His True Colors Chapter 2292

 In the red light, although the Demonic Fury Qi was much smoother, it was still extremely powerful, constantly consuming his energy, while Han Qianqian's body was more like a vortex, eating up those few remaining energies frantically as well, which made Lu Wushen extremely strained even though he was a True God.

        However, as Ao Shi had said, although Lu Wu Shen had laboured, he had not exerted any of his full strength at all.

        Now there were only two True Gods left, and to put it bluntly, those were both holding each other back, and if anything happened to one side, it would usher in the destruction of the opposite side.

        In the end, Han Qianqian was only a pawn in the eyes of Lu Wu Shen to help the great cause of the Lu family.

        But at that moment, a commotion broke out below, and the disciples at the top of the Blue Mountain were all in a defensive stance, weapons in hand.

        Behind him, a group of cadres from the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion followed closely behind.

        "Ao family, this is the domain of the top of my Blue Mountain, if you take another step forward, don't blame us for being merciless." The escort leader in charge of the outer guards at this point forced back the tension in his heart and shouted angrily.

        "Fuck, these bitches, watching my grandfather save Han Qianqian and wanting to take advantage of the situation so soon?" Lu Ruoxuan shouted, directly drawing up his weapon and bringing up his men to quickly support towards the entrance.

        "Ao Shi, what? I've only just moved, and you can't help yourself?" Lu Wushen laughed softly in the air.

        Although it was just a smile, the pressure pounced on the sky, and many of the disciples of the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea instantly only felt difficulty in breathing.

        "Brother Lu, you misunderstand, if I were to attack the troops to fight, why would I do so with this number of people?" Ao Shi laughed lightly.

        Lu Wushen raised his eyes and saw that a large number of the main forces of the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea were indeed all within their tents.

        "Buddy Lu, although you and I are not a family, we have at least presided over this world together for hundreds of years and are already old friends, how could I not help out if you are in trouble?" Ao Shi said with a gentle smile.

        "Grandpa Ao, would you be so kind?" Lu Ruoxin followed suit with a few steps and said aloud.

        Although they all knew that Lu Ruoxin was stunningly beautiful, seeing her in real life again, many people from the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea were still extremely surprised and sunken.

        "Grand-niece, is this how you speak to your grandfather Ao?" Ao Shi was not angry either and laughed harshly.

        "When speaking to elders, one must naturally be sincere and genuine, not daring to deceive in any way, so Xin'er believes that this is the greatest respect for Grandpa Ao."

        Ao Shi was cold, but looked at Lu Ruoxin but was full of love, speaking straight to the core and always had her reasoning, indeed she was ice-cold smart: "You girl, you really are sharp-tongued."

        "Good, since that's the case, Grandpa Ao won't hide, I'm really here this time to help your grandfather save Han Qianqian, there are absolutely no falsehoods, I'll vouch for that in the name of the Ao family."

        Hearing these words, the Lu family was stunned, Ao Shi had really come over to help with good intentions?

        Just how is this simply so unbelievable?!

        "Grandpa Ao guarantees it in his own name, naturally no one dares to have the slightest doubt. It's just that Han Qianqian and the Eternal Sea seem to have always had only enmity, not love, and yet Grandpa Ao wants to save him? That seems hardly convincing, right?" Lu Ruoxin said in a cold voice.

        Trying to fool someone of Lu Ruoxin's extremely high intelligence with just this excuse was clearly impossible.

        "This kid attacked my eternal sea, I should have killed him by a thousand cuts, but he is lucky to have won your favor, so I don't want to pursue this any further. I'm not afraid to tell you the real reason why I came to save him. Ao Shi said softly, although the words were very light, but the tone of his voice was not to be questioned.

        This was something that Lu Ruoxin did not understand very well, but Lu Wushen understood it very well, they had fought with the two people behind Han Qianqian in the sky, and if they wanted Han Qianqian, it would be the same as wanting those two experts.

        "You and I will work together to save him, if he wakes up, we will choose who to choose, we will compete fairly, if he dies, you and I will also consume fairly, brother Lu, what do you think?" Ao Shi smiled very confidently, he believed that with these words, Lu Wushen would definitely agree, because it would not only dispel his current doubts, but it was the only option he had left.

        Lu Wushen only thought for a moment before nodding his head in the next second, "Good, brother Ao, then there is firm brother Ao."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ao Shi already flew up, and a golden energy struck directly into Han Qianqian in the red light.

        And this time in the dark space.

        Han Qianqian was snoring loudly, sleeping sweetly and deliciously, and although the spirit of the devil dragon was sitting there and there, it was obviously not breathing well, and its figure was slightly lurching east and west.

        "Ahhhhhhh! F*ck, I can't f*cking stand you, bitch, get up for me old man."

        Suddenly, in the silent and peaceful darkness of space, the demon dragon stood up frantically and roared at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian stopped snoring, his eyes slightly averted, and said carelessly, "What for?"