His True Colors Chapter 2302


        Although the huge axe had not yet touched Lu Ruoxin's body, the wind force carried by the axe blew Lu Ruoxin's face as if she was cut by a knife.

        At this moment, Lu Ruoxin, who was so proud of herself, finally felt for the first time that death was so close to her.



        Almost at that moment, the giant axe slammed, and a golden long sword appeared at the right time, also just a hair's breadth away, between the giant axe and Lu Ruoxin.

        With a hideous sound between the weapons, the giant axe was blocked away and a golden figure stood in front of Lu Ruoxin.

        "Grandfather." A faint surprise and emotion flooded Lu Ruoxin's face.

        Lu Wushen did not say a word, his eyes locked dead on Han Qianqian in front of him, from Han Qianqian's body he felt an extremely strong force of devilish fury, as well as ...... and a strange force that even he had never seen before.

        The new energy within Han Qianqian's divine blood is not something he has seen as his true body, but it is because some of Han Qianqian's changes are really unbelievable.

        At this time, Lu Yongsheng also brought a team of experts to come quietly and quickly to save Lu Ruoxin according to Lu Wushen's orders.

        "You guys retreat first." Lu Wushen said in a soft and gentle voice.

        "Grandpa, be careful, he ...... seems to have gone crazy!" Before Lu Ruoxin left, she did not forget to dictate.

        "This son has all the anger and killing energy in his eyes, I know that since." Lu Wushen nodded, swept a cold glance at Han Qianqian, and said in a cold voice.

        "Eldest Miss, let's retreat first."

        Lu Yongsheng finished, greeted the experts, protected Lu Ruoxuan inside and out, and began to retreat towards the outside.

        It was better if they didn't move, but as soon as they did, Han Qianqian's bloodshot eyes over there immediately locked up tightly, his body's black Qi rising wildly, his entire body stupidly moving.


        The next second, the black Qi shook, and Han Qianqian's entire body flew directly towards Lu Ruoxin and the others.

        "Kid, even if the old man is here, you can't be allowed to run wild!" Lu Wushen shouted in annoyance and flew to intercept.


        When Lu Wushen blocked his way, Han Qianqian roared in anger, his body's black Qi violently raged, and without saying a word, he immediately attacked Lu Wushen.

        "Holy shit, Han Qianqian is fighting with Lu Wushen."

        "Although I scoff at Han Qianqian's brainless behaviour, it's a blessing in our lives to see a true god fight."

        "That's not true, how many people spend their whole lives without the qualification to see the true power of a true god, but we get to have an eye-opening experience today."

        "I'm not as pessimistic as you are. Although Han Qianqian may not be as good as the True God, don't forget that Han Qianqian is not that unbeatable either. And you and I are the ones who will witness these greatnesses."

        "Yes, don't forget that Han Qianqian is no longer Han Qianqian, but is possessed by a demonic dragon, which is an ancient demonic dragon.

        "Even if the devil dragon is strong, is it stronger than a true god? I don't deny that the Devil Dragon is powerful, nor do I deny that Han Qianqian is powerful, he is the light of our scattered people, however, faith is not blind, much less brainless, in front of the True God, both Han Qianqian and the Devil Dragon are nothing more than two clowns. Even if the Devil Dragon killed Han Qianqian and borrowed his body, it would be the same."

        The crowd was red in the face, some sided with the True God, while others sided with Han Qianqian, even though they all knew that Han Qianqian was no longer Han Qianqian, but only a double and puppet of the Devil Dragon. But in their hearts, Han Qianqian is still their former faith.

        Therefore, they had some hopes and hopes for Han Qianqian, even though they themselves knew that these hopes were very slim.

        At this moment, Ao Shi also hurriedly brought his men over, and when he saw Lu Wushen and the black-smoking Han Qianqian fighting, he was stunned.

        Only after understanding that Han Qianqian had been devoured by the demonic dragon did he relax a little and let out a long breath.

        And in the same way as him, Wang Juzhi and Ye Qucheng and the others did the same.

        "Ao Luo, so what do we do now?" Wang Juzhi asked in a soft voice.

        "If he is a devil dragon, I naturally cannot keep him. The devil dragon has descended into the world and the world is in chaos, as a true god, I should cut down the demons and eliminate them." Ao Shi said in a cold voice, "Besides, the world is watching, can I not take action?"

        "But not now." Ao Shi said blandly.

        "It's good to let that old thing Lu Wu Shen try this guy out first, to feel out this guy's bottom line, and to consume Lu Wu Shen in a wave." Cool-Son Yeh instantly understood Ao Shi's meaning and laughed softly.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, steeply, there were already loud explosions coming from Han Qianqian and Lu Wushen's side.

        Although they were fighting all the way from the ground to the sky, they were surrounded by all kinds of after-effect explosions, which caused dust and smoke to rise, wind and clouds to swirl, and explosions to sound in all directions.

        Han Qianqian's hands were full of moves, including the Taiyan Heart Technique, the Taixu Divine Step, the No-Phase Divine Technique and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel.

        Lu Wushen's golden light protects his body, his divine energy is constant, and the energy in his hands comes at his fingertips. Although not complicated, the levels are clear, and the rules are extremely stable.

        Between the two, there was a lot of lightning and fire, which made people's hearts beat faster and their eyes dazzled.

        In a way, most of them could only watch the action. With their cultivation level, they could not see that the two had already made millions of moves between them, going back and forth countless times in a matter of seconds.


        A huge explosion exploded into the sky, and Han Qianqian and Lu Wushen both retreated several metres away from each other.

        The two men looked across the sky!!!

        Han Qianqian's face was as frosty as ice and his bloodshot eyes were aflame with battle intent!

        Lu Wushen's gaze shrank slightly, his gaze resolute, but his right hand hidden behind his back was slightly numb, and his heart was even more shocked.


        Another roar, Han Qianqian's right hand black qi coalesced, a speed up directly attacked.

        "You fellow ......" Lu Wushen looked at Han Qianqian in annoyance, the attack was surprisingly fierce: "If the tiger doesn't show its strength, you really think that this daddy is a sick cat."

        "Want to come is it? I'll accompany you!"

        Faced with Han Qianqian's simple and crisp provocation, Lu Wushen felt extremely shameless, and with his divine energy in his hands, he raised his body without further ado.

        One black and one gold, one devil and one god, each gathered their right fists, completely dropping their defences and attacking in full!

        "Come on!"

        The two fists came crashing down on each other!