His True Colors Chapter 2299

 "You guy, what did I tell you when you went out, telling you to never really get angry, let alone lose your mind, before I even finished my sentence, you fucking ...... shit, why were you so calm and collected when you fucking pitted each other with me?"

        Between spaces, the soul of the devil dragon who sensed that something was wrong could not help but drink in a low voice at this time.

        With the soul contract, he could feel that Han Qianqian was becoming more and more furious, and at the same time more and more irrational and uncontrollable!

        "Damn it, hold back." The devil dragon was a little anxious, he really didn't understand how Han Qianqian, who was able to consume so calmly and incomparably with himself here, which meant that he was in an extremely high state of mind, could become so like this less than a few moments after going out.

        This simply made him feel unbelievable ah.

        In a way, he even felt that Han Qianqian was even more sophisticated than him, a veteran who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, so how could he explode emotionally so easily?!

        The devil dragon was naturally right in his feelings, Han Qianqian, despite the number of years in his life being a heaven and a earth compared to the devil dragon, was more than a match for the devil dragon in terms of life experience.

        All his life, Han Qianqian has been a man who has endured all sorts of humiliations, but he has to be careful, and if he makes one wrong move, he will lose everything.

        Only he knows how difficult it has been for Han Qianqian to make his way to this day.

        Although Han Qianqian is not a dragon, he has the same untouchable dragon scales as Su Yingxia.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's eyes were full of anger, he didn't mind being tricked by Lu Ruoxin, but if Su Yingxia was also involved, it was unacceptable.

        She even dared to play with Su Yingxia's life.

        Lu Ruoxin also seemed to feel Han Qianqian's infinite anger, but she was not afraid at all, holding important chips in her hand, Han Qianqian was just an ant that could be crushed to death at any time in her eyes.

        "Is it useful to be angry? This world is the world of manglers." Lu Ruoxin snorted disdainfully, then her face turned fierce: "If you want to be angry, I will make you kneel down and submit. Han Qianqian, kneel down for me."

        There was no response, only Han Qianqian's bloodshot eyes, which had turned red with rage.

        The blood in his body, fueled by the devil's blood, became abnormally active and boiling.

        The devil's blood was burning, the beast's blood was boiling!!!

        "Hey, Han Qianqian, I'm talking to you!" Lu Ruoxin lifted her head and looked into Han Qianqian's bloodshot eyes, but her entire being could not help but stare.

        As strong as she was, as proud as she was, she was also taken aback by Han Qianqian's bloodthirsty and ice-cold eyes.

        "You ...... what are you doing?" Lu Ruoxin subconsciously took a slight half step back and looked at Han Qianqian in a daze.

        Han Qianqian was silent, but his breath was panting like an ox, and after a moment, he said in a cold voice: "Where is Su Yingxia, where is Han Nian."

        "If you behave yourself, they will be safe, but if you don't, you will never see them again in your life." Lu Ruoxin shot back in an equally calm and angry voice.

        No one could make her lower her voice, including Han Qianqian.

        "I ask one last time, Su Yingxia, Han Nian, where are they!"


        Han Qianqian's fierce black demonic aura erupted violently from around his body, spreading out like a dark starry sky of its own, and like a black fierce tiger evil beast of its own, opening its teeth and claws, opening its blood-spewing mouth in a bizarre manner.


        Three feet around his body, his qi spread out and directly exploded all the dead and living things around him into pieces.

        What a strong wave of Qi!

        Lu Ruoxin's heart was slightly shocked, and for a moment she was astonished.

        But the next second, she frowned.

        Although she and Han Qianqian were not considered friends, from what she knew about him and from the recent time she had spent with him, Han Qianqian had never had such a demonic and fierce aura on him.

        Could it be that it was the influence of the Blood of the Devil Dragon?!

        Thinking of this, Lu Ruoxin's hands moved slightly, and Cang Sheng and Yong Yi instantly built up their strength slightly.

        "As I said, I want Su Yingxia and Han Nian!"



        With a long roar from the sky, the black Qi exploded!

        Overhead, as if sensing Han Qianqian's roar, the clear sky dissipated and the sun was lost, leaving only black clouds rolling in and forming a huge vortex with Han Qianqian as the centre, echoing from above and downwards.

        On the ground, the sand flew away and the wind blew furiously.

        The spreading black Qi fiercely retracted and surrounded Han Qianqian in a deadly manner.


        Suddenly, in those black clouds surrounding Han Qianqian, they fiercely transformed into ghostly heads with hideous blood-bowl mouths roaring angrily, and then suddenly transformed into black Qi to continue to surround Han Qianqian, or into fierce beasts to attack, a drop and turn, as the former was again dissipated.

        The handsome face was as white as paper, as pale as blood, with bloodshot eyes and black hair that was suddenly silvery white and then instantly turned into blood red.

        In the midst of the black air, the long blood-coloured hair was like silk like an illusion, like blood like condensation, bright and eye-catching and with a glittering golden light.

        If the previous Han Qianqian had silver hair and a golden body, looking out of the world, was a god of war, then at this moment Han Qianqian was a demonic and cold demon god descending from the world!

        With Han Qianqian's transformation, the sky moved and the clouds surged, the earth was covered in darkness, and a powerful demonic aura spread everywhere!

        Whether it was Ao Shi and other people from the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion who had just arrived at the tent, or the scattered alliance of people who had seen all the fun and were ready to disperse, they were all shocked by the vision and ran back frantically one after another.

        "Grandpa, over there ......" Ao Yi's eyes widened as he looked incredulously at the tent at the top of the Blue Mountain.

        Black clouds pressed down, the central vortex of blood light rushed to the sky, straight over the ground, as if the sky and the earth, were connected together.

        "What a heavy demonic aura." Wang Juzhi could not help but swallow coldly.

        "This devilish aura, is it a devil dragon?" Ye Gucheng's face was also greatly alarmed, even though he was far away from there, he could still feel the extremely strong and incomparable demonic aura, and even in a way, the demonic aura today was far stronger than when he faced the demonic dragon directly at the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        "The devil dragon has resurrected?" Gu You also froze.

        "No!" Ao Shi frowned in a rare moment and bit his lip, "This Demon Fury Breath is similar to the Demon Dragon's, but more powerful than that."

        "This can't be right?" Wang Juzhi immediately opened his mouth in shock, "The Devil Dragon is already an ancient Hybrid Demon King, and his Demon Fury power has become so strong that no one can beat him today, how can there be a Demon Fury Breath that is even stronger than his?"

        "Over there, what exactly is happening?"

        Ao Shi didn't reply, he just kept staring at that end with a deadly gaze.