His True Colors Chapter 2285

 "The demonic aura is so strong, can it be that you really want to resign yourself to the demonic path?"

        "You are my Lu Wu Shen's most important pawn today, you can't become a devil."

        "Hold on, hold on!"

        As soon as Lu Wu Shen's words fell, he increased the energy in his hands, frantically supporting Han Qian Qian, trying to help him suppress the Devil Dragon's Blood in his body.

        Only, how did Lu Wu Shen know that.

        At this moment, the blood in Han Qianqian's body had already begun to slowly fuse after a short struggle and mutual suppression.

        Although the blood of the devil dragon was incomparably poisonous and evil, the divine blood in Han Qianqian's body had already fused with the giant poison and was no longer pure.

        And in the midst of this fusion, Han Qianqian's consciousness began to move slowly from a darkness to a light.

        He came to a world of blood, whether it was the sky or the earth, whether it was the mountains or the rivers, it was a world of blood.

        "Ignorant human, how dare you swallow my blood and eat my demon blood, I, for one, will make you pay with your life."

        As soon as Han Qianqian appeared, a voice suddenly came from all directions in unison in the sky, in the mountains, and even in the rivers, its voice was low, and in this already somewhat sinister world, it seemed extremely eerie.

        "You're the demon dragon?" Han Qianqian looked around and said indifferently.

        "Who are you qualified to know who I am?" The voice said with disdain and slight anger.

        The corner of Han Qianqian's mouth hooked as he laughed coldly, "A defeated underling, and you're so arrogant in front of me? Do you think I don't know who you are just because you don't say so? When you had an entity, I wasn't even afraid of you, and with a broken dragon soul left, you think I'd be afraid?"

        "Arrogant little boy!" With a furious scolding, the Demon Dragon Soul was clearly enraged and roared, "If I wasn't held back by the God's Shackles, suppressing at least 50% of my strength, would I have lost to you?"

        "If you lose, you lose, so what's the excuse? I can even say that if I hadn't missed breakfast today, which affected my play, I could have finished you in a minute." Han Qianqian did not care in the slightest and shot back the same.

        Although Han Qianqian had always been extremely patient, it was mostly because he had a low profile and didn't want to show it, but that didn't mean he wouldn't fight back, on the contrary, his counterattacks were often extremely powerful because he was patient enough.

        However, Han Qianqian must also admit that when he heard the Devil Dragon's words, he was truly shocked inside.

        With his and Lu Ruoxin's exterminating strike, especially when the Demon Dragon had been attacked by over 100,000 people in turn before, and yet he had only beaten the Demon Dragon which was less than 50% of his strength, how strong would this guy have been if he was at his full strength?

        Come to think of it, if he wasn't capable, why would he let the True God almost use his own flesh and blood to seal him?!

        If the True God was strong enough to pay such a price and not be able to annihilate it, but merely seal it, one would know that it was not lying.

        "You ignorant gnat!" The spirit of the Devil Dragon was furious, but then he suddenly let out a cold snort: "No one can defeat me, Devil Dragon, even if you shamelessly attacked me, as I said, you will pay for it, with your life."

        "Come on, feel the call from death!"

        "Morrowind Hell!"

        As soon as the words fell, the entire blood-coloured world twisted and spun, and then that instant condensed into black space, and Han Qianqian, who was in the middle, only felt countless ghosts crying and wolves howling in the surroundings, and all kinds of ferocious unjust spirits appeared before him.

        The ghosts cried, the wolves cried!

        The sound was as miserable as if a person had fallen into hell.

        Han Qianqian frowned, only to feel his eardrums being roared to pain, and was distracted and annoyed for a while. In addition, those ferocious spirits suddenly appeared from time to time and then pounced on Han Qianqian with their teeth and claws, making Han Qianqian tired of dealing with them.

        As time passed, Han Qianqian became more and more exhausted and irritable.

        The anger and uncountable emotions were completely out of control, and Han Qianqian desperately tried to ward off the attacks with one hand while covering his ears with one uncomfortable hand, trying not to listen to the miserable cries.

        "Now, it's just beginning."

        In the darkness, an insidious laugh came out, followed by a shackle rising from Han Qianqian's body, directly binding him firmly, no matter how hard he tried, his body would not move at all.

        The entire dark void began to rotate like a vortex with Han Qianqian as the centre.

        Han Qianqian only felt the energy within his body start to release outwards as the vortex spun.

        As the vortex spun more and more rampantly, Han Qianqian's energy was also being lost faster and faster and faster ......

        "Is this it, to be sucked to death?" Han Qianqian frowned inwardly in shock.

        "Do unto others as they would have done unto you, ants, how you sucked my dragon blood and took my dragon soul that day, today, I will make you taste all of this and pay for it in blood!"

        "Go to hell."


        The entire vortex suddenly spun wildly, and Han Qianqian's body trembled violently, followed by the entire world and Han Qianqian turning into a point of light, and then, disappearing again, the entire space, a darkness ......