His True Colors Chapter 2295

 Outside at this time, with Ao Shi joining in, after a short test, Lu Wushen confirmed that Ao Shi was indeed serious about helping Han Qianqian, he also increased his energy.

        Seeing that Lu Wushen had given his full strength, Ao Shi was laughing coldly.

        It was true that he seemed to be doing his best to help Han Qianqian, but it was only on the surface.

        Perhaps other people would be able to see through his tricks in front of Lu Wu Shen, but if Ao Shi, who was also a true god, were to play these games, it would be difficult for Lu Wu Shen to notice, especially when Lu Wu Shen was eager to save others.

        This was the time when the Devil Dragon and Han Qianqian had reached a reconciliation and their health had improved, so Lu Wushen thought that their combined efforts had had an effect, and therefore did not suspect Ao Shi.

        When Ao Shi saw how serious Lu Wu Shen was, he understood that the time was ripe and smiled gently.

        Lu Wushen had no idea that Ao Shi had made the move and was using all his strength when he suddenly realised that something was wrong.

        There was suddenly an extremely strong force within Han Qianqian's body that was wildly reactive and extremely domineering.

        This made Lu Wushen greatly puzzled and surprised, but at this moment he had no choice but to continue to strengthen his resistance, what could he do?

        The only thing he could do was to rely on his huge True God's power and slowly suppress it.

        The only thing he could do was to rely on his huge True God's power to slowly suppress it. Lu Wushen did not know that Han Qianqian's own devilish power was so heavy that his True God's power could indeed cope with it, but he could barely do so.

        Lu Wu Shen also quickly sensed what seemed to be two energies and was looking at Ao Shi in a strange way.

        Ao Shi, on the other hand, was already prepared and looked over with the same incomparably shocked look in his eyes, saying in an urgent voice, "Brother Lu, what's going on? There is suddenly an additional force within the red light, and it is extremely domineering, biting me to death."

        Lu Wushen immediately dispelled a lot of doubts, could it be that there was something else different within the red circle that neither of them had noticed before?

        "Could it be that there is some other mystery within this Demonic Fury Qi? Could it have messed up the energy of both of us and attacked each other?" Ao Shi said curiously at this point.

        Lu Wushen suddenly realized that right now, it was indeed extremely possible.

        Thinking of this, Lu Wu Shen's remaining doubts disappeared and said, "Brother Ao, we can't go on like this, I'll count to one, two, three, we'll use our full strength together and then withdraw at the same time."

        "Also, if we continue like this, both of us will not be able to bear it, as for whether Han Qianqian will die or live, we can only leave it up to fate." Although Ao Shi's face was hard to bear, his heart was overjoyed.

        The two men nodded to each other, and then, with the sound of one, two, three, they each roared and punched into the red circle with all their strength.

        As they did so, the golden circle of energy, which was the size of their arms, grew as big as a hundred-year-old tree.

        The power of the True Gods rolled away.

        Heaven and earth trembled slightly ......

        "Boom !!!!"

        Poor someone Han, who had only been sent out from the Demonic Dragon's Soul with great difficulty, was just about to come to his senses when he was instantly blown directly out of consciousness by the explosion of the two True Gods' power.

        If it wasn't for the fact that these two True Gods' forces were mainly fighting against each other, otherwise they would have directly hit Han Qianqian, even though he now had the body of a loose immortal, he still wouldn't have been able to withstand such a might.


        In mid-air, Lu Wushen spurted blood, and his body immediately flew backwards continuously, and Ao Shi's head immediately had a joy in his eyes.

        He was a little bit ahead of one, two, three, a little bit earlier than Lu Wushen, and only closed his hand a little bit later after Lu Wushen withdrew his energy. This was the same as Lu Wu Shen's first strike being late and secretly taking a loss and being attacked by Ao Shi. Again, because of the early withdrawal, he suffered the damage of the backlash alone.

        Lu Wushen was extremely badly injured, although Ao Shi was also injured, but much less so.

        In order not to be discovered by Lu Wushen, he also faked retreating and flying hundreds of metres, spilling fresh blood.


        Both sides shouted in unison, followed by the Ao and Lu families each running towards their own True Gods.

        And with this explosion, the red pillar of light that rushed into the sky within Han Qianqian's tent also disappeared with a bang, and Han Qianqian's body was carried away by the explosion as the red light dissipated, smashing onto the ground with a thud.

        "I don't matter." Lu Wushen was surrounded by the Lu family upon landing, and he forced himself to endure the pain as he looked over at Han Qianqian, who had smashed to the ground not far away next to him, "Go and see Han Qianqian."

        Over there, Ao Shi also fell from the air and shook his head slightly at the concerned Ao Clan disciples and Wang Juzhi of the Pill God Pavilion and others, and similarly looked towards Han Qianqian: "Go and see Han Qianqian."

        The people on both sides of the table immediately rushed towards Han Qianqian, and Lu Ruoxin was the one who rushed ahead of everyone, and at this time, she was probably the one who cared about how Han Qianqian was doing.

        The only thing is, what will happen to Han Qianqian at this time?