His True Colors Chapter 2306

 "But three thousand have entered the devil and are no longer mindful, I am afraid ......"

        "What is meant by devil? And what is the Tao, as long as the heart has good thoughts, even the devil is the Tao, and if the heart has evil thoughts, God is the devil, the Tao is the devil, the devil is the Tao, and the Tao is the devil, it just depends on one's thoughts." The old man sweeping the ground laughed lightly.

        "One thought of heaven? One thought of hell?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books returned with a smile.

        "Three thousand hearts have love in them, so for a god, he has mortal things pending, but for a devil, it is the only pillar to stabilise his mind, and in all things in this world, there are two sides to everything, to be seen with the heart." The old man sweeping the ground smiled.

        "If you want to preserve your body from the two true gods, Su Yingxia is the only choice to support Han Qianqian." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said.

        The old man nodded, "Yes, love will trap him, but it will also help him, you need to know that in the heavenly dao, deep love is not necessarily a burden, it's just that many people have misunderstood it."

        "I hope Su Yingxia can make him come to his senses, it is not in vain that you have tossed so much for him, once Three Thousand learns to incarnate outside of his body and has the demon blood to protect his body, he will have the foundation to pick two out of one."

        "I'm also looking forward to seeing just how far Three Thousand will take that guy's idea. Theoretically speaking, at the time of Mahayana, not to mention Lu Ao and the two of them, even if we were to add the two of us and fight one against four, he would not be afraid at all." The earth-sweeping old man said with some anticipation.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed, and although he did not say anything, what was the difference between those eyes and the old man who swept the earth!

        A moment later, he suddenly laughed, "In fact, I'm looking forward to it more than you are, after all, I sacrificed myself to be his slave, if he didn't have some ability, then wouldn't I be ashamed to say it out loud?"

        And at this moment, outside the field.

        The two gods and one demon fought, and the battlefield could be said to be dazzling, the after-effects of the explosions were leaping around like money, and although the Scattered Alliance side re-erected the barrier twice, it could not withstand such a high and frequent bombardment.

        However, even so, none of the scattered people withdrew, and they were still watching the battle with great interest as they catapulted themselves to their feet.

        For them, they would rather die than miss such an amazing battle.

        One True God striking is already a wondrous sight for the ages, two True Gods striking is even more unheard of in ten thousand years, and if a demon is added, it is even more unheard of and unseen.

        Ao Shi's streams of light were all over the place, and the surrounding divine energy had turned into a sea of black and red stars, while Lu Wu Shen's side also had a great golden light, with a sea of golden stars behind him.

        On the other hand, Han Qianqian's demonic aura was wildly exposed, and there were black silver clouds behind him, and the three of them looked as if they were three galaxies in the sky.

        As the three galaxies continued to intertwine and withdraw, the sound of explosions and roars were incessant, and the dome of the sky seemed to have been trampled in half.

        "Ten thousand swords return to the clan!"

        With a roar from Lu Wushen, countless sword qi emerged from the golden sea of stars behind him, pouncing straight at Han Qianqian. Each sword energy was covered with golden energy, as if it had been refined by immortal fire, and each of them had the power to destroy and destroy.

        "Raging Sea Taotie!"

        The sea of stars on Ao Shi's side also changed, turning into thousands of drops of water, each with blue mysterious fire and wrapped in mysterious ice, turning into a rain of arrows that attacked Han Qianqian.

        "Demon Dragon's Fury!"


        Behind Han Qianqian, the devilish black qi transformed into several huge dragons, hovering and standing, opening their bloody mouths and charging head-on.

        Boom, boom, boom!

        When the three met, there were explosions, ten thousand swords cutting the dragon, the dragon blocking ten thousand swords, ten thousand ice and fire attacking the dragon, while the dragon's tail sweeping across a thousand armies, the scene was tense and exciting to the point of suffocating.

        But the dragon body was never able to defend itself from all of the two True Gods' attacks, and several golden swords and arcane ice and arcane fire rushed towards Han Qianqian.

        "Brush brush brush brush!"

        Han Qianqian's four beasts protected his body, and the black and purple glow of his Immortal Xuan Armour was so great that the golden swords and Xuan Ice Xuan Fire only left black smoke and black gas on his body before falling away.

        "Eight devil dragons!"

        "Destroy me!"

        Han Qianqian's blood-red eyes flashed with blood, and then, in mid-air, black clouds rose up, and a blood-red vortex appeared in it, and a thick pillar of blood-coloured light broke through the vortex and shot straight at Han Qianqian's body, with black magic patterns and runes surrounding the pillar.

        With this blood-coloured pillar, Han Qianqian's black Qi-entwined body suddenly glowed red.


        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian fiercely transformed into black qi, and the black qi drove the entire sea of black qi behind him, fiercely leaping out and pouncing straight at Lu Wushen.

        "You son of a bitch, why the hell do you keep catching me fighting?" Lu Wu Shen inwardly cursed, depressed to the core.

        He and Ao Shi were both there at the same time, but from the beginning to the end, Han Qianqian had basically been staring at himself and hitting him hard, ignoring the full-grown Ao Shi all the time, only defending but not attacking.

        However, depressed, Lu Wushen did not dare to slow down in the slightest, because this red and black dragon in front of him, only a few hundred meters away from him, already had a fierce aura ......