His True Colors Chapter 2300

 The Devil Dragon already had a devilish fury so powerful that it was unparalleled in the world, only weakened by years of suppression by the God's Shackle. Although his original body was killed by Han Qianqian, the root of his essence and blood was absorbed in its entirety by Han Qianqian, and, now without the God's Shackle, this devilish fury itself was even stronger than before.

        The most important point is that a secret that no one knows about has forged a different kind of Devil's Breath!

        That's right, it was the divine blood within Han Qianqian.

        When the two bloods were mixed together, it was difficult to say whether the Devil's Blood had turned away the God's Blood or whether the God's Blood had devoured the Devil's Blood, but the two extremely powerful forces could end up existing within Han Qianqian at the same time, and then they were already integrated.

        There is a god in the devil and a devil in the god, together with a strange poison that is insidious and evil, this blood is extremely difficult to find in the eight worlds.

        Those who were at the top of the Blue Mountain in the middle of the zone, perhaps more than anyone else, could feel the horror and perversion of this demonic power. Those with low cultivation levels even lost themselves in the demonic aura, their eyes were bloodshot and they were like walking corpses approaching Han Qianqian.

        Those with higher cultivation levels also hurriedly meditated in place, holding their breath and concentrating, opening up their energy to resist the destruction of their hearts and minds by the Demon Demon Force, but even though they were able to do so, the intense Demon Demon Force still attacked their hearts.

        Many of them spurted blood furiously on the spot while meditating, and the scene was extremely appalling.

        "This is ...... what's going on?" Lu Ruoxuan had just sent Lu Wushen to rest inside the main tent, but only a short time later, he suddenly felt that everything was wrong, so he led Lu Yongsheng and the others to rush out, but when he saw the situation in front of him, he was completely frozen for a while.

        The sky had changed, the earth had changed, and the horror was like that of a man.

        "Gong ...... Gong ......" Lu Yongsheng's whole body trembled, pointing his finger at Lu Ruoxuan and Han Qianqian, his face pale with fear and his speech stuttering.

        Looking down the road, Lu Ruoxuan's entire body also suddenly pupils widened.

        Black clouds were pressing down, beams of light descended to the ground, demonic aura filled the air, and fierce aura washed over the sky.

        Han three thousand blood hair and red eyes, white skin and black veins, like the devil of hell, the god of Shura.

        "Han ...... Han Qianqian?" Lu Ruoxuan's eyes froze as if he had seen a ghost, and he growled sharply, "That guy, isn't he dead?"

        Lu Yongsheng was even more shocked than him, and how could he answer him anything!


        Suddenly, at that very moment, a large number of moderately cultivated disciples at the top of the Blue Mountain who were meditating in place opened their mouths in unison and spurted out blood, spewing out ten thousand spurts of blood, forming a huge blood mist a meter high in the air, an extremely sad scene.

        "What are you still standing there for? Save the people!"

        At this moment, Lu Wushen, noticing this, also rushed out from inside, shouting, not caring about his injuries, rushed over with a long leap, followed by a wave of golden light in his hand, a huge golden barrier directly blocked in front of the disciples like a transparent wall.

        Behind him, a group of experts from the top of the Blue Mountain also leapt forward, supporting the barrier with their hands.

        As the barrier came together, the golden light instantly blocked the black demonic energy, and the barrier rattled as the two energies came into contact.

        Without the protection of the experts, many of them died on the spot, or turned into walking corpses, blackened like zombies, and gathered towards Han Qianqian unconsciously.

        In just a few moments, there were already hundreds of "zombies" behind Han Qianqian, standing immediately behind him and worshipping him slightly.

        "Hold on." With the help of the masters, he was able to gather some strength and had the time and energy to look at Han Qianqian's side.

        But when he saw the situation on Han Qianqian's side, he, like Ao Shi, was not only jaw-dropped.

        "Grandpa ...... Isn't Han Sanchiang dead? How could ...... how could this happen?" Lu Ruoxuan, like almost everyone else, let out this soul-shattering question.

        Lu Wu Shen tightly closed his lips, you fucking ask me, who the fuck am I asking?!

        As a true god, the person he had pronounced dead suddenly came to life, and even he himself was left with a question mark.

        However, it was clear to Lu Wu Shen that it must have something to do with the Demon Dragon's essence blood.

        "Send someone to help those scattered people, I don't know what will become of these people who have been attacked by the demonic Qi in time, for the sake of a manageable situation, act immediately." Lu Wu Shen said in a cold voice.

        "Yes!" After receiving the order, Lu Ruoxuan then waved his hand at Lu Yongsheng, who without saying a word, re-picked a few dozen more experts and quickly rushed towards the side with the most casuals.

        A few moments later, a white wall of energy rose again, although it was not as strong as the one Lu Wushen had built, but with the combined efforts of all the people, it was barely able to resist the evil of the devilish Qi.

        And the most central Lu Ruoxin, her pretty face was already covered in fragrant sweat.

        But almost at that moment ......


        The black qi on Han Qianqian's body suddenly rushed to the sky, accompanied by a red light, and the two energies leapt up into a huge pillar of light that shot directly into the centre of the vortex above the firmament.


        A huge energy exploded from within Han Qianqian's body, and from a distance, all it looked like was a black dragon shadow!