His True Colors Chapter 2290

 Han Qianqian smiled, "I don't really want anything, but I'm short of a handyman."

        Hearing these words, the Demon Dragon's Spirit was instantly enraged, "Gryphon, you are reckless."

        "Or we can all die together, I don't care, as you said, a mortal a mole, what about you? What dragon emperor's dignity, the devil's dignity, bull and so on is even a whole lot more, but the barefoot one is not afraid of the one wearing shoes, we are all trapped here together." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        "You shameless ...... person," the spirit of the demon dragon gritted his teeth in anger.

        "Don't blame me for not reminding you oh, no matter what, I am inside my body, although the people outside may not notice anything different for a while or know how to help me. But after a while, who can say for sure? I'm afraid I can afford to wait, but you can't." When Han Qianqian finished speaking, he smiled gently, and without any nonsense, his body slightly retracted and he simply sat in the air.

        Then, Han Qianqian yawned, with a leisurely look, as if he was ready to lie down and take a nap at any moment.

        However, the Devil's Dragon Spirit was not so relaxed, and he was furious.

        He was already annoyed at not being able to break through, and now Han Qianqian's words added fuel to the fire.

        "Gryphon, you are so cheap, I will kill you!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the Demon Dragon's Spirit released a black Qi in his hand and attacked Han Qianqian violently.


        As soon as the black Qi touched Han Qianqian, a golden light flashed across Han Qianqian's body, and in the next second, the black Qi directly dissipated.

        "What?! You damned gnat!" The Demon Dragon's Soul was annoyed at the failure of one blow.

        The light of the golden body was not only found in the sky above, but also on this brat Han Qianqian's body!

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and looked at the golden light shining beside him, leisurely and incomparably, and said, "Don't you know that it hurts your liver to be angry all the time?"

        "I'm kindly reminding you, after all, if you don't try to occupy my body and trigger the golden body guardian, in this dream world that is completely controlled by you, I can really only wait for death."

        "But, alas ......" Han Qianqian barred his mouth, the bitchy look on his face made the Demon Dragon's Soul look like he wanted to eat this guy alive: "Anyway thank you, I feel very comfortable and at ease now , I'm also very tired, I'll take a nap first."

        After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he really did close his eyes and simply fell asleep.

        The Soul of the Devil Dragon was half dead with anger, sleeping so openly in front of himself and not putting himself in his eyes, he had lived for hundreds of thousands of years and had never heard or seen anything like it.

        Throughout history, no matter who it was, which one of them would not be scared shitless? Even the great gods were as nervous as if they were enemies.

        Today, however, the ship has capsized on this one mole.

        His strong pride and solitude made the Soul of the Demon Dragon extremely humiliated, but he also knew clearly that there was nothing he could do about Han Qianqian.

        In the dream world, he could control everything, but by chance, this golden body protection was triggered directly from the very root of his body, and could not be controlled at all.

        But on the contrary, this golden body light was still exceptionally suppressing itself.

        "Fine, if you want to die, you can die together, I, the Devil Dragon, have lived for hundreds of thousands of years and have long been tired of living, I will not be afraid of you, this brat?" The Devil Dragon's Soul took a deep breath, and immediately afterwards he also sat down, slightly cross-legged with his eyes closed, and consumed with Han Qianqian.

        One man and one soul, one slept and one sat like this.

        Outside, at the top of the Blue Mountain, they were busy and dizzy.

        A group of experts had all been shaken and injured, and Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin were also seriously injured, except for Lu Wushen, who had been holding on the whole time.

        But as time went on, even as strong as Lu Wushen was, he could hardly hold on, and bean sweat kept dripping down.

        With no choice, he could only hold on strongly.

        "If this continues, grandpa will not be able to take it anymore." Lu Ruoxuan was so anxious.

        "Quickly tell the old man to stop." Lu Yongsheng also hurriedly said.

        It was already self-evident how important the True God was to any family, and the difference between the Fu family and them was the simplest example of this.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was slightly anxious, and she was at a loss for words for a moment.

        If she gave up, Han Qianqian's body would fly into the clouds with the red light, and no one would know what the consequences would be.

        But if she did not give up, it was clear that Lu Wushen could no longer support her.

        From afar, Wang Juzhi's eyes had long been straightened as he watched, and he muttered, "It seems that this demon dragon is indeed something extraordinary, Han Qianqian has merely absorbed the demon's blood, and it has shaken the experts at the top of Blue Mountain to retreat.

        "This devil dragon is an ancient thing, naturally it is extraordinary, if it was that easy to deal with, why would it have waited until today." Ao Shi said indifferently, "If not for being suppressed by the God's Yoke, even Lu Wu Shen and I wouldn't be sure we could fight him, but this kid is a newborn calf that isn't afraid of tigers."

        "Hmph, propping up a hero is bound to pay a price, right now, this kid is asking for it." Ye Kucheng mocked in a cold voice.

        He would not let go of any opportunity to belittle Han Qianqian, and his pride and arrogance would not allow him to let go, so even when Ao Shi and the others were talking, he could not help but interject without regard to the occasion and his status.

        Wang Juzhi instantly flashed a hint of disgust in his eyes, forcing down the anger in his heart and straightening it out as best he could before asking Ao Shi in a soft voice, "Old Ao, then in your opinion ......"

        "Lu Wu Shen can't save him." Ao Shi laughed softly.

        "Really?" Wang Juzhi was instantly delighted.

        "The Demonic Fury Qi is really too heavy, with Lu Wushen's power alone, it is not impossible to support him, after all, he is a genuine True God, however, it may require him to pay a considerable price." Ao Shi said.

        "Lu Wushen wouldn't be willing, would he, now that our Eternal Sea and Pill God Pavilion are so strong, how would he casually put himself in danger." Wang Juzhi laughed.

        "He naturally wouldn't be willing." Ao Shi laughed softly.

        Hearing these words, Wang Zhuzhi was quite relieved, so to speak, Han Qianqian would definitely die. That was good, it would take no effort to see that boy die.

        This was retribution for letting that kid help Lu Ruoxin grab the God's Yoke!

        "That's great." Wang Juzhi said happily.

        "What's there to be happy about?" Seeing Wang Juzhi's smiling face, Ao Shi frowned in discontent.

        This sudden question directly confused Wang Juzhi, Han Qianqian's death was tantamount to the elimination of a big threat, and naturally there was no need to pull him in.

        "Humph!" Ao Shi shook his head helplessly, "Pedantic thing, how could I stand by and watch Han Qianqian die, come with me over to save the people."

        At these words, all of them froze.

        Save the enemy? What kind of operation is this?!