His True Colors Chapter 2289

 "No, I don't believe it, what else in this world can trap me, it's just a mere golden body, what do I have to fear?" The Soul of the Devil Dragon roared in resignation.

        Apart from the fact that Han Qianqian was able to kill him, apart from the fact that the attacks of Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin and over a hundred thousand people were indeed fierce enough, there was also the most important point, and that was that the Devil Dragon had also taken a fancy to Han Qianqian's body.

        This body, even though it was a human, made him crave it.

        Inside, he had the heart of the dragon clan to supply him with energy, outside he had the body of a loose immortal and a divine weapon for attack and defence, and most importantly, this boy's blood not only had the taste of a true god, but also had the strange poison that he could only dream of.

        If he could take over a body like this, it would be a good choice for the demon dragon's soul to return to the body. After experiencing the onslaught of many people, he chose this way of enduring humiliation or stealing the dragon to turn into a phoenix.

        Everything went smoothly according to his plan, and the spirit of the mole was sealed and killed by himself, and he became the true owner of this body.

        But how could he have imagined that it would suddenly get stuck at this most critical juncture?

        How could the Soul of the Devil Dragon not be annoyed, and how could it not be willing to do so?

        How could it know the origin of that golden body? How could it know that the golden body had reached the extreme realm where no breath could guess its existence?

        Or rather, many breaths were not worthy of detecting it at all.


        The spirit of the demonic dragon, whose anger had not yet subsided, once again turned on its full breath, and an insidious demonic fury filled its entire body, followed by a dive straight through the sky!


        An even more powerful golden light shone, like a huge boundary, and as soon as the Demon Dragon's Soul came into contact with the golden light, it was directly knocked over and fell down.


        This time, the Demon Dragon's body trembled even more, and even wavered weakly for a time.

        "Fuck." The Devil Dragon's mouth was already bleeding black as if it didn't want money, and he wiped his mouth as he looked indignantly at the top of his head, "What the hell is that? If I can't break through here, do I have to be trapped here forever?"

        "No way, no way, how can I not be able to break through the body of a mole?"

        In the next second, the Demon Dragon once again transported his black Qi and fiercely tried to fly up again.

        But just as he was about to charge, he suddenly felt a tug at his feet, and when he looked down, he saw that at some point, a golden energy was tied tightly above his right foot like a rope.

        At the other end of the rope was Han Qianqian, who was slowly rising and carrying a golden light on his body.

        "You mole ...... are not dead?" The spirit of the devil dragon was both shocked and angry.

        "If you are not dead, how can I be dead." Han Qianqian cracked a smile, his face has been pale, although the situation is not too good, however, his body, which was already white and bony just now, is now intact as before, only his clothes and trousers are torn and his body is scarred.

        "You just ...... you damned gnat, you pretended to be dead to trick me?" The spirit of the devil dragon immediately understood what was going on, and could not help but be angry and anxious: "You humans, you are really despicable, actually use such tactics."

        "If I call this despicable compared to you dumping my brain and trying to kill me in the dream world to take my body, then what do you call that?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        "How do you know ...... this is a dream?"

        "I asked you if this was real? The fact that you avoided answering is already the best answer. If it is not real, then it can only be an illusion or something ...... else," Han Qianqian affirmed.

        "When I played dead, I thought about it for a long time, you kept denying that it was an illusion, but I could really feel my pain, and even you could do unbelievable acts against the heavens, not only copying my spells, but even my divine weapons, combined with these, I thought about it, there is only one possibility."

        "The dream world. You manipulate and my dream world, so naturally you can dominate everything here, and even make everything that is unreasonable become reasonable as you think, right?" Han Qianqian coldly however said.

        "Gryphon, you're quite clever!" The Devil's Soul laughed gently, "This daddy has underestimated you."

        "Where can there be so many iniquitous souls when they are so dense and countless? I was indeed frightened by the gesture at first, but you are too manipulative." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        The Soul of the Devil revealed a hideous smile and nodded.

        "However, we have a saying on Earth that a hasty heart cannot eat hot tofu." Han Qianqian laughed softly, although his face was not good, but his eyes were full of confidence.

        "Even if you know the truth, what can you do? Gryphon, you also know that in your dream world, I am in control, then you should know clearly that I am in charge of everything here. No matter how fierce you are, how capable you are, you are all a cannon's shadow under all the rules I have set." The Devil Dragon laughed disdainfully.

        "Indeed, that's why I'm desperate too. However, it seems that you should be desperate too." Han Qianqian smiled and glanced at the sky, the meaning very obvious.

        What Han Qianqian was referring to was naturally the golden light emanating from that layer of golden body.

        "What do you want?" Seeing Han Qianqian's unsuspecting look, the Demon Dragon's Soul faintly froze.