His True Colors Chapter 2297

 Hearing this, not only was Lu Ruoxin instantly happy, even Lu Ruoxuan's eyes lit up violently.

        There was hope?!

        "Grandpa, what's the solution? Tell me quickly." Lu Ruoxin said urgently.

        "Yes, grandpa, don't sell yourself short." Lu Ruoxuan also hurriedly said.

        Lu Wu Shen shook his head bitterly and helplessly, looked at his two beloved grandsons, sighed and said, "I don't know if this solution will work, to me, I can only say that it is tasteless. However, from a certain point of view, its existence must have its justification."

        Seeing that they did not understand, Lu Wu Shen took a long breath and slowly spoke, "The reason why people are human is because they have seven emotions and six desires that other races do not have. And these seven feelings and desires are invariably the root and trigger for human beings to develop in various directions. Some people fall into the devil's path because of love and hatred, others become Buddhist because their hearts are bad and compassionate, and others live in a dashing and scattered way, getting used to being idle and wild and then becoming a scattered cultivator, muddy with nature."

        "Grandfather, what do you mean?"

        "A person's seven emotions and six desires, though invisible, are very powerful, and one can use these to go down different paths and, conversely, to awaken his fighting spirit. The soul is the master of the seven passions, and the two are mutually reinforcing; now that his soul is closed, to awaken him, one can try to start with that."

        "Think of something that can stimulate his words, although this method is extremely unlikely, but if his soul awakens, coupled with the fact that the Demon Fury Qi in him has dissipated, it might be possible to save him at first." Lu Wu Shen said.

        "Xuan'er, help me to go back to the inner room to rest, I'm tired." Lu Wushen knew that this method, Lu Ruoxin might have, so he sent Lu Ruoxuan away and left Lu Ruoxin alone, treating a dead horse as a living one.

        Lu Ruoxuan nodded and beckoned the other subordinates to return to their posts, and then assisted Lu Wushen to leave slowly.

        Looking at Lu Wushen's back, Lu Ruoxuan murmured godlessly, her mouth faintly reciting, "Stimulating him?"

        Then, she shifted her gaze to Han Qianqian's body.

        After a long time, she smiled bitterly, but did not know how to speak.

        And at this time inside Han Qianqian, the devil dragon is obviously being suppressed by the golden body is extremely difficult, once maybe just, twice will be much more effort, when Han Qianqian that silk soul squeezed hideous face finally break through the heavy siege, Han Qianqian's own soul are squeezed uncomfortable.

        When did he ever think that returning to his own body would be so uncomfortable?

        But it was also relying on the Golden Body to protect its master at the final moment that prevented the demon dragon from breaking through the body's confines at all, and gave Han Qianqian the leverage and qualifications to pull off a comeback.

        Han Qianqian was just about to open his eyes when he heard Lu Ruoxin's muttered voice next to him.

        "Han Qianqian, do you really intend to die like this?"

        "Didn't you say how much you loved Su Yingxia? How much you love Han Nian? You're just going to abandon them like this, aren't you?"

        "And what about your senior sister Qin Shuang? Although you have no love for her, I know that she can't stop thinking about you and even loves you forever, are you going to leave her alone too?"

        "And what about that little disciple of yours, Qiushui? What about your brothers, Blade Twelve and Mo Yang? You don't care about them either?"

        "I promised you that I would release them if I helped me get the God's Yoke, and I will, but without you, do you think they will be happy even if I release them?"

        Hearing these words, Han Qianqian, however, suddenly became puzzled.

        What did this mean?

        It wasn't surprising that Lu Ruoxin knew about Su Yingxia and Han Nian's disappearance. She was also naturally clear about the situation of Knife Twelve and Mo Yang, but there was one thing that Han Qianqian instantly felt a million times more confused about.

        That's right, Qin Frost as well as Qiushui!

        Qin Frost and Qiushui had been on the road with Su Yingxia and Nian'er that night, but how many people could have known that they were on the road together?

        Thinking about it, Han Qianqian simply did not open his eyes.

        "Han Qianqian, you know what? Su Yingxia is really stupid and naive sometimes, she still reads to this day that you will always find her and go to save her, that little girl, is just as stupid as her mother, saying that his father is just out busy and will come to pick her up soon?"

        "And how will they know that you're all like that now? If they knew you were dead, wouldn't their behaviour turn out to be silly?"

        "And that senior sister of yours, who is gorgeous looking, but ends up spending all day staring at a pot of soil, not saying a word all day, and it is said that she only said one word during that time, or to the pot of soil, saying that she told it to hold on and that Han Qianqian would come to save them."

        "Oh, but, you're about to die, ah, what will you do to save them?"

        "Han Qianqian, you're really not talking are you?"

        "You're really going to die like this, aren't you?"

        "If you really plan to die, then you simply let me down too much, don't blame me for not warning you, if you really die like this, I swear, even if you do go to hell, you will never want to see your brothers and friends down there, see your senior sister, let alone see your Su Yingxia and your Han Nian!" Lu Ruoxin suddenly shouted in a cold voice.

        After Lu Ruoxin finished speaking, her cold eyes glared at Han Qianqian, but just as she turned her head, she froze in place ......