His True Colors Chapter 2305


        The black shadow broke through the light, leaping out directly, the circle of divine light behind it was in the air and not moving, almost the same as everyone else on the scene, as if they hadn't reflected yet!

        The black shadow stood with strength, the giant axe in his hand, the energy between the axes moved slightly, between the black gas filled the air, Han Qianqian already had a cold face, broke through the light and came out.


        Almost at the same time, control the stream of light Lu Wushen with a burst of divine light, the connected stream of light suddenly rebounded, Lu Wushen only felt a strange force hit him, then the whole person bounced several meters, a puff, a mouthful of blood then directly spurted out.


        Above the ground, seeing such a scene, everyone could not help but let out a shocked shout.

        "How is this possible! That guy directly broke the confinement of True God Lu?"

        "Even ...... could have even injured True God Lu."

        "What kind of a pervert is this Han Qianqian."

        "Fuck, it's not that Han Qianqian is capable, but that demon dragon is too fierce, taking advantage of the fact that during the time when True God Lu was injured this is ...... if True God he wasn't injured, then it wouldn't be like this now."

        Many people became discontented and cursed angrily at Han Qianqian.

        Obviously, challenging the authority in the eyes of the people to win is hard to accept or not accepted in the eyes of most people.

        Challenging a public figure was bound to be met with much condemnation and resentment out of jealousy.

        "This can't be."

        At the top of the Blue Mountain, Wang Juzhi's smile froze on his face, how proud he was just now, how embarrassed and shocked he was now.

        The other side of Ye Kucheng's head was even more teeth clenched, as if he could bite down at any moment, dissatisfaction and resentment in his eyes turned into countless anger.

        Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin, two sons of the Lu family, saw that Lu Wushen was injured, and their hearts were directly raised to their throats.


        Han Qianqian roared, his black figure suddenly folding back and rushing directly towards Lu Wushen like a bolt of lightning.

        Lu Wushen had only just been catapulted away, his body had not yet stabilised, and in the face of Han Qianqian's fierce and incomparable attack, his hands and feet were in a state of confusion and exhaustion.

        One was like a tiger out of its cage, fierce and fierce, bloodthirsty and warlike, while the other was like a lion in its twilight years. Although his skills were innumerable and his king's might was still present, his old age and injuries restricted his movements and he was somewhat exhausted.

        "Demon Dragon Slaughter!"


        In between the hundreds of rapid attacks, Han Qianqian's body bounced up and down with a fist in his hand!


        Between one fist, it was as if it was laced with energy that destroyed heaven and earth, and the shadow of the demonic dragon behind him opened wide, as if one man and one dragon were punching twice!

        In his haste, Lu Wushen put his hands together and met the fist with his right palm!


        Behind him, another residual power exploded for a hundred miles!

        "Demon Dragon, how dare you!" Lu Wushen shouted, and with a flip of his empty left palm, a golden rune was stored in his palm and pushed out violently.

        "Heavenly God's Palm!"


        Han Qianqian's left hand synchronized into a fist and swung.


        There was another huge explosion!

        But right after the explosion, the two still clashed their fists and palms, each not giving way to the other, one golden and one black, facing each other in the air.

        Everyone was completely endowed with breath, not daring to take a breath, thus affecting the battle between the two.

        Ao Shi's eyes were gleaming, staring intently at the two with indescribable complex emotions.

        True God versus Demon King!

        Heaven against earth, sun against moon, righteousness against evil devil!!!

        The power of the two, fighting each other without phase!



        At the same time, each of them roared out and pushed their energy to the maximum.

        Then once again, they were at a stalemate.

        One second ......

        Two seconds ......

        Three seconds!

        Ten seconds ......

        Suddenly, just then, Han Qianqian's black aura suddenly flickered around him, while Lu Wushen's golden light scattered on the opposite side, and something dazzling happened.

        Only to see both sides of the duel, Han Qianqian slowly took a step forward, while Lu Wushen slowly took a step back.

        Although the distance between the two was almost invisible to the naked eye, there was one person present who was able to catch it.

        "Hold on, God Lu."

        "How can a god be wounded by a demon? Judge him, Lu Zhen Shen."

        "Come on, Grandpa."

        Hearing the crowd's nervous cheering, Ao Shi's cold eyes flashed, he couldn't go on like this.

        Although he wished for Lu Wushen's early death, it was by no means now.

        The defeat of Lu Wu Shen was the same as the defeat of a True God, and as a True God, he and Lu Wu Shen shared the same name and reputation to some extent.

        Moreover, if Han Qianqian had the ability to kill Lu Wushen, would it be possible that he would kill himself someday in the future?

        Despite all the threats, it was clear that this choice was not difficult to make.

        Moreover, killing the demon would be quite helpful to one's reputation.

        Thinking of this, Ao Shi transformed into red golden light and shot straight into the battlefield like a shooting star.

        "Holy shit, Ao True God has also struck."

        "What's the situation? How come even True God Ao is joining in, is True God Lu no longer able to do so?"

        "I don't think so, isn't True God Lu fighting that demon dragon on par?"

        "Oh, after all, True God Lu is injured, and I guess True God Ao doesn't want to deal with this demon dragon with all his might while his old friend is injured."

        "That's right, besides, getting rid of the devil and defending the way is a True God's duty in itself."

        As soon as the words were spoken, the golden-red stream of light transformed by Ao Shi was already attacking Han Qianqian.


        Han Qianqian, who had just had a slight advantage, was directly hit by a stream of light, and in his haste to close his hand, there was still burning residual fire where the stream of light had hit him.

        Blood-red eyes fiercely wrinkled, Han Qianqian's entire person looked extremely impatient.

        "Brother Ao?" Lu Wushen let out a long breath and saw the visitor, and could not help but say with mixed emotions.

        "Brother Lu, are you alright?" Ao Shi said with a soft smile.

        Lu Wushen said, "Am I not well? I just thought that Han Qianqian was a talented person who had fallen into the demonic path and was devoured by the demonic dragon, so I couldn't help but hurt him."

        Ao Shi laughed, "I am naturally aware of Brother Lu's ability, so there is no need to explain. However, as you said, this son has already entered the devil's path. Since we are the gods of the righteous path on earth, we should remove this man for the sake of the world.

        "To do the righteousness for the heaven, can I refuse?" Lu Wu Shen let out a bitter smile.

        "You and I have fought for more years than we can count, but today, your old bones are still holding up, right? How about the same old rules? Whoever hurts him the most will win?"

        "No problem."

        The two of them said, turning into two streams of light and attacking Han Qianqian straight away.

        During that time, a mighty voice shouted, "Kill the demons, do justice to heaven!"

        "Two against one, you seem to have made things too big." In the Eight Directions world, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed bitterly in helplessness.

        The old man sweeping the ground gently stroked his beard and said sweetly, "Aren't the two of them the best touchstones? If they are iron, they will eventually be refined, and if they are jade, they will eventually be beaten to the devil; whether Han Qianqian is jade or iron, today is the best time to take a peek."