His True Colors Chapter 2288


        The dragon soul split in two, and the dragon head on that person looked at Han Qianqian with eyes full of incredulity.

        "Making illusions in front of me, brother has told you, brother has experienced two extremely strong illusion trials." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        But in the next second, the Dragon Soul bilateral suddenly stood up again, followed by a reunion, just a flash of the figure, and unexpectedly stood in front of Han Qianqian as good as new.

        "Do you think that, having sneaked up on me, you've succeeded?" The Soul of the Devil Dragon laughed gently, "Although it is remarkable that you discovered me, but so what?"

        "A mole will always be a mole, even if he stands taller, he is only a mole that stands taller, but that will not change his fate." When the Soul of the Devil Dragon finished speaking, a black Qi emanated from its body and directly wrapped Han Qianqian in a deadly embrace, with one of the demonic Qi even wrapping around Han Qianqian's neck in a deadly manner.

        Han Qianqian immediately felt difficulty in breathing, but no matter how much he struggled, the black Qi was like a rope that bound the immortals, not moving at all.

        "Before I die, I will only ask you one question."

        "As I said, this is not an illusion. So, shut your stinking mouth, it's noisy." When the Devil Dragon finished speaking, he laughed coldly and flicked his hand.

        The black qi turned into a rope instantly and directly lassoed Han Qianqian's neck even more to death!

        "That ...... that ...... that ...... that ...... this ...... this ...... this ...... in ...... is, is it real ......?" Han Qianqian could no longer even speak, but still used all his strength to shout out the last few words of his life with difficulty.

        Then with the eyes that were extremely congested from lack of oxygen and seemed ready to burst out, he stared deadly at the magic dragon, waiting for his answer.

        The devil dragon was stunned, not having thought that this boy was so intensely conscious, that he had reached this point and was still staring at himself with a deathly look.

        However, he chose to be silent about the question.

        Han Qianqian finally revealed a smile that was worse than tears, and it was clear that he had gotten his answer.

        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian's neck craned and he swallowed the last breath of his life.

        Only then did the Soul of the Devil Dragon let go of his hand and the black Qi instantly dispersed, while Han Qianqian's corpse instantly fell vertically like a dead dog.

        Beneath his feet, what would have been countless unjust souls had by now disappeared without a trace, like an immense and incomparable abyss, Han Qianqian's body kept falling and falling ......

        "Tsk, what a pity." The Devil Dragon's Soul's shook its head unfortunately, with a hint of mockery sighed, "You are the first one who can completely kill me itself, this, on the contrary, makes this daddy impressed with you."

        "Unfortunately, you shouldn't have done so. The taking of your sheds is your punishment."

        After saying that, the Demon Dragon's Soul smiled gently and said somewhat greedily, "You're a mole, although your body is very good, yet, surprisingly, even I'm quite shy."

        "The body of a loose immortal, the bloodline of a god, and the heart of a dragon, although the heart of a dragon is nothing to me, it can, however, provide the necessary energy for me to fuse into your body."

        "So be it, let me make good use of this body of yours. I will use it to return to the top, and it will be the only glory you boy will have left in this world when the time comes." With a soft smile, the Demon Dragon's Soul sat in place while coiled up.

        Immediately afterwards, he closed his eyes slightly and a powerful demonic aura emanated from his body and drifted to the surroundings.

        When the demonic Qi drifted around, it quickly grew like a vine, then gave birth to more branches and spread out in all directions.

        In just a few moments, many branches sprouted from this dark and incomparable space, almost filling the entire space to the brim.

        "Now, the final step." As soon as the words fell, the Demon Dragon's Soul shouted coldly, and his body violently transformed into a black Qi, followed by flying in the direction of the top sky.


        Not long after he flew up, suddenly, a golden light lit up from the top, directly slapping the black Qi down.

        The black Qi instantly fell into mid-air, followed by a slight flash, and the figure of the Demon Dragon's Soul reappeared, only that unlike just now, at this moment, this fellow's mouth was hanging with tinges of black blood at the corners.

        "What?" The Soul of the Devil Dragon looked at the golden light above in shock.

        "This guy's body ...... actually ...... actually has other things present, this golden body ...... so strong! "

        "Try again, I don't believe it, what broken golden body can resist the might of my devil dragon."

        As soon as the words fell, the devil dragon once again transformed into a black gas and soared into the sky.


        An even stronger golden light fiercely appeared.


        The black Qi fell straight down at an even faster speed, followed by the trembling and blurred figure of the Demon Dragon's Spirit once again appearing.

        "Shit!" The Soul of the Devil Dragon looked incredulously above its head, "This damned fellow, what kind of golden body did he find to melt into his body that even I ...... can't get out? This is absolutely impossible, this ...... what the hell is this?"

        Just at this moment, the soul of the demon dragon pressed noticing that a little golden light suddenly appeared in that darkness beneath his feet ......