His True Colors Chapter 2286


        The whole space also fell into complete dead silence.


        "Is ...... it dead?" Han Qianqian was no longer able to utter the words, and the only consciousness left was trying to ask himself rhetorically, but Han Qianqian knew that the answer to those words was something that even he himself could not give.

        It was not that he could not give it, but that he could not give it, for his consciousness had begun to grow weaker and weaker, and he could not feel the existence of his body at all, much less the existence of the statement, like the ethereal glimmer before death, leaving only the last bit of afterglow on earth.



        I can't die!

        Su Yingxia and Han Nian are still waiting for themselves.

        "That's right, even if hell is going to shut me up, then I have to tear through this hell."

        "Little earthworm, I'm not even afraid when I'm alive, will I be afraid of you after you die?"

        "Open to me!"

        With a fierce shout, the calm and boundless world of darkness suddenly had a tiny dot of light.


        In the next second, the point of light suddenly blossomed into light, spreading wider and wider.


        The entire world once again returned to the way it was before, with Han Sanchi standing in the boundless darkness.

        "Is that all?" Han Qianqian smiled coldly, looking at the increasingly roaring cries of ghosts and the various vicious ghostly shadows of unjust spirits around him.

        "That's all? You have an arrogant tone, little boy!" A cold voice shouted from the darkness, followed by a shuddering of space, and the darkness unexpectedly revealed a dense crowd of various ghostly shadows of iniquitous spirits, their faces hideous and their limbs twisted.

        "Do you think that by breaking the fall with your little consciousness, you can escape from the Morrowind Hell? Ignorance!"


        Dense ghostly shadows of iniquitous souls fiercely attacked towards Han Qianqian, their number incalculable, filling only every corner of this dark world that could not see the edge.

        Maybe thousands of millions, maybe hundreds of millions or an infinite number!

        "Bang, bang, bang!"

        Even though Han Qianqian tried desperately to resist, it was still difficult to resist this flood-like, dense army of dead souls, and in just a few seconds, all of them had already exploded on his body, causing Han Qianqian to suffer a lot, his body was full of bruises, and blood kept flowing from his mouth.

        "What? Only one ten thousandth of the iniquitous souls passed through, and you can't carry it anymore? Where has all your earlier arrogance gone?" In the darkness, a sneer rang out.

        Han Qianqian laughed coldly, forcing himself to endure the sharp pain in his body and laughed, "I really don't know where you get your confidence from, and how do you not know that I only used a millionth of my strength just now? It's easy to kill you, but you still have to move your body, and now you're asking your grandson to find some of these things to massage my body, isn't that what you should do?"

        "You damned gnat."

        With an angry curse, ten thousand souls roared in unison, piercing the eardrums!

        Immediately afterwards, the ghostly shadows of iniquitous spirits attacked again, even more fierce and faster than the last time!

        Han Qianqian clenched his teeth and frowned, his hand fiercely clenched in the air, a huge golden axe across his hand.

        "Heavenly Fire, Moon Wheel."


        Heavenly Fire glowed in his left hand, while the Moon Wheel in his right hand was jagged with purple lightning!

        "Four beasts protect the body!"


        The Four Divine Heavenly Beasts roared in anger, suddenly revealing their strange bodies and their sharpness.

        "Undying Xuan Armour!"


        With a flash of purple light Ling's body, the Undying Xuan Armor boomed, echoing with Zheng Han Three Thousand.

        "Northern Underworld Four Souls Formation, one into two, two into four!"

        Four Han Three-thousand figures appeared in a mighty manner!

        "Pan Gu Axe Formation!"

        Brush brush brush!

        Above the sky, ten thousand golden axes, pointing in the air.

        "You know quite a lot of things, don't you." A sneer came out of the darkness.

        Han Qianqian, whose hair had turned white and mighty, smiled disdainfully as the corners of his mouth twitched, "How else would I clean up this little earthworm of yours?"

        "Unfortunately, if you know more, so what?"


        "Let's try!"

        "All devils return to destruction!"


        Abruptly, all the unjust souls suddenly had black Qi wrapped around their bodies, in their hands, on their bodies, as much as they could.


        In the hands of the iniquitous souls, the black qi dissipated, already holding a giant axe in their hands, holding a ball of black fire, a ball of black lightning, the black qi on their bodies dissipated, already having black armour on their bodies, the black qi between each other dissipated, already having their bodies transformed into two, two into four, each figure four black four beasts hovering around them!

        The remaining black qi dispersed, gathered in the sky, then dispersed, it was actually ten thousand black axes in the air!

        "What?" Han Qianqian froze, what these guys had transformed into, wasn't it exactly the same as what he was currently?!


        A solemn sound of killing rang out.

        An endless number of unjust souls, holding huge axes, attacked Han Qianqian directly.

        Although shocked, Han Qianqian slowed down, held the Pan Gu Axe, operated the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, and killed straight in.


        Heavenly thunder against earthly fire, a solitary body against ten thousand ghosts!

        The Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel was like a dragon entering the water, killing in all directions, while the Pan Gu Axe was sharp and killing in all directions, splitting ghosts on sight and breaking souls on encounter, with ten thousand axes raining down from above his head.

        In a moment, the darkness of the air was ablaze with battle and smoke.

        But once again, Han Qianqian, who had a killing intent, suddenly froze, his torch-like eyes filled with disbelief and shock.

        Under Pan Gu, those ghosts were split in half, but in the twinkling of an eye, the two halves turned into two ghostly shadows, and the invincible, inch-deep Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel lost its effect.

        And at this time, the sky black axe has arrived, ten thousand ghosts also giant axe kill, tens of thousands of black fire and black lightning weave blood basin huge mouth of the devil dragon, blast attack ......