His True Colors Chapter 2296

 A dozen metres away from the tent, Han Qianqian's blasted body was lying peacefully there, his clothes having been torn to shreds in the explosion. His body was so blackened by the explosion that it could be described as unbearable.

        The result of the battle between the two True Gods, Han Qianqian, who was at the very centre of the explosion, could be imagined.

        In that space, the spirit of the demon dragon had just adjusted his breath, obviously he had spent a lot of effort in sending Han Qianqian out.

        But just as he had adjusted his breath, he saw a white light flash by, and immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian returned.

        "Holy shit, why are you back again?"

        Han Qianqian was in a mess, and climbed up with an awkward smile, saying, "Halfway out, I suddenly missed you, so I came back to check on you."

        "To see me?" The Devil Dragon was stunned, but as long as he wasn't stupid, he knew that Han Qianqian hadn't come back to see himself.

        Seeing the devil dragon's eyes, Han Qianqian also knew he couldn't hide it, and said bitterly: "There was someone outside to save me, but I don't know what happened, two people got into a fight, and when the spell exploded, I fucking happened to be sent out by you ...... and then when it exploded, I got dizzy again, so I came back. "

        Magic dragon a little speechless look at Han three thousand, a moment was actually speechless.

        "I see you also finished reading, that what, can send me again?" Han Qianqian smiled sarcastically, with a look of I am not embarrassed or you are embarrassed.

        The devil dragon couldn't help but roll his eyes, "You're really embarrassing, I suddenly regret entering into some bullshit soul contract with you, with your appearance, can I stay in there peacefully?"

        "Shit, I have to think about whether you're dead outside all the time."

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian also rolled his eyes speechlessly, "Holy shit, you think I want to, it's the real gods out there who are messing with me, do you understand? And there are two of them!"

        "I'm good enough, if it were anyone else, they would have died a long time ago."

        "Sit down! Cut the crap, I'll send you back, but, after carrying your golden body twice, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer a bit if you want to go back again this time." As soon as the words fell, the devil dragon directly transported the black Qi in his hand, then fiercely struck Han Qianqian.

        And at this moment, outside.

        Lu Ruoxin flipped Han Qianqian over, then rested his head in her arms, and a true energy in her hand fiercely slapped into Han Qianqian's body.

        "What about it?!" Lu Ruoxuan said urgently.

        "There is still a breath left, but the pulse is very weak." Lu Ruoxuan shook his head and said rather disappointedly.

        Although Han Qianqian's body was not yet dead, it was not far from death, in fact, it was in a very bad condition.

        Lu Ruoxuan waved his hand, and several experts hurriedly sat down to help Lu Ruoxin aid Han Qianqian together.

        The Ao family and the Pill God Pavilion and others, however, at this time, each had lightly raised their eyebrows, they rushed over, on the one hand, to cooperate with Ao Shi's acting, on the other hand, they just wanted to see if Han Qianqian was dead or not.

        Now that Han Qianqian was in such a state, the group was overjoyed, but only the Fu family at the end had mixed feelings in their hearts, and they were both happy and a little disappointed.

        Lu Wushen and Ao Shi also slowly walked over with the help of their subordinates.

        They looked at each other and each sent out a ray of divine energy to probe Han Qianqian's body, but to their disappointment, it was just as Lu Ruoxin had said.

        Han Qianqian was already in critical condition.

        "Withdraw." Lu Wushen instructed a group of experts from the Lu Clan with a rather saddened look, even though he had used all his strength just now, in the end, it was still difficult to save him.

        This made him gradually feel pity and at the same time quite regretful. The fortunate thing was that Ao Shi had also been injured, which gave him at least some comfort.

        "Yes!" The Lu Clan experts nodded, and immediately afterwards a group of them combined their efforts to withdraw their energy.

        Han Qianqian was soon left alone with Lu Ruoxin struggling to hold on.

        The stubborn woman kept gritting her teeth, silently refusing to give up.

        As far as she was concerned, she was not willing to watch Han Qianqian die like this, this was the only man she could at least look at squarely.

        Perhaps, before it was more of a use, now it was still, but with a bit more recognition.

        "Grandfather ......" Lu Ruoxin bitterly lamented.

        "Xin'er, stop, there is a heavenly destiny, Han Qianqian's destiny is over, how much more tossing and turning, it is just a waste of energy." Lu Wushen shook his head and sighed bitterly.

        "Yes, Xin'er, your grandfather and I have tried our best, but indeed ...... there is nothing we can do." Ao Shi said with false embarrassment.

        "No, grandpa, Han Qianqian won't die so easily, you guys don't know how many times this guy has come back from the dead, even the Endless Deep ......"

        Lu Wushen was also hurt and was naturally furious at Lu Ruoxin for being so "unreasonable", so he interrupted angrily, "Enough, Xin'er, do you not even believe what grandpa said?"

        "Xin'er, although Han Qianqian has a trace of existence, it is only a basic reflection of his body, his own soul has already disappeared and is useless." Ao Shi pretended to be helpless and said.

        "Grandpa and Grandpa Ao are the strongest people in the Eight Directions world, even they say it won't work, so you shouldn't make unnecessary insistence." Lu Ruoxuan advised in a soft voice.

        Lu Ruoxuan suddenly had a burst of despair in her eyes, yes, even the two True Gods were unable to do anything, Han Qianqian's death was a certain outcome.

        Lu Ruo Xuan gently used his energy to open Lu Ruo Xin's hand that was saving Han Qian Qian, and then pulled up Lu Ruo Xin who was still a bit reluctant and unwilling.

        Han Qianqian's body was just placed on the ground, motionless.

        "Brother Lu, since Han Qianqian is beyond saving, then I will also take my leave." Seeing that the scene was already like this, Ao Shi knew that he had succeeded and that there was no point in staying any longer, rather it was easy to say more and do more and make more mistakes, so he pretended to look as if he was quite a bit uncomfortable with his own injuries and said in a difficult voice.

        Lu Wushen nodded slightly and cupped his fist, "Okay, brother Ao, you go back and rest more. Today, there is a prison for you."

        Ao Shi shook his head politely, "Brother Lu is very kind, although you and I have a competitive relationship, we are also rare confidants and friends, it is only right for me to help."

        After saying that, Ao Shi looked back lightly, the Ao Family disciples and the Pill God Pavilion people then collectively gave a salute to Lu Wushen and the others, after which they helped Ao Shi slowly leave.

        "Grandpa, is there really not a single solution?" After Lu Ruoxin and the others left, at this point, he still asked reluctantly.

        Lu Wushen smiled bitterly, "You've always been cold by nature, one could even say that you don't ask about the world, so why are you so attached to Han Qianqian? Corey, have you moved with true love?"

        Lu Ruoxin's face faintly froze: "Xin'er didn't, Xin'er just felt that Han Sanqian was very important to the Lu family. That's why ......"

        Lu Wushen nodded and glanced at Han Qianqian, "There is another way."