His True Colors Chapter 2304

 Ye Gucheng even took a step forward and said rather unconvincingly, "He is seriously ill, but he can still take Han Qianqian's attack, and clearly has the advantage, Han Qianqian, even if he is possessed by a demonic dragon, is still no more than that, grandfather, I am afraid you are overly worried."

        Ao Shi's face was instantly cold as he lowered his head and bellowed, "Stupid!"

        "Slowly, mobilise your men and horses to help support the defensive boundary at the top of Blue Mountain, all of you, do not come out without my orders, do you understand?" Ao Shi commanded.

        Wang Juzhi was puzzled, but hesitated for a moment and nodded, "Yes."

        Ao Shi was silent and sighed, at this point taking a few steps to come in front of Lu Yongsheng's group who had just saved Lu Ruoxin.

        "Greetings, Old Man Ao."

        "Grandpa Ao."

        Several people saw Ao Shi come over and bowed respectfully, there was one with a grey head and a wretched face.

        "Xin'er, has Han Qianqian really completely lost his mind?"

        Lu Ruoxin was silent for a moment, and after a slight hesitation, nodded, "Yes."


        Ao Shi frowned slightly and looked up at the other end, "Understood. You go to the back and rest."

        "Grandpa Ao, why are you asking this?" Lu Ruoxin had just taken a step, and really couldn't help but be curious inside, and couldn't help but wonder.

        "It's alright, don't worry about going, since it's a demon, I naturally won't let him run wild."

        "No need, my grandfather will take care of it himself." Lu Ruoxin dropped a sentence and turned to leave.

        Faced with Lu Ruoxin's cold and arrogant words, Ye Lucheng and Wang Juzhi and the others could not help but look at each other in disbelief.

        They didn't know why Ao Shi was running in front of this girl to raise his eyebrows.

        Ao Shi just smiled, standing with his hands behind his back, calmly.

        In contrast, Lu Wu Shen is not as casual as he is, although the same hands behind the back of the day, the face is calm, but the heart is like the tsunami of the sea water, not only shocking waves so simple, and even ......

        The wind is even blowing hard, and it's not only frightening!

        The right fist hidden behind his back, the mottled blood slightly dripping down from the palm of his hand, the sharp pain coming from his right arm even deeper into his bones.

        Even though he was ill, a thin camel was still bigger than a horse, he was a True God, but he had suffered a huge loss in the blast with Han Qianqian.

        At the same time, he was furious and had some lingering fears about the completely demonised Han Qianqian in front of him.

        However, the might of the True God was inviolable, and the face of the Lu Family would not allow anyone to sully it, so he would not retreat.

        "Those who stand in my way, die!"

        With a cold cry, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and roared angrily as he accelerated and charged towards Lu Wushen again.

        "Come on!"

        With a shout, facing Han Qianqian's attack again, Lu Wushen no longer dared to be careless and choose to fight hard, with a movement of true energy in his hand, a divine light immediately manifested in the air, and with a stroke in Lu Wushen's hand, the divine light expanded like the sun, replacing Lu Wushen's body and directly blocking Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian immediately burrowed directly into the divine light.

        "Trapped God Incantation!"


        With a soft shout, a golden light flashed in Lu Wu Shen's hand, a stream of light burst out directly from his hand and pointed directly into the circle of divine light, and immediately the golden blanket flourished, and the Han Qian Qian who had drilled in was not only invisible, but also motionless within the circle of golden light.


        "Well done, I told you, a true god is a true god, no one can covet it, that demon dragon or Han Qianqian is too stupid, if it were me, I would have run away at this point, why bother?"

        When the group saw the golden light trap Han Qianqian, they were all overjoyed, and even some of those who supported Han Qianqian were now turning to Lu Wushen and patting his back.

        There were only a few people who had always been die-hard admirers of Han Qianqian, but now they all lowered their heads helplessly and looked gloomy.

        "Elder Ao, it seems that you have worried too much." Wang Juzhi couldn't help but let out a long breath at this point and said with a smile.

        Although saying this would offend Ao Shi, Wang Juzhi did want to let out a sigh of frustration, since Ao Shi had arrived, he was the one who had the final say on everything.

        "Yes, Elder Ao, you don't investigate the earth, so you may not know some people and things thoroughly enough. However, when it comes to the real test, he will only be exposed." Ye Kucheng seized the opportunity to speak out.

        Naturally, he was not supporting Wang Juzhi, but was just trying to suppress Han Qianqian.

        "Is that so?" Ao Shi, however, did not drop any of his guard at all, his eyes staring deadly at the divine light in mid-air.

        However, almost at that moment, the divine light, which had been quiet, suddenly became even quieter, and if it wasn't for the fact that Lu Wu Shen had been using streams of light to maintain the energy of the divine light, then it could be considered as still as stagnant water right now!

        But in the next second, the divine light suddenly exploded, and a black shadow leapt out violently ......