His True Colors Chapter 2307

 With a fierce movement in his hand, a golden brush appeared in Lu Wushen's hand.

        Immediately afterwards, the golden sea of stars moved violently.

        "Lift the pen to break the mountains and rivers."

        With a furious roar, the sea of stars transformed into a curtain of cloth that reached up to the heavens and down to the yellow earth, preventing it from connecting heaven and earth, and above the curtain of cloth, streams of light shone brightly and divine colours were boundless.

        But if one looks closely, one realises that on top of the curtain is a gloriously detailed painting in golden silk.

        In the painting, mountains and rivers intertwine, woods and forests grow, spanning north and south, encompassing the southeast, and falling from the sky like a waterfall, showing everyone a beautiful view of a world outside the world.

        "Holy shit, a map of mountains and rivers."

        "Under the golden brush, all the mountains and rivers are there, and under the fall, all the mountains and rivers are destroyed!"

        "Cthulhu, in my lifetime, I've actually seen the breaking of mountains and rivers!"

        Countless people looking at the mountains and rivers in this waterfall could not help but let out a sizzling light from their eyes ......

        "Mountain River and Social Land ......" Wang Juzhi's face also showed astonishment and his eyes contained a strange light.

        "What is the Mountain River, Society and Country map?" Cool-Son Yeh asked, not quite understanding.

        "The so-called Mountain, River, Society and Jig Map, although it is a painting, but it is created by Nuwa, one of the ancient god kings, its painting can transform all things, and within it is a separate heaven and earth, nourishing and nourishing people, but it is also a dungeon yoke, its power is boundless, its law is all-powerful, so it is also a magic weapon, the most precious treasure. Rumour has it that ten thousand years ago, the top of the Blue Mountain was at one time heading for a fall, like the present day Fu Family, but fortunately a True God obtained the Mountain, River and Land Map."

        "That true god relied on the map to reach the top of his life, and since then, he has fought in all directions, and has been invincible, and has led the Lu family back to the ranks of true gods. On the side, Gu You said in a soft voice.

        She had been well read in poetry and books since she was a child, and the secrets of the Mountain, River, Society and Country map were recorded in a large family like the Eternal Sea.

        "I heard that the map will be buried within the God's mound after the fall of the true god of the Lu family, so that it can be passed on to the next one. However, this matter has always been a rumour, but I never thought that it would be true." Envy appeared in Wang Juzhi's eyes, and he could not help but murmur.

        But the risk of this was too great, for the divine mound might not be inherited by one's own descendants, such as the present-day Fu family.

        And if once it is inherited by others, then everything that is even more powerful will be tantamount to being a dowry for others, so the Fu family has buildings and pavilions, and the Eternal Sea has places like the Amethyst Palace that are dedicated to hosting some secret treasures.

        For the top of Blue Mountain to be so bold was simply unbelievable.

        "Then it seems that Han Qianqian is out of hope." Cool-Son Yeh finally revealed a rare smile.

        After the great battle, this guy had been depressed and was able to find a reason to be happy now.

        "I don't know." Gu You shook his head, not knowing what to judge.


        Almost at that moment, the picture of the mountains and rivers shook violently, a golden light burst out, and the world in the picture also flickered faintly, Han Qianji's vicious red and black dragon then turned into black gas in an instant, and Han Qianji's main body also appeared violently.


        A mouthful of black blood suddenly spurted out, and his entire body staggered back several steps, almost falling from mid-air.

        The golden light of the Mountain, River, Society and Country diagram continued to shine on Han Qianqian, causing him to suffer.



        Like a zombie meeting sunlight, Han Qianqian desperately tried to block his eyes, but even so, the black Qi on his body continued to evaporate and dissipate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

        "If this continues, Han Qianqian will be gone." Ye Gucheng shouted in excitement.

        But just as he was pleased with himself, Han Qianqian, who was in agony and not being surveyed, suddenly had a dragon seal flash across his brow, and in the next second, purple Qi suddenly swirled around his body.

        Above the Immortal Xuan Armour, another purple armour was draped over his body.

        "Armour of the Demon Dragon!"

        Who among those present would be unfamiliar with this armour?! Wasn't this the very armour that this demonic dragon had been clad in during the time of the Trapped Dragon Mountain?


        With a roar, Han Qianqian's body was filled with purple light and black Qi.

        As if sensing Han Qianqian's echo, the blood-coloured pillar in the vortex of the black clouds also shone brightly.

        The purple light and the golden light attacked each other at once!

        In a trance, it seemed that the words of the gods and the words of the devil could be heard.


        With a loud bang, the purple light suddenly leapt about, Han Qianqian sprayed another mouthful of blood, his body swayed and fell hundreds of metres before he could barely stabilise his figure, while looking back, the entire blood pillar at the centre of the dark cloud vortex was actually cut off by Ao Shi at that moment.

        The dragon armour was already extremely difficult to hold on to against the mountain, river, and social diagram, and now it was cut off by Ao Shi, so even though Han Qianqian was demonised, he couldn't take it.

        After blood spurted out of his mouth, the black demonic aura had dissipated considerably, and the purple armour on his body was also appearing and disappearing. The two True Gods had obviously forced Han Qianqian into a desperate situation by joining forces.

        "To be able to fight with the two of us for so long, Han Qianqian or the Devil Dragon, I'm really a bit reluctant to kill you." Ao Shi laughed coldly.

        "Arrogance, just by you?" Han Qianqian cracked his mouth in a hideous smile.

        "Could it be that you have other abilities?"

        However, almost at that moment, Han Qianqian's blood-red incomparable eyes suddenly dissipated the blood light, and almost in an instant, turned into a pair of bright and clear eyes ......