In the centre of the whirlpool, a huge dragon's roar came out, followed by thousands of black qi emerging from it, instantly turning the entire sky completely black, and when one looked up, it looked like a black rainstorm.

        As the black rainstorm approached, Lu Wushen hurriedly put up his golden energy to protect his body, and a circle of runes swirled around the golden circle.

        "What the hell?" Han Qianqian frowned greatly, feeling the black rain coming, not only was there an extremely strong pressure constantly pressing towards him, but most importantly his blood meridians seemed to be flowing backwards, while quite a lot of essence and energy was constantly bubbling up from the bottom of his feet towards his head, before being dragged out and heading straight towards the vortex.

        "Fuck, hitting me and sucking my energy!" Han Qianqian shouted coldly, having to sigh at the power and perversity of the True God Technique, while not daring to be the slightest bit slower in his hands.

        "You're too deceitful." With a roar of annoyance, Han Qianqian said nothing more and manipulated his Pan Gu Axe to directly meet him.


        As Han Qianqian opened up his true energy, the entire Pan Gu Axe also shone with golden light, and at the same time, the Pan Gu Seal fiercely appeared on his forehead!


        The huge axe split the sky!

        Black rain fell straight down!

        With the golden energy from the axe, the black rain that fell towards Han Qianqian was like fire meeting water, smashing like a ping-pong and exploding.

        "Kid? What, you don't use that body technique of yours anymore?" Ao Shi laughed coldly, "Just resisting and trying to carry it off? You're too naive."

        "Give me a break!"

        Ao Shi shouted, and those countless black raindrops instantly transformed into sharp swords, falling down with an even more fierce stance.


        Han Qianqian's body, which was holding the giant axe, was instantly pressed down directly by the strong pressure to a height of tens of metres, while his body was still falling.


        Blood was spurting wildly down his throat without opening his mouth, this sudden increase in strength from Ao Shi directly caused Han Qianqian's body to be pressed down like a huge mountain, his internal organs were tumbling in pain.

        "Shameless little boy, this is the price for your wild words." Ao Shi laughed grimly.

        After saying this, he looked back at all the people present, displaying his arrogance to the fullest.

        Above the ground, all the people were shocked, their mouths wide open, obviously shocked to the core.

        The power of a True God at full strength was truly daunting.

        "Ao True God, unequalled in the world!"

        As soon as he shouted, the disciples of the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion reflected and followed in unison, spreading to all corners of the scene.

        It was not long before thunderous shouts erupted from the scene, while the crowd at the top of the Blue Mountain looked complicated, not knowing what to do.

        The true gods were fighting against Han Qianqian, and Ao Shi was in a great position, while Lu Wushen was clearly at a disadvantage, making the Ao family happy and the Lu family embarrassed.

        This, Lu Wu Shen also understands, hiding in the golden light but there is nothing he can do.

        He had already spent a lot of energy treating Han Qianqian, and he had been the one who had been at the head of the fight after Han Qianqian's demonization, but the world has always been more concerned with results, so who would care about his details, which were not even close?

        Under the Pan Gu Axe, Han Qianqian's mouth was full of blood, and the blood even stained a large part of his blouse red, obviously, he had suffered a heavy injury.

        "Kill Han Qianqian."

        "Kill Han Three-thousand, do the right thing for Heaven, remove the devil and subdue the demons, Ao True God, mighty and domineering!"

        Countless clamours and noises were heard, but at this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly let out a loud laugh.

        This caused countless people present, including Ao Shi, to be stunned. He was laughing in the face of death!