His True Colors Chapter 2303

 Two fists meet peaks, a contest of pure power, a duel of pure offense.

        Tit for tat!!!


        As the two fists met, the shadow of the demonic dragon behind Han Qianqian suddenly flashed out, opening its blood-spouting mouth and roaring in dominance.

        Immediately afterwards, the shadow of the devil dragon turned into black air and rushed straight through Han Qianqian's arm, while the golden man also turned into golden light and attacked through Lu Wu Shen's arm.

        As the two breaths met, with that booming sound, waves of Qi fell on the ground, the ground trembled, the mountains shook, and the grass and trees fell. In the sky, the storm clouds changed and the clouds rolled in!

        Immediately afterwards, the aftermath of the explosion spread out from it, scattering in all directions.


        Even with the protection of the energy wall, the Alliance was directly shattered by the after-effects, and ten thousand people were directly lifted to the ground by the after-effects.

        "Holy shit!"

        "Fuck, what the hell."

        On the side of the scattered people, a large group of people struggled to get up from the ground, cursing under their breath out of shock.

        Cool-Son Yeh's hand was slightly in front of his forehead, and when the residual power hit him, he subconsciously used his hand to shield his body for a moment, even though he knew that there was a golden energy shield to protect them.

        It was because he could feel that the after-effects of the explosion were extremely powerful that he made such an unconscious move.

        Looking coldly at the centre of the explosion, Cool-Son Yeh felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart because it was none other than Han Qianqian and Lu Wushen who had generated such an aftermath.

        Whether he had lost or won, he could not deny that Han Qianqian had gone from being a wasteful slave of the Voidless Sect to being able to fight a True God with all his might today, while he, a genius of the Voidless Sect who thought so highly of himself, could only watch from here.

        As the aftermath of the explosion dissipated, the smoke slowly faded from the core of the explosion.

        Lu Wu Shen stood in the air with his hands on his chest, proud in the wind, the might of a true god was undeniable.

        Opposite him, the blackness began to fade away, and everyone's eyes widened as they stared at the spot with great tension.

        When a gentle breeze came, the blackness dispersed even faster, only to reveal, as it did, the blood-haired, white-skinned, black-skinned Han Qianqian standing there.

        Standing proudly, his bloodshot eyes were emotionless and cold and solemn.

        "My God!" Someone was frantically pulling at their hair, simply in disbelief at the scene before them.

        What does it mean that Han Qianqian is still standing in the air after such a direct defensive attack with a True God?

        "That guy ...... that guy can actually face off with a True God like that?"

        "This can't be, this can't be."

        "True Gods are the strongest in the world, even if they are unearthly loose immortals, standing in the human, there is absolutely no way they have the strength to be able to fight so dominantly and dryly hard in front of a true god, right? This Han three thousand ......"

        "Pervert, pervert, I have long said that Han three thousand has created countless miracles before, today, he can definitely do the same."

        "No, it's not Han Qianqian, it's that demon dragon from the Trapped Dragon Mountain. It's over, it's over, if the devil dragon devours Han Qianqian and remains so powerful after its reincarnation, then won't this Eight Directions world usher in a great disaster in the future."

        At these words, many people looked at each other, yes, such a strong demon, in the future, the earth will since be plagued with living beings, and they, the group of people who had fought the demon dragon, will even be subject to the fierce revenge of the demon dragon.

        "Support True God Lu and annihilate the demon dragon!" I don't know who shouted, and immediately afterwards, many of the scattered people also shouted in response, and the group was in an uproar.

        "Elder Ao, it's already shouting over there." Wang Juzhi was pulled back to reality from his shock by the shouting, and at this moment hurriedly said.

        Saying that he was concerned about the world's life, not quite as much as he was worried about the safety of each, but just found a crowning excuse in the name of righteousness.

        Ao Shi's eyebrows are slightly shrunken, quietly looking into the distance, but in his heart are countless thoughts.

        He had watched the fight between Han Qianqian and Lu Wushen with astonishment in his heart. Unlike anyone else, what Ao Shi was watching was not a hilarious event, but a doorway.

        As a True God as well, he could clearly see every round of Han Qianqian and Lu Wushen's sparring match.

        But also because he could see clearly, his heart was even more shaken than the others.

        Everyone was rooting for Lu Wushen to annihilate the demon dragon, but in Ao Shi's eyes, could Lu Wushen do it?!

        "Shout up?" Ao Shi laughed softly, disdainfully and said, "So what? To kill a person, do you rely on such bluster alone?"

        "Elder Ao, what you mean is ......" Wang Juzhi was somewhat puzzled.

        Although Han Qianqian did shockingly take down Lu Wushen's attack hard, so what? The fact that Lu Wushen was already injured when he saved the others, his strength was naturally greatly reduced, but even so, he did not fall behind at all, which is enough to show that the power of the true gods is very strong, and the helper is naturally not as simple as bluffing ah.

        The crowd also looked at Ao Shi in disbelief, unable to understand why he had said such a thing.